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Numerology is an excellent tool for greater self-discovery and fostering deeper connections with others. It can be a truly empowering guide, if we are willing to invest in understanding these vibrations more deeply and applying them in a practical way. In a nutshell, numerology is a roadmap for helping us maneuver through this human experience. It is about unlocking a greater understanding of ourselves through the journey of greater self-discovery and coming home to Self in order to experience life to the fullest with others. We are meant to experience life and numerology is a tool that helps us to get the most out of the journey. Numerology studies the vibrations of numbers and the influences they carry within each individual's life with one or more coinciding events, including the challenges, gifts/purpose(s), and milestones we signed up to experience in this lifetime. A Numerologist, such as myself, will assist you in making sense of the energies present within your own personal Numerology reports and forecasts, and I will assist you in working with those vibrations in a practical, empowering way along your journey.  


As a Numerologist, I offer personalized guidance through the use of Numerology and energy reading (including Animal Wisdom Messages.) I also provide additional resources to help you to begin to live your life more intuitively - from your own compass, your heart center! I strive to be a helpful, empowering resource for you along this adventure we call life! Get to know me better HERE or book a reading with me HERE. You can find me on most social media platforms under the handle 'The Numerology Nook'. See you there! Also, don't forget to check out my Resources page for even more assistance on this adventure of life. XO

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