Virgo 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Virgo 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | The Fool

Adventure awaits, Virgo! The New Year begins with a call to broaden your horizons and explore places you have never been before. Many of you may feel called to go within and do some deeper exploring of yourself this month. There is a feeling of independence and truly coming back to SELF in an way that will leave you feeling more in touch with what you truly desire at this time in your life. This will give you the motivation to find the ways to achieve this new goal. There may be a strong urge to travel and experience places and cultures you have never experienced before. It will be hard to ignore this calling, so if you feel the desire to go, then GO! For some of you, there may be a class or a course you want to take that will enhance your circumstances for the better, all while feeding the need you feel to grow and learn. Whatever opportunities show up for you this month that allow for expansion in some beautiful way, embrace them. Be aware of what messages come in for you through the people you meet as well. Someone may share something with you that gives you insight and encouragement to move in a certain direction you hadn't thought of before. A very adventurous energy around this month for you Earthy Virgo! Take this opportunity to be a little more spontaneous and to forge your own path, even if it scares you a little bit. You never know what kinds of gems you will find in this new territory. :)

February | Six of Cups

For some of you February may bring news of children (either for you or for someone you know). You could find yourself having some kind of reunion this month with people (or places) that feel like home for you and you feel very loved and supported. The energy this month feels very light and nostalgic, as if you are getting to see and spend time with someone you haven't seen in ages but that means the absolute world to you. You may need to ask for some support this month and if you do, know that you will be provided for. Accept this support graciously and understand that there is no shame in asking for help. Whoever this is that comes in to help you is doing so because they absolutely want to. Allow them to enjoy the joy that comes from giving. :) This may also be your energy, where someone will come to you asking for support of some kind. If you are in a position to give, then give graciously without the need for repayment. There is a lot of opportunities this month for growth and enjoyment. This is also a great month to start (or continue with) a gratitude journal. If you haven't used one before or haven't been keeping up with yours, this energy is beautiful to get started. Each day find something you are grateful for. This will set the intention and raise the energy to a vibration that allows more of this kind of abundance and joy to flow to you.

March | Wheel of Fortune

Your luck is about to change this month, Virgo! If you have been feeling like things have been moving slowly or that every step forward finds you taking several steps backwards, that is about to change. The wheel is about to move in your favor. This month is great for collaborating with others and really putting yourself out there to meet new people and network. Source will often use others to deliver much needed messages to us that will prompt us into action. This month is not one for isolation or being a recluse. Try to get out and mingle as much as you can this month! You may find that someone has an offer for you and it could be someone you just meet. This month is also great for starting new things or taking a class or course to learn something new. You may find that you receive many new insights and inspirations this month that turn into actual goals for your future. This is exciting Virgo! It is possible to come up with a vision for your future that will be quite monumental within your life moving forward.

April | Five of Pentacles

This month it may be easy for you to fall into a low vibration energy of fear of lack or being alone as you try to create all that you envisioned last month. You may feel a little overwhelmed by the things you don't have any control over. This is a call for you to go within and find your stability and abundance internally this month. You may find that others are not as supportive of your ideas as you had hoped and you will need to find the strength within to understand that this is YOUR vision, not theirs. They do not need to understand. Everything you need to feel good and joy and love is within. Find ways to tap into that light so that the storm outside doesn't take control of you. Face whatever fears come up for you around money and lack this month and work on finding ways to change your perspective. You may feel the crunch this month, perhaps a car breaks down or you have to pay a bill late, or money you were banking on falls through. These experiences are opportunities to find the strength and inner resources to overcome. Just like you always do. :) The world may feel a little harsh towards you this month, Virgo. If it does then try to remember that brilliant inner light within and find your security and support there. What actions can you take this month to help alleviate this kind of stress from influencing you in the future? Somethings are most definitely out of our control but how we maneuver through a difficult situation is most definitely within our control. Try to find ways this month to move as comfortably as possible through whatever fears or challenging experiences show up for you and find the deeper meaning in the experience if you can. What is the experience trying to show you?

May | Temperance

This month is a great time to stop and check in with yourself. Do you feel balanced within body, mind, and soul? If not, which areas feel out of sorts for you? The destination will be there so you have plenty of time to stop and re-calibrate. Work on ways to re-balance yourself so that you are running at 100% as you continue on your journey. This is a great time to work on grounding techniques and to also make sure that your chakras are open and your channel is open to Source. Life is a constant balancing act of maneuvering through the physical and emotional experiences but also making sure that we ourselves maintain a balance within; all while balancing our connection with Source with being grounded within the physical. Talk about a tightrope walk! That is why it is important to make the time to check in and ensure that each area is running smoothly and there aren't any extremes happening with you. Often times we can see the destination and we just want to run to it, full speed ahead! That enthusiasm is great and will help push you along, but it is just as important to stop and check in now and then. This month is great for that.

June | Three of Wands

Similar to the energy you felt back in January, this month the urge to expand in some way comes in for some of you. You may be looking to travel across water to a distant land or you may be searching for inspiration to build something much bigger than what you have created to date. For some of you, if you own your own business, you may be looking to grow your business worldwide or find ways to reach even greater audiences. Some of you may expand your consciousness by traveling and experiencing other cultures. However this shows up for you, there is a feeling of wanting to do something much bigger than you have ever done. That will mean moving into uncharted waters and having to learn to navigate those new waters which you will excel at! You just have to take the first step to get the energy moving. Don't hold yourself back. If an inspiration comes in for you, explore it. Find ways to move that idea into something tangible here on the physical plane. It may require you to think outside the box and to give up control, but that is OK! You have outgrown whatever box you have forced yourself to stand within and it's time to see the entire world as your playground. Try to look at whatever comes up for you this month from the perspective of a child, with some naivety. Try not to be too cynical or overthink this. Sometimes our most creative moments come from running with an idea without over thinking it. When we overthink something we are trying to fence it in and control it so that it turns out "perfect". There is no perfection with expansion! Expansion is messy and invigorating! Let your hair down this month, Virgo, and run wild towards this new adventure. :)

July | Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles energy this month is one of clinging to something out of fear of losing it. This may show up for you in a relationship where you are so afraid to lose someone that you attach yourself to them so much that you actually begin to lose yourself and your own identity. You did not come here to be someone else. You came here to be YOU. There is nothing this person can give you that will ever make you feel as complete and full of love as you can give yourself from within. By allowing the other person to be free and to be who they came here to be all while we do the same, creates a unity that transcends normal 3D, physical relationships of neediness. ALLOW that person to compliment your journey, not become it. And in turn, you will do the same for them. When we cling to another soul so deeply and out of fear of abandonment or of being alone, we become that much more alone and we are asking another to fulfill us in a way that they will never be able to do. Which isn't fair to ask of them. If you are in a relationship where you worry about your partner leaving you, then you have some work to do here. We do not belong to each other, we are simply here to support each other and keep each other company as we walk. When we get to a place where we actually fear another person leaving us, we have lost a part of ourselves that we now need to refocus and work on getting back. No "thing" and no "one" can ever complete you. You are already whole. Everything external to you is simply there to offer experiences, growth, and support. When you give someone that much power you are giving your own power away. This goes for relationships, a job, material items, locations, you name it. This month, for some of you, the Universe is asking you to shed light on those areas of life that control you (that you fear losing) and be kind to yourself as you begin the process of working towards reclaiming your own power. A good way to do this is to create an action plan. Write down what you fear losing and then explore what would actually happen if in fact you did lose that person or thing. How would you recover? What would your life look like? How would you rebuild? And so on. This allows you to face the fear, deconstruct it and clearly see that no matter what life throws at you, YOU GOT THIS! You are a magnificent master soul. If you feel you have given some of your power away then now is the time to get it back.

August | Seven of Pentacles

Patience is a virtue! Or at least it is this month, Virgo. :) You have done the work and now you are just waiting to see the fruits of your labors. This month the Universe is saying "almost". It is almost time, but not yet. We have become so accustomed to instant gratification that when we actually have to wait for things to show up we become frustrated or confused. When the Universe is your creative partner, you have to learn patience because the Universe works on Divine Timing, not the timing of our Egos. So whatever this is for you, try to trust that the Universe will reward you when the time is right and when it arrives, even if it looks a little different than expected, it will be exactly what you need in that moment. Good job on doing your part of the work! Now, just relax and ALLOW the Universe to bring you your reward. One word to sum up this month for many of you is PATIENCE.

September | Four of Wands

Perhaps whatever you were asked to have patience for last month has finally arrived now! This is a time of celebration for you, dear Virgo. Something that YOU have built from your own inner passion and purpose has become very successful and you feel a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate this beautiful milestone in your life. Often times we take a few minutes to be grateful for our successes and then we hurry on to the next big thing. This month, truly celebrate this great accomplishment of yours. You deserve to stand within your own glory at times and feel good about how far you have come. For many Virgos, this is your Birthday month so even if what you are celebrating is quite literally YOU, then go big. Celebrate all that you have to contribute to this Earth while you are visiting and as you are being celebrated know that we are all so happy you came. :) For some of you, this could also be a wedding or a birth of a child that you are celebrating. Whatever it is for you, enjoy every minute of it!

October | Knight of Cups

This month a new offer comes in for you that will make you quite happy. This could be an offer of love (relationships) or one around your purpose. This is a fast moving energy and a powerful one that also feels light and charming. You may get an offer to partner with someone on some kind of a venture that excites you or maybe you get a promotion at work. This could be an engagement for those of you in a relationship or it could be that your secret admirer comes forth and asks you out on a date. For some of you, this could be an offer from your guides that feels beautiful and fills you will passion over a certain project you have been working on. For some of you, this could be you making the offer and if so, this is very guided and supported. Go for it!

November | Six of Swords

Whatever has been troubling for you over the past year (or years), you will find yourself starting to move away from this month. You will start to move away from the choppy waters of uncertainty into more calm terrain where you feel more stable and secure within yourself and your environment. For some of you, you have decided that whatever was causing you turmoil in the past has to go and you will find yourself moving away from it at this time. Where there has been conflict or unease you will move away from that into a better place where you can thrive as yourself rather than trying to conform yourself and your ideas to please others. For many of you this year has been about taking back the reigns within your own life and stepping into all parts of yourself. In doing this we sometimes have to move away from the things that no longer serve us and at first that can feel difficult, but once we make the decision to find our inner peace and happiness then the Universe can step in to support that decision. And as we begin to move more into what is in line with our own souls, we begin to feel more ease and joy in life. Whatever this change is could feel a little harsh or heavy at first because you will have to be the one to decide to move in this new direction. However, once you do, you will start to feel the waters calm and experiences and people who are more aligned to your higher vibration will start to find you and you will wonder what took you so long to make this change! :)

December | Knight of Wands

December brings a big burst of energy and inspiration having to do with something from your past. This could have to do with a project you were working on or an idea that you had but put on the back burner. Perhaps whatever it was that you were working on expanding on back in June has now resurfaced and wants to be in the spotlight! There is a lot of passion around this and you will feel excited to get started on it right away. This is a great energy to finish the calendar year with as you start to look ahead into 2021. You will need to use the tools you acquired over the year in order to effectively grow and build upon this idea, so take some time within December and glance back over 2020 to see how far you have come and how much more of yourself that you have become. For some of you, this could be a relationship from your past resurfacing for you. Keep an open mind and an open heart while you interact with them because you just never know what could come of this meeting. Enjoy this exciting, passionate, fast moving energy Virgo! :)