It isn't New Age, it is the way of the Ancestors. 


In addition to Shamanism, if I had to place a label on a belief system that most resonates with me and that I practice, I would say that I am an Animist. Animism dates back to the most primitive cultures around the globe, well before there were any forms of physical, global communication. This belief system, which you will still find within many Indigenous Peoples cultures today, centers around the connection to all Beings while understanding their sentience. Animism is the concept that all elements of the material world - all people, animals, objects, features, and natural phenomena possess a spirit/soul that connects us each to one another. That which we feel connected to we will strive to care for and protect to the best of our ability. Disconnection often leads to disregard, which collectively we can see on a global scale with things such as climate change, extinction, pollution, disruption of natural habitats for short sighted purposes, deforestation, trophy hunting/illegal animal trading/poaching, and the long list continues. One goal I have through my work, especially my photography, is to help people to get reconnected to the Earth and her inhabitants. That connection is and always has been there. We just need to find our own awareness of it once more and get reacquainted with the greater ecosystem we are all a part of. We are all energy after all and energy doesn't go away, it simply changes shape and form, but it is within everything. 

Through my work as a whole, I aim to assist you in coming back to yourself to uncover the missing elements to your story and to offer you confirmation, clarity, and guidance on your journey. My services are centered around the belief that every human Being has all of the tools and strength they need to reach their absolute highest potential during this time on Earth. We are often conditioned to believe that what we need for happiness, love, and success are external to ourselves. In reality, we came here with everything we need in order to shine our Divine light and fulfill our life’s purpose every day, in every way. Everything external simply compliments that journey in one way or another and offers us resources and support along the way. I am most interested in helping you to balance the needs of the Ego with the true essence of who you are, a Spiritual Being. It is through this balancing that we find our own true happiness. It is through intuitive living that we begin to use our innate inner compass (our own personal road map) to lead the way, all while allowing the Ego to support us with the logistics. 

Spirituality has always been a strong current throughout my life. It was my spiritual guides who helped me through some of the darkest times of my life. Though I have always been very intuitive, an empath, and highly sensitive to the guidance of my higher consciousness as well as the energies around me, it wasn’t until I went through a very intense spiritual awakening/kundalini rising, which began in 2018, that those sensitivities became dominant within my life. It was at this time that I began embracing my true, innate gifts and opened up to my very intuitive nature and ability to read energy, work with Numerology, conduct in-depth Dreamwork, and communicate energetically with all animals through a deeper connection. It was also made clear that I was to be a resource for others on their journey towards self-empowerment while offering the road map and missing pieces that Numerology, energy reading, Dreamwork, and our animal guides can provide. Everything around us, including ourselves, are energy. Similar to "reading a room" upon entering, my gifts allow me to do that to a heightened degree which allows me to feel that which we often can not see with our physical eyes or fully understand with our logical mind. 

Back here on Earth, I have a B.A. degree in Psychology as well as over 15 years of Human Resources experience. I understand the strength it takes to transition from a strong corporate environment into a more metaphysical direction.  As a Life Path 13/4 (the same vibration as Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine energies) with a Destiny Number 5, I am very connected to the cosmos, but also very grounded here on Earth. I am a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Rising, Aquarius Moon, with my North Node in Scorpio. 

As a self-taught photographer, I have always shot photography intuitively and it has been another means for personal expression and healing. I do it for the enjoyment, the elevated connection with nature, and the opportunity it affords me to share intimate moments in nature, with others. All of my photography is available for you to take a walk through nature at your leisure in a continuous story told through my lens. Enjoy!  

If you have made it this far then there is a really good chance that we are in alignment and would work really well together! I would love to be of service as you continue along your path. Follow one of the links below to book some time together. Thank you for your support; I honor and appreciate the light within you!

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