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Numbers are a Universal language.

Numerology is a roadmap to the energies our Soul signed up to master within this lifetime and a Numerologist (that's me!) can assist you in better understanding those energies and help you to work with them in a more practical, empowering way. The energy is present, but it is what you do with that energy and the choices you make that help to shape your own personal experiences. When you have a better understanding of what you are working with (the energies present), then you can make informed choices as you move along your path creating the experiences most aligned for your Soul and purpose. Numerology can predict the energies that may surface and what you may be asked to work with, but it does NOT predict your personal choices (free will), which ultimately determines the experience you will have. You hold the power and your Numerology Report helps to remind you of that, and I, your Numerologist, help you to understand the energies better so you can fully step into that power.  

Through my work as a whole, I aim to assist you in coming back to yourself to uncover the missing elements of your story and to offer you confirmation, clarity, and guidance on your journey. My services are centered around empowerment and the belief that every human Being has all of the tools and strength they need to reach their absolute highest potential. I hope to walk with you on your path of self-discovery and remembrance with the assistance of Numerology and our non-human friends through Animal Wisdom Messages. I am most interested in helping you to balance the needs of the Ego with the true essence of who you are, a Spiritual Being to get the most out of this human experience, and Numerology provides the roadmap. It is through this balancing that we find our own true happiness. It is through intuitive living that we begin to use our innate inner compass (the intuition) to lead the way, all while allowing the Ego to support us with the logistics.  

I have always been highly intuitive and highly sensitive to energy, similar to "reading a room" upon entering, my gifts allow me to do that to a heightened degree which allows me to feel that which we often can not see with our physical eyes or fully understand with our logical mind. I have also always been very deeply connected to the Earth and the plants and animals. I share these gifts throughout my work. I am an experienced Numerologist and have been offering this service to clients for several years now. When Numerology first came into my awareness it came in like a lighting bolt! It quite literally found me and when it did, it was an instant remembering. I have no doubt that I have done this work throughout lifetimes and sharing this gift is a large part of my purpose within this lifetime. I read the energies of the numbers in both a practical and intuitive way which I believe adds much more depth to the reading or service provided. 


I have a B.A. degree in Psychology as well as over 15 years of Human Resources/Coaching experience.  I am a Life Path 4 with strong influences of the 13 and 22. I also have a tremendous amount of 5 and 7 energies throughout my chart with a Maturity Number 9. 

As a self-taught photographer, I have always shot photography intuitively and it has been another means for personal expression and healing. I do it for the enjoyment, the elevated connection with nature, and the opportunity it affords me to share intimate moments in nature, with others. All of my photography is available for you to take a walk through nature at your leisure in a continuous story told through my lens. Enjoy!  

Be sure to check out my interview with Bold Journey Magazine! You can read it here: 

If you have made it this far then there is a really good chance that we are in alignment and would work really well together! I would love to be of service as you continue along your path. Book a reading or session with me HERE. Thank you for your support; I honor and appreciate the light within you!

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