September 2019 General Tarot Reading.

Top Deck: Traditional Tarot, Bottom Deck: The After Tarot

This is a general Tarot reading for the collective, take what resonates for you and leave the rest. :) If you would like to look at your own personal energies for this month, please book some time with me and let's take a closer look!

September starts out with us finding ourselves busy, busy, busy! With the Two of Pentacles I feel like we are juggling a lot. School is back in session; Summer is pretty much over now and we are heading into fall and winter! Wow, time has flown this year, hasn’t it? You may find yourself having to make a few decisions when it comes to finances or material goods, but overall this energy just feels like having a lot on our plates to maneuver. With the Ace of swords, the Universe (or your Higher Power) will be sending you a message in truth. Perhaps this is something you have been avoiding or not wanting to face, but deep down you have known you either need to start this, or complete it, whatever that means for you. It could do with a relationship, though I feel it is more to do with finances or material goods. Perhaps you have been overspending or not planning accordingly when it comes to your resources and you might need to re-evaluate. It could do with a myriad of things though I feel like the message or the direction is more in line with that of the material world and not emotions or relationships. So, pay attention to what comes in at the beginning of September for you. It may feel a little harsh or it may be something you don’t want to hear, but you will know that it is what you needed to hear and it will help you in the long run. It could also do with managing your time better and not taking on more than you can handle right now. If you are feeling overwhelmed or physically exhausted at the beginning of the month, that is your body telling you to dial it back a little bit. Cut things out where you can and say no to people when you need to. Focus on your own cup right now. September is going to be a busy month!

The Sun card is reiterating this feeling of resting and enjoyment. Now that we are in Earth sign Virgo, we will feel the need to do, do, do! And that is great! However, not at the cost of your sanity. Definitely take some time throughout September, especially in the first couple of weeks, to relax and have a breather. There may be this tendency to take on more than we can handle and that won’t serve anyone, especially you! So, even if you have to schedule it in, make sure to take some time for pleasure and play. If you can find that much needed balance, then the first few weeks of September will feel very successful. There are definitely opportunities for many of you to see many material rewards this month for the work you have been doing over the course of the year. With the ten of pentacles I feel the rewards will be great, but will not come at the expense of family time or enjoyment. That is however, up to you and how you manage your time and energy. The Ten of Pentacles is a nice reminder that you can have the financial rewards AND enjoy time with the ones you love, you just need to create and honor that balance.

The Knight of Cups always makes me think of a knight in shining armor bringing in an offer of emotional support and love. It feels like it has been a long time coming, but for some of you it will finally arrive in September. This could have to do with an emotional offer from a soul mate/relationship, or even in the form of an apology or peace offering from a friend or family member who may have treated you poorly recently. Whoever this comes from, it will be from the heart and their intentions will be good. They are hoping to mend any conflicts that may have come up between you. At the very least, hear them out and see what they have to say. You get to decide whether what they are offering fits with the person you want to be and the people you wish to surround yourself with. It feels like a very nice energy though. I say this as well, because the Strength Card in The After Tarot deck shows us having already tamed the lion and made peace with ourselves and those around us. We used our strength for good rather then for personal gain in a negative way. So, whatever the message is that comes in, it feels like peace will be made. The Knight of Cups feels like an energy coming in FOR you, but for some of you, it could very well represent YOU. If you feel called to reach out to someone that you may have upset or burned a bridge with (intentionally or unintentionally) then the message here is to move forward with that feeling of wanting to make amends. Reach out to the person and share your desire to move forward in peace. Respect their response, of course, but if you feel called to make the first move then you are supported this month to do so. Don’t allow pride or a bruised ego to stand in the way of something potentially beautiful and beneficial.

The Wheel of Fortune feels like such a great energy this month. Basically, for many of you who have felt as though nothing was seemingly going right for you no matter what you did or that you kept hitting road block after road block, this energy is saying your luck is about to change. There is always a beautiful balance in life where if something goes down, it will almost always come back up. So, if you have felt like you have been walking against the wind for quiet sometime now, your path is about to change and you will feel as though the wind is now pushing you along. That is a lovely energy so use it to your advantage this month!

With the King of Swords, it looks as though many of you heeded whatever message came in for you at the beginning of the month and by the end of the month you feel well in control over whatever the circumstances were. The King of Swords is a strong ruler and a magnificent leader. He rules in truth and honestly and though he has a strong exterior, he is also in touch with his softer side to show empathy when needed. This feels like your energy this month (male or female) after a month long of hard work, balance, and making sure that the path you are on suits your needs for the long run. If you find yourself in a leadership position this month, maybe through a promotion or even as part of a team in any capacity, remember the Knight of Swords. Lead by example and with integrity and you will inspire those who look to you for guidance.

I think we had the Magician last month, which I do love this energy! The Magician is always a great reminder that you have all of the tools you need to create the life you want here on Earth. If you don’t physically have the actual tools, you certainly know (or can find out) where to find them. Perhaps you need to borrow them and that’s OK! The important thing is that you understand what you need and you can easily decipher what you need to do to make things happen for you. What is it that you want to create this month that will last for years to come? You have the support of beautiful Virgo (Earth) who is all about manifesting your desires into something tangible, you do have to do the work though! The magician is confirming that you have all of the resources and the resiliency to make it happen. Look within and if you have to look without and ask for help, that is OK too! Follow your own inner guidance here. The Universe will often give us the idea or the inspiration, but it is entirely up to us to do the leg work here on Earth. So, get crackin! This will all lead to a nice financial or material offer with the Knight of Pentacles showing up. You will be rewarded with something tangible here in the physical if you put in the effort this month. Again, you have to actually do the heavy lifting and the work though.

September really feels like a beautiful month of progress in the physical. Creating what you want to see within your own reality. It is all about us doing the actual work now that we have the inspiration and the knowing of the direction we want to move into. That direction can always change, but I feel like for most of us, we know where we want to head now, we just have to start and September is the perfect month for that! Don’t forget though, find the time to recoup and find your joy. It might be easy to get so into creative mode that you forget to just laugh and play. What good is all of that material wealth if you can’t actually take the time to enjoy the present and the people here with you now?

I pulled a Chakra Crystal to see what Chakra could use some balancing within the collective and I always love how spirit ties everything together! I pulled the Smokey Quartz which is for the Base Chakra. The base is all about grounding and security. Not surprising given that we have just entered into Virgo season! The Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is an Earth element and is where our feelings of safety and grounding, as well as survival, come in. It represents physicality and the aspect of SELF in physical form. When the Base Chakra is out of alignment you may feel excessive negativity, greed, illusion, excessive feelings of insecurity or as if you are constantly in “survival mode”. You may find it hard to feel safe or as if everything looks like a potential risk. This is why spirit gave us the Sun card this month, to remind us to find that balance in joy and to reconnect with the Earth and our physical bodies. In order to heal or balance the Base Chakra some of the following can help: Hiking/ being out within nature, bare feet on the earth (grass or dirt or water) to feel the stability, sit outside in nature and be very mindful as you take in your beautiful surroundings with each of your senses. Take a soothing shower or swim in a river, lake, or ocean (nature made water is best, minus the chemicals of a pool). Yoga and crystal work can work wonders and also, journaling. Journal to get to the cause of your fears and then dismantle those fears with an actual game plan. This will help to ease the fear of the mind. Sometimes all work and no play can send us into a spiral of anxiety and unbalance, so be very mindful of that this month! Spirit is asking for us to be present within our physical bodies, using all of our senses this month! Whatever works for you to get grounded, I suggest doing that throughout the month.

I hope it is a beautiful, prosperous September for you all! Happy Fall and I will see you again in October!

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Kim :)