Sagittarius 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Sagittarius 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | The Star

You are taking center stage this month, Sag! Not only will big wishes be coming true for you this month, but you will feel like you are getting a lot of positive attention. Don't be afraid to step out into the spotlight and shine, shine, shine! You are starting the year off feeling very balanced and in touch with what you hope to accomplish this year. Some of you may feel VERY connected to source this month especially and you may feel like the guidance you have asked for is coming in loud and clear. With Jupiter having left your sign to enter Capricorn, don't worry, the gifts will keep coming. You will have to work a little harder for them now but many of you can feel the abundance flowing in. There is an excitement within you for this New Year. Last year may have felt difficult and transformative for many of you and you are ready to start 2020 as the new, empowered YOU. This would be a great month for you to set intentions for the year to come and perhaps take up writing in a journal if you haven't before. You may find that your dreams are very vivid this month and so be sure to write down whatever you remember when you wake up so that you can understand the messages that were coming through for you. Enjoy this beautiful energy this month and let it gently guide you for the year to come. :)

February | Two of Pentacles

This month you may find yourself being very busy. It may feel hectic at times and you may need to remind yourself that you are in control of YOUR own time. Can you find a way to manage it so that you have time to meet your deadlines but also plenty of time for self-care? If you are able to do this, you will find that you are able to move through the push and pull this month much more comfortably. If you feel like a lot of what you are juggling are things that aren't yours (other peoples drama or issues) then find a way to release those burdens back to the other person. We each have our own work to do and you aren't doing yourself or the other person any favors by trying to "fix" them or their situation. If you can offer support, then do so. However, when you start to carry the actual burdens of others that is when the energy shifts and will start to wear you down. Be sure that what you are trying to manage is yours and doesn't belong to someone else.

March | Queen of Cups

There may be some things that come up from your past this month that need to be worked through. If there have been ongoing conflicts or stress with loved ones or within your work environment, then those emotions may come boiling over this month to be dealt with. Communication is key this month. Are you standing within your own power this month and expressing how their actions have made you feel? You can't control what another person does, but you can communicate to them how you would like to be treated and what you will and will not accept. If you don't communicate to others what you need to feel supported then you are leaving it up to them to decipher on their own and that may lead to an outcome that is not in line with what you were hoping for. Don't assume the other person knows what you need. It is OK to ask others for the support that you need and that includes allowing another to fully understand your trigger points and what works best for you. This month is asking you to get in touch with your emotions and if someone triggers something within you, rather than engaging in an argument or bitterness, look within. Why did what they say or did bother you so much? What is it bringing up for you? What are you hoping to receive from the relationship and likewise, what are they hoping to receive? Would a conversation with this person be beneficial to communicate what you both need and see if some common ground can be reached. If the relationship is important to both of you, then a conversation is called for.

April |The Fool

This month you may find yourself wanting to explore something new. This could be a new hobby, a new idea, a new place, or even a new relationship. Is there something you have always wanted to try but keep putting to the side? If so, this is the month to do it! Your soul wants to break out of the hum-drum and find new things to light that Sagittarius fire within! What is calling to you? If there is a class that you have always wanted to take or something new you want to try for your business, this is a great month to throw caution to the wind and explore. :) For some of you, travel may come up either for pleasure or for work. If it is for work, see if you can extend a little bit and make the trip about pleasure too. Some of you may be starting a new job completely or perhaps you have been working FOR someone and now you are launching a new business yourself. Whatever comes up for you this month is completely supported by the Universe and you will find that the ideas and people you need to meet somehow magically appear for you. New ideas and inspiration do not come to you by accident. This is the Universe showing you new options and it is up to you what you decide to run with. Be open and aware of what comes in for you this month and who you meet. Whatever you start this month could be very beneficial for you for years to come!

May | Nine of Swords

This month there are a handful of planets going retrograde. Jupiter, Saturn and Venus to name a few! So you may start to feel those effects especially if you are sensitive to those energies. Either way, you may find that you are deeply within your head this month and over thinking something to the point that it is causing you to worry. Something may have happened or come up and you are either feeling regret or worrying about what will happen in the future. If these deeper shadows come in for you this month, try very hard to come back to the present. What is ACTUALLY happening right now? Whatever that is, is what you should be focused on and creating a game plan around. Regret over past actions may be a calling for you to take action today, in the present, to make amends if possible. But otherwise, there may not be much you can do about whatever this past regret is and you will need to find a way to release it and stop dedicating so much of your precious energy to it. If it is a worry for the future, try to remind yourself that the future is always changing. You are creating a story now that may or may not unfold exactly as you are telling it to yourself. So, stop. Stop trying to write the story of your future when there are more important things that can actually be dealt with in the here and now. Whatever works for you to come back to the present and see the picture more clearly is what is suggested at this time. You may find that you are worrying for no reason. If someone has done something to hurt your feelings then again, this is an opportunity to go within and see why it is that whatever they said has affected you in this way. Chances are there is a deeper hurt within that may need to be worked through. Everyone we meet is offering us an experience and opportunity to go within to heal and to grow. So take this experience as one for growth and see how you can use it for your own good and growth this month.

June | Ten of Cups

Whatever was weighing heavily on your mind last month has been cleared and in comes the JOY! This month is all about spending time with the people you love and doing the things that you love. There are a lot of opportunities for just pure, absolute divine happiness this month Sag! Something (or several things) come in for you that just feel like absolute blessings. They can be big or small, either way, they will each put a lovely smile upon your face and allow you to feel fulfilled in so many ways. You are feeling supported this month and carefree. Make the most of this lighthearted energy as much as you can and where you find opportunities to share that joy and happiness, share in generous proportions! A truly beautiful, uplifting energy here for you Sagittarius! Breathe it all in. :)

July | The Moon

For some of you a new opportunity or offer may come in for you this month that at first glance may seem a little intimidating. You may not feel that you are qualified to handle whatever this is. You are. The Universe knows when we are ready to take on more and sometimes it sees our magnificence well in advance before we do. Whatever this opportunity is for you, do not say no to it immediately. It will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and learn new things and take on new responsibilities, but you can handle all of that and you will SHINE. You may not see the rewards of this new offer immediately, but over time you will begin to see the influence you are able to have by being able to share your gifts on this new platform. Really mediate on this and if any part of it feels GOOD, then say yes. Things are not always as they appear and this may come in as something that looks much different than you would ever anticipate for yourself, but it is coming in for a reason. Even if it feels much bigger than you, if it feels good, then consider going for it. Again, the Universe knows how powerful we are even if we have forgotten. This could be an opportunity to really stand in your glory over time. You just have to say yes! For some of you this could also have to do with a relationship. Someone may come in for you who looks or acts completely different than what you would normally "go for". Don't shut this person out right off the bat. Invite them into your space and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised, in a beautiful way. :)

August | Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands feels like your energy, Sag. This month you are sitting at the throne of your creative power. If you own your own business, you may have reached mastery level in your field and you are looking to expand and grow. If you work for someone else, then you may have an opportunity to apply for a management or VP position within your field. There is a sense of mastery here for however this comes in for you. You may find yourself looking to the future with a new vision for growth and you may start to explore this new idea this month. However this comes in for you, there is a desire for expansion and growth of your own creative expression. For some of you, this could be a mother like figure or a mentor of sorts coming in for you at exactly the right time! You may have an opportunity to work with someone who you can learn a lot from and you will soak it all up like a sponge. As always, be open to who you meet and what opportunities present themselves for you this month.

September | Knight of Swords

Some unexpected news or communication comes in for you this month. This information could force you to change direction within something and see things differently. You may have to abruptly move locations or this could be the end of an assignment or relationship that you didn't see coming. Whatever this change is, it is fast moving and more than likely unexpected. BUT, it is serving your highest good and the change in direction will allow you to see things more clearly. Once you pick yourself up and brush yourself off, you will be able to see the new horizon and all that is waiting for you. This may also be your energy, for some of you, and you may need to deliver a much needed message to someone. You will be called to speak your truth to those around you and stand within your power, no matter how uncomfortable that may feel for you. By doing this, you are standing up for your own worth and value and, eventually, that will be respected by whoever is on the receiving end of this information. Whatever this is will come in quickly but you will see the positive results of this energy quickly as well. During this time, try to be as flexible as possible. If you are needing to change directions swiftly, rather than trying to resist this energy and fight it, stand back and observe it. How can you make these changes as comfortably as possible without over-reacting? There are times when the Universe will force a change within our surroundings to push us more swiftly along our path. It may feel jarring initially and we may feel thrust outside of our safety sphere, but it is all for our highest good. If we can become the observer in the situation rather than become over attached to what was, then we will adjust that much more quickly and find our groove again. Whatever comes in for you this month, trust that it is pushing you along to something much more incredible than where you are at in the moment. :)

October | Page of Pentacles

A new offer comes in this month that could have to do with a new job, a new place to live, or an opportunity to take a trip somewhere you have never been before. For some of you, you may be looking to purchase something new such as a car, or a home. For others of you, you may be making an offer to someone else such as a job offer or an offer to partner with you on something that may have the potential to make you both income. Whatever this is feels very thought out. Perhaps whatever change occurred last month has led you here. Whatever was cleared away last month has created space for something new and exciting to come in.

November | Page of Cups

Where last month you had new offers being made around something physical and tangible like money or living space, this month more offers are streaming in! This time they are all around emotions and relationships. For some of you an offer of engagement may come up or because this energy is a young energy, you may ask someone out on a date you just met that you felt a connection with. For some, you may get news of a pregnancy (yours or someone you know). There could be an opportunity to join a Meet Up group or attend a gathering where you meet people you feel at home with and who may become a part of your soul tribe. This is a great month for social gatherings and to meet new people and form new bonds. This is also a great month to make the time to spend more time with friends who are already special to you. Whatever offers come in for you this month should fill your cup with happiness! :)

December | Eight of Cups

Parts of this month may feel a little harsh for you as you may be asked to walk away from something that no longer fulfills you. This would be something that you have been emotionally invested in and have put a lot of effort into, but whatever this is has run its course and has nothing more to offer you. This could be a job or a relationship. It could also be that you have made the decision to walk away from a habit or a routine or addiction that has never served you but that you were relying on for comfort. You now realize that you need to make some changes so that you can be the best version of yourself possible. Wherever there is an imbalance of body, mind, and spirit you will feel the push to release and move on from. It may not be an easy transition as it appear that it has been with you for quite sometime, but Once you decide to move on, the Universe will support you in that decision. There has been so much transformation for you this year, in a positive way, that you realize whatever this is just doesn't fit into your new circumstances. This will allow you to walk into 2021 lighter and brighter with the energy to embrace the new experiences that the New Year will hold for you! Be kind and gentle to yourself this month as you allow yourself to move forward in a way that best serves you and your highest good.