September 2020 Universal "4" Month Energy Forecast

Deck used: Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen

September 2020 | Universal 4 Month: September is a universal 4 month. There are many layers to the four energy and it depends on your own individual circumstances as to how you will feel this energy and how it may influence your month. However it comes in for you, try to harness this energy as much as possible! The more you can move with the forces of the 4, the more beneficial it will be for you.

The 4 energy can ask you to be more dedicated, persistent, and patient. Where previously you might have been moving through projects quite quickly, this energy is going to ask you to slowwwwww down and be more meticulous about each step that you take and to really invest the time into your work. It becomes much more about quality over quantity. This energy almost forces you to create a stable foundation. If you choose to move against this energy and throw something together, even when it doesn't feel quite right, chances are you will be asked to revisit that same experience or project again to fix what you rushed through. The four energy is all about longevity and building a legacy. Not much about that process is quick or easy. It can be incredibly frustrating at times to feel like what you are working towards is taking FOREVER! However, legacies are not built over night and the whole point is to build something that will last the test of time, so of course, you want to do it with as much attention to detail as possible. Take in the bigger picture, but focus on the details at this time.

This isn't a month to rush through anything. Time to put the horses in the paddock and find your patience as you continue to create while building on something you have already started. This is a month for refining and reworking what wasn't working. For seeing things with fresh eyes and taking the appropriate action, in a slow and steady way. Chances are, anything you try to blow through this month in a rush will just boomerang back to you quicker than it was released. The key words for this month are TAKE YOUR TIME. The more you can go with the flow when it comes to timing and try not to get overly frustrated when things don't happen on your timing, the more comfortable this energy will feel for you.

Four energy can sometimes feel like the taskmaster energy, but it is only because it better serves you and everyone else when what you invest your time and energy into is something that you are doing with full dedication and patience. This is truly a month where you will reap what you sow. So, make sure what you are sowing is what you wish to receive. The rewards will be great for work done in purpose AND patience.

Sometimes the 4 energy can feel like difficult work or that you are constantly moving up a steep hill. Things seem to take longer, each step is highlighted and important (there are no skipping of steps with this energy), and you will feel as if you are constantly being tested to see how resilient you are. Is this what you truly want? If so, how will you overcome this next challenge? Will you give up or will you keep moving forward? That can seem to be the constant dialogue you will have with the Universe during a 4 cycle. It is a fair question though, so take the time to make sure that what you are pursuing IS what you actually want.

Though it may seem that way, the 4 energy is not all about work. There is a much deeper level to this energy that asks you to be still and go within. The key to mastering this energy is to first and foremost build your strong foundation from within, and then focus on the physical reality without. You may find that you are being asked to go within quite a bit this month. This is a beautiful energy for coming back to yourself and getting re-acquainted with who you are at the core so that you can move more authentically within the world. When the 4 energy is balanced we see a true balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. You may find that this month is more about internal work for you and you will need to work to secure that inner foundation before you start looking at building externally. You may find that things you thought you had overcome and moved on from, resurface asking you to take another look. You are being asked to have just as much patience and persistence in this inner work that you would give to the work you do within the world. You must first and foremost be dedicated to Self and who you are over your dedication to anything external to you. If you have been neglecting yourself, you may find these energies come in rather strongly for you this month to usher you back to yourself.

What I love about September is that it is 13/4 energy. The number 13 has been vilified for thousands of years and what is so ironic about that is the number 13 is the vibration of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. As the Patriarchy continued to rise, the Matriarchy became more muted and suppressed. The beautiful energy of the 13 suddenly became shamed as "bad luck". With September being a 13/4 energy, I imagine we will see more strides in the rise of the divine feminine energy both collectively and individually. Remember, both the masculine and feminine energies live within us all, regardless of gender. It is up to each of us to nurture BOTH of these energies to find balance and harmony within and without. You may feel called to nurture your feminine energy within this month especially. Work with your intuition, take time for self-care, show compassion, spread love, find peace with the stillness and hit the pause button on the need for constant action. However your feminine within is asking to be expressed this month, honor her and find ways to continue to give her a voice. This is what I meant when I said, when the 4 energy is balanced we find the masculine and feminine in harmony. The four energy represents both and the need to find balance between BOTH life forces.

The Seven of Swords: The beginning of the month is asking us to take a closer look at where we might be self-sabotaging our own efforts. Where are we putting in the work but then taking actions that undermine the work we have put in. This can be around relationships or how we show up within the world. This can also have to do with saying yes to something that we truly do not want to do. Obligation can be a soul dampening energy. Why do you feel obligated to do whatever this is? Why do you feel powerless to say no? When it comes to obligation, we can't blame the other person for "making us feel this way". When we say yes to something that doesn't align with who we are then we are choosing to participate, even when it feels uncomfortable. That isn't the other persons fault. It is entirely up to us to stand within our own power and to tell others how we truly feel about something, especially when it involves our time and energy. How they respond to that is entirely up to them. We don't have control over that and there isn't a need to feel guilt over how they respond. The majority of the time obligations are not real. We never owe another person anything that asks us to show up in a way that isn't authentic to who we actually are. This comes back to following your intuition and recognizing when you are saying yes (or no) when your soul really wants to say the opposite. We may see that 13 energy mentioned above at play this week. Setting boundaries is a masculine energy, but being able to recognize what we truly want is very much feminine. Remember, we can always say yes or no with compassion. Just because you are declining something that isn't right for you doesn't mean you need to do so in a way that is unkind.

The Eight of Wands: This is typically a fast moving energy, but honestly, I don't feel like we will see too many things moving quickly this month! Most things done in haste under this 4 energy will need to be revisited. So, what I am feeling is that we may be feeling the strong urge to move more quickly during this time but we need to try very hard to slow down and pay attention to the details. We may feel the hurry up and wait energy all throughout this month. Though we may want to see things move much more quickly than they are, it is truly important to find ways to control your frustration levels. A big energy for the 4 has everything to do with patience. The more patient you can be under the influence of this energy, the greater the rewards. Just because things might be moving more slowly than you had hoped for, understand this doesn't mean that they aren't going to happen! They will happen, but not on your timing. When you feel this intense urge to just throw caution to the wind this week and take as many shortcuts as possible, try to pause and rein in that energy. Shortcuts and 4 energy do NOT mix well. Anything you rush through may come back to see you again more quickly than you had anticipated and usually it is harder to work with the second time around. With the Eight of Wands, I can almost guarantee that many of us are going to be feeling the need for instant gratification or a quick return of investment at this time and when we don't receive that, we can begin to feel frustrated or discouraged. Try to see this as a prime opportunity for flexing your patience muscle and working with the Universe rather than against it.

Justice: Towards the end of the month we have a feeling of justice. This could be closure to something you started prior to September and whether the outcome is what you had hoped for or not, there is some level of relief from knowing that there is closure and you can move forward much more lightly now. You may see some kind of project come to fruition at this time and feel like all of your efforts have finally paid off. This would be something that you have been working on for quite sometime and not necessarily something that you initiated this month. I am not saying it is impossible for instant gratification to take place under the four energy, but typically, that gratification comes only after all of the steps have been completed and the work has been done. For those of you that this is the case, you may see some kind of beautiful gratification for all of your efforts to date. This would be something where you did the work and were patient. Your patience will pay off in a truly magnificent way at this time! For many, I do feel like this is some kind of closure, gifting you the opportunity to now move forward much more aligned. Closure isn't always easy, no matter how much we wish to have it. If this closure brings up feelings of sadness or grief for you, please take as much time as you need to move through those emotions. They are valid and they must be honored so that you don't take them with you as resentment or anger moving forward.

The Ten of Wands: Finally, at the end of the month we have the Ten of Wands. True to 4 fashion, this shows all of the dedicated work and effort we put in this month and we can now easily see the finish line in sight. This month may very well feel like a struggle at times, internally and externally. Four energy can feel harsh at times but it is only to show you, without doubt, how strong you truly are! You may feel as though your resiliency is being tested over and over again. You will also be continuously shown that the answers you are seeking are within YOU. For those who have unbalanced masculine and feminine energies within, you may find this month to be especially trying as the Universe works with you to help you to balance those energies. Come the end of the month, you will be able to see more clearly how far you have actually come and how close to the finish line you are. Keep going, keep moving forward, keep checking in with yourself to make sure that the path you are laying the groundwork for is the actual path you want to be on. Is the destination you can so clearly see now the one you actually want to end up at? If not, it is OK to choose to change direction. If it is the destination you were hoping for, then keep going! You are so close. Your efforts will pay off. October is a 5 month energy and things will begin to feel a little less restrictive energetically then. The Ten of Wands is showing you that the rewards for all of your "hard" work this month are waiting patiently for you. Go get them!

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