Taurus 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Taurus 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | Seven of Pentacles

It appears that in 2019 you were working very hard on creating or building something very meaningful in your life that you are now waiting to reap the benefits from. The Seven of Pentacles hold an energy of success and the Universe is saying, the fruits of your labors are nearly here. What is being asked of you now, Taurus, is to allow the Universe to do its part in the process. You have done your part of the work, now it is time to release control and allow the Universe to bring the rewards to you. Change your focus here and leave that project be for the time being. If you continue to put too much focus on it or try too hard to control the timing of the harvest, you will only end up frustrated and confused. Again, whatever this is for you, you have done the hard part and the work. Now release the control and trust the Universe to do its part. There will be success with this project and you will see the rewards, even if they look at little different than what you think they should look like. For now, shift your focus and your energy to the next thing that ignites your passion. You can continue to check in on this and make sure it doesn't need anything from you, but for now, you are being asked to allow rather than control. Patience my friend! The reward will definitely be worth the wait. :)

February | Two of Pentacles

February has the energy of being a very busy month for you, Taurus! There will be plenty that needs to be balanced and choices and decisions that will need to be made. At times you may feel like you can't balance it all and you will need to take time out, wherever you can find it, for some self-care. There may be a feeling this month of feeling like you are the glue that is keeping everyone and everything together. If that feeling emerges then take a breath. Remember that we are not here to fix anyone, only ourselves. We can support others, of course, but if you are feeling like you are the pillar that is holding the house up then it is time to re-evaluate how you are showing up to others and start allowing them to take control of their own lives. You must be your own priority this month and once you feel whole and in control of your own life, then you can step out and offer support to those around you. Do not sacrifice yourself for the sanity of others or you will be standing as a pillar for many years to come. This may offer an opportunity for you to teach another how to support themselves so that you can start to receive some respite. Release that sense of martyrdom that may be overwhelming you now, Taurus. It isn't necessary. Have faith in those around you that they too have the power within their own lives to shine. It isn't necessary for you to hold them up in order for them to reach their highest potential. Be sure that what you are juggling this month and feeling overwhelmed with this month is actually yours to balance. :) There is also an energy here of finding inner balance within your own life, emotionally and physically. Where have things tipped to an extreme that needs to come back in balance? Perhaps finances (over-spending), habits or addictions, or even the act of caring for others to an extreme where you are neglecting yourself. Take the time this month to take a closer look at your own circumstances to see where things need to come back into balance for you. Once you do this, I believe you will start to feel much more in control and calm, and happy!

March | Four of Swords

Whatever you were trying to balance in February has left you wore out come March. There is an energy around March that is asking you to rest and rejuvenate. It appears that 2019 was very hectic for you and now in March there will be the opportunity to take a much needed break. Maybe go on a nice vacation or even a nice "stay"cation. Whatever you choose to do, take some actual time to rest. There is also a feeling of contemplation with this card. Perhaps there is something that you have been searching for answers on. Quiet your mind through meditation, journal activities, spending time in nature, whatever calls to you to be able to quiet your mind and reconnect to Source. When you are rushing around, the answers aren't able to reach you. Pay attention to your dreams this month and what comes through for you here as well. Source is asking you to quiet your mind so that you can receive the messages they want to send you. When the world feels chaotic to you or if you feel alone this month, reconnect to your Higher Self and your guides. They are always there for you and will show you the unconditional love you are seeking. You just have to connect. Alone time is called for this month, be sure to take advantage of it!

April | Nine of Wands

April brings more energy of the need for patience. This is a message from the Universe to not give up! You may feel like giving up on whatever this is that you have been working so hard at, but trust the Universe in knowing that you are SO CLOSE! Please, do not give up! It may have felt like you have been walking through mud a bit to get here and if you look at the person on the card, he is a bit battered and clearly exhausted but he only has one more wand to plant and then he is done! So for you, Taurus, whatever this comes in as for you, you only have one more step and you are there. You can do it! Keep moving forward even when you feel like taking a seat and changing direction. I believe that whatever this is has felt like a struggle and a long journey to get here and you are wondering if you are on the right path or if you have made a mistake and should turn around. The answer is, if whatever this is FEELS in line with your soul and FEELS good to you, then do not give up yet. You are on the right path and soon it will all make sense to you why the journey to the finish line has felt so arduous and long. If what you have been working towards has actually felt purposeful, then keep moving forward. This could also have to do with relationships for some of you. If you have been in a relationship for quite some time and things have fallen apart. The Universe is asking you to take another look at this connection. Have an actual conversation with your partner and determine exactly what it is that you both want out of this relationship. If your desires are aligned then work together to find the steps you can take to bringing it back to life. If you are clearly on different pages and the relationship has turned toxic and it FEELS as though it is time to move in different directions, then you can begin to take the steps to move in that direction. The Universe is simply asking you to communicate with each other to see what each of you want at this stage in your life and in your relationship and then to honor those desires in the other, whether that means staying together or moving along on your journey separately. The key here is to not make that decision without the communication, if you can.

May | Two of Cups

Happy Birthday Taurus!!! :) The energy of May holds a union of sorts. A coming together of people or ideas. There is an opportunity here to see eye to eye with someone that you haven't felt a connection with for some time. Be open to people resurfacing within your life who you maybe have lost touch with. This could be, for some of you, a resurfacing of a romantic relationship from your past and it may be that now you both have grown so much that a connection is reignited! We often say that what is in the past is in the past when it comes to relationships, but that is a shame really. That is assuming that people do not grow or change. We are all here for expansion and growth, so it would be somewhat naive to believe that a person you loved deeply previously and were in a committed relationship with previously, could resurface and have new things to bring to your life in a very beautiful way. If you still harbor resentment or ill feelings towards someone from your past, this is an opportunity to go within to work through those feelings so that YOU can move forward. I'm not saying that everyone should get back together with someone from their past, BUT, for some of you there could very well be an opportunity for that this month. All I am saying is, be open. :) There could be a lot of magic there for you. For others, this does feel like a healing energy of sharing ideas and seeing eye to eye or at the very least being respectful to others choices and opinions. This could have to do with work and work relationships as well as romantic relationships. Whatever shows up for you, try to work in union with others this month and really hear the other persons perspective. Whoever this is they are crossing your path for a reason, so try to work harmoniously with them and find common ground. The energy feels very loving and joyful. It will call on you to do your part as well though. You have to show up with a positive attitude rather than one of holding a grudge or of bitterness or feeling like something is owed to you. That is why I say, try to be open. Allow the Universe to show you what it is trying to show you through this other individual. It could be quite incredible!!

June | Page of Swords

June brings with it a swift change in direction. A new perspective or insight pushes you to make adjustments or pivot in some way that is much more beneficial to you and your goals. It feels like a light energy and an easy enough change for you to make, nothing too dramatic. However, it is important that you do actually make the adjustment if it comes up for you. Ignoring it and continuing in the same way you were going will only lead you further down a path that is out of alignment and will eventually feel uncomfortable. The Universe is sending you this change to move you along in a way that FEELS good to you. Making the change will call for some adjustments to your day to day schedule or life and it will be something new so there may be some hesitancy on your part to follow through only because it is something new and therefore unknown. I would suggest following the invitation now rather than allowing this minor adjustment to grow into a massive, life altering change. :) The good news is, whatever this is for you feels very positive and you will enjoy the results of this new direction pretty quickly. Go for it!

July | Queen of Cups

Whatever this change was in June is resulting in you sitting quite contently on your throne, happy and content. There is a feeling of emotional satisfaction and reaching the pinnacle of emotional balance and joy. For some, July could bring instances that feel overly emotional for you and you are being asked to approach these situations in a way that is emotionally sound. In other words, if something doesn't go your way this month don't lose your shit on anyone and everyone that will listen. Reign it in, go within, and work through whatever it is that has triggered such an intense emotion within you. Understand that if something didn't go as planned that it is an opportunity for emotional growth and to be a leader in the situation. For some of you, July may bring an offer from someone that feels very fulfilling and nurturing. There is also a call to find your bliss this month (and always, but especially this month) to really feed that child within and do something that makes you feel like a kid again. Life doesn't always have to be just about "adulting" there is plenty of room to be silly and play! When is the last time you had an all out belly laugh and you just couldn't stop laughing? Well, if it has been a while then NOW is the time! Even if it was a few minutes ago, have another one. Try not to take things too seriously this month. If you can't remember the last time you laughed really hard then this is your invitation to create some major bliss in your life right now. YAY!!!

August | Three of Swords

The Three of Swords brings a energy of mourning or sadness over something that has happened that hurt your feelings or made you feel like you were wronged in someway by someone close to you. Some kind of heartache looms in August, but don't worry you still have the Queen of Cups energy with you from July and you will be able to work through these emotions gracefully. For some of you there could be a major life transformation or change that occurs in August that may make you feel torn in a few directions and you will have to really go within to decide what is best for you and what direction to take. Whichever direction you choose won't necessarily be easy at first because it will call for some things to fall away that no longer serve you, but take heart in knowing that as you continue forward what is waiting for you will make your heart swell with happiness and you will be so glad you moved through the previous heartache to get here. Be kind and gentle with yourselves this month, Taurus. Don't feel as though you have to make a decision out of fear or haste. You will know what to do that is best for you when the time comes. This could also be, for some of you, a third party who is interfering with an important relationship for you. This is an opportunity to stand in your power to confront this person and to have some open dialogue about how their meddling has been affecting you. Depending on how that conversation goes could result in you needing to make a choice about how to move forward. Don't forget about your guides and your own Higher Self during this time, Taurus. They are all ready and waiting with the most comforting unconditional love imaginable. Tap into that energy for a great big cosmic hug. They will help you move forward more comfortably if you allow them to.

September | Queen of Pentacles

Another powerful energy showing up for you this year, Taurus! Your emotions are in check from July and now it appears that for some of you, your finances will be in check as well! This could be an opportunity for a promotion or raise for some of you or an onslaught of new clients for others of you who own your own business. This could be the Universe encouraging you to seek out other means of income if you are feeling the pull to branch out. Whatever route you take, success is assured. You have worked very hard to get here and the abundance is flowing. For many of you, you have worked hard at letting go of a "lack" mentality and that has really served you well. Money is an energy and when we KNOW that we deserve and are worthy of abundance then abundance can find us. When we feel we are not worthy of abundance then that money and abundance energy does not feel welcome and that is where the feeling of struggle can come in. So here, there is a call for working towards (if you feel called to) a mentality of prosperity and abundance. Understand your worth and allow the abundance to flow TO you without feeling the need to endlessly chase it. You still have to show up and do the work and make the effort, but what do you feel you are worth? Do you feel worthy of the abundance level of a page or a Queen and King? It doesn't matter what job you do, we are all worthy of the abundance level of a King and Queen! Own that crown and wear it with pride. :) This Queen of Pentacles energy is one of mastery. So however this shows up for you, you may find yourself feeling you have reached a major milestone in your career or life path and you will feel the rewards that come with that effort. Great job!!

October | Ace of Cups

Your cup runneth over in October! This month the Universe is sending in something beautiful that will make you feel overcome with joy and happiness. This could tie into whatever came in for you in September with the Queen of Pentacles, but I also feel like this is around relationships. The energy this month is beaming with so much happiness and joy. There will be many opportunities to be social this month and to engage in new relationships. The relationships that come into your life in October will be ones of importance that will last for quite sometime. Whether they be long term friendships or even romantic partnerships. The Universe is extending so much happiness and joy to you Taurus! Lucky you! Just be open to receiving it all. It may feel as though all of this GOOD can't all be real. Well, it is and you deserve every bit of it. And nothing "bad" has to happen next to make up for it. Read that part again. :) Graciously receive all of this yumminess from the Universe and enjoy it all without the worry that something bad must be on its way. Happy October my friends! What a BEAUTIFUL energy for you all!!

November | Page of Cups

In November, this could be your energy or the energy of another coming to you with an offer. If this is you making an offer then it could be that you are going to propose to a partner or ask them to move in together or maybe you will ask someone out on a first date. :) This feels like an emotional offer of love and taking things a step further. It is the Page, so it is young or new energy so perhaps you're not quite at the point of a marriage proposal just yet, but see how you feel :). On the flip side, this could be an offer coming in for you. There is a lot of love and positive emotion behind this offer so whatever this is will make you very happy. This doesn't just have to be around romantic relationships, it could be an offer to go on a big adventure that you have been wanting to go on (travel) or an offer to join a team you have had your eye on. The list goes on. Whatever this is for you, it will come from a place of love and respect and well meaning and so I feel that you will be very pleased to receive it. If you are the one making the offer then it feels as though it is something you have really felt into and feel moved to take action. Go for it! You are divinely supported.

December | Page of Wands

We close out the year with new inspiration and passion coming in for you, Taurus. Do you remember the Nine of Wands you had come in at the beginning of the year? Well, whatever that is feels closed and complete and now come December you are ready to start something new and exciting! This will be something you will feel very passionate about pursuing and you are looking into the New Year with hope and excitement. This will only be the inspiration stage this month, it feels as though the actual building of whatever this is will begin in 2021 for you. Perhaps you accepted that offer that came in for you in November and now the inspiration is coming in for where to go next on this new and exciting journey. Keeping a journal, especially this month, is encouraged. This may help you unlock whatever this new, important, new inspiration is! Don't worry though, it will find you either way. Be curious this month and if an idea flows in, investigate it. Spend some time with it and feel through it. I have a feeling whatever this is will grow into something much larger come the New Year!