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I have always had a very strong connection with Mother Earth and the animals that walk this planet with us. Photography has offered me an opportunity to express that expansive connection and to share not only the beauty of our world, but also the distinct personalities of some of our wilderness friends. Photography for me is an art-form, a means for personal expression and the ability to share a message from those that don’t speak our human languages, such as the Earth and the animals. If we can learn to communicate with the Earth and the animals on a higher level, then we will choose to protect them. One of my greatest joys is being out in the wilderness surrounded by the healing powers of nature, with my camera. I share these photos so that those who may not have the opportunity to experience these moments can experience them through my lens.

If you are interested in taking the journey through my world in pictures, please visit my full site of high resolution photos via the link below. I hope that you enjoy viewing my photography as much as I have enjoyed the experience of documenting Mother Nature in all of her glory.

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