Pisces 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Pisces 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | Three of Cups

Time to ring in the new decade in a big way, Pisces! A celebration is in order for you this month and the energy around whatever you are celebrating feels light, positive, and full of passion. This could be celebration for a new job, for launching a product with your business or an effort to expand your growing business was successful and so you are elated. For some, this could be around relationships. Perhaps an engagement or moving a relationship to the next level. The third person in this scenario could be a baby on board. You may have given birth or found out you are pregnant! Whatever this is for you, feels absolutely beautiful and worth celebrating. What a way to start off 2020! :)

February | The Fool

For some, whatever came in for you last month could now be moving you in a new direction. A new journey down a path you have never been down before but that you are excited to embark on. Take your time as you move in this new direction and leave any baggage that was weighing you down, behind. You won't have any use for it now. Wherever this new journey is taking you, it is fully guided and illuminated. You may notice a lot of synchronizations happening for you this month. Those synchronizations are the Universes way of showing you the road-map. Like little breadcrumbs being left for you to follow. Pay attention to dreams that come up for you, repeating numbers, certain songs that play that seem like they have a message for you, finding a feather, you name it. All of these are little messages from the Universe to get your attention. Your guides are always walking with you and helping to steer you along the path that is most in line with your highest calling, so try to tune in as much as possible. :) Have fun this month and enjoy the excitement you may feel over this new adventure! The stars are the limit (and the stars go on for infinity, so you get the idea.)

March | Temperance

You have begun your new adventure, you have the vision held for where you want to land and you feel determined to get there! The key is to try not to sprint towards your destination. More than likely it will change a few times before you actually reach it and once you do reach it, there will be a new destination waiting. So, instead, as you continue along this journey, take the appropriate time off to do a checks and balances to make sure that you are balanced in body, mind, and spirit. Reaching and then maintaining that balance takes daily effort and check ins. It is not something you reach and then never have to visit again. It is when we become imbalanced in one area that we tend to veer off course. So use this month especially as an opportunity to check in. How does your body feel? How do things within your physical realm feel? Are you too much in your head or are you feeling fear or anxiety? How is your connection with Source? Are you following your intuition? If there is an area that feels off, then that is where you need to focus to get that area back in check. Once you do, then you can continue on feeling whole and a sense of calmness. However works for you to get re-balanced is what you will need to do. It is in your best interest to get balanced before you continue on. :)

April | Seven of Pentacles

You have a big harvest growing that is almost ready for the picking, but not quite yet. Something you have been working on for sometime is close to showing you some tangible rewards within the physical and it feels like a large reward! This is message from the Universe to not give up. Keep moving forward with whatever this is. You may not be able to SEE how bountiful this is going to be for you, but I bet you can feel it. It can be hard to keep the faith in something that you continue to put effort into but have yet to see anything tangible surface from your efforts. That is OK! Somethings take time to grow and yield results. If it FEELS in line with your spirit and it brings you joy and passion, then do not give up. You are so close! The main message this month is to keep moving forward, even if doubts creep in. It is not by accident that you had the inspiration to create whatever this is, so TRUST that you will understand fully soon enough and you will be so glad you didn't throw in the towel. You got this, Pisces! Keep swimming! :)

May | Strength

You may find yourself having to stand within your own power this month and stand up for the things that you believe in for yourself. Others may try to persuade you to do something that they think would be better for you than what you are currently doing (this could be related to relationships, career, purpose, and so on) and whatever it is that they are suggesting may feel completely out of line with what YOU know to be true for yourself. So will you rock the boat and stick to what you FEEL within to be true for you or will you steer towards calmer waters to please others? There are times where we need to choose to compromise on things that will keep the peace or allow for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. However, we shouldn't compromise on what we KNOW to be in line with our souls purpose and calling. Sometimes our soul will have us doing things that are WAY outside of the box and what people don't understand, they will sometimes try to "fix". If you believe this direction or action to be true for you and it feels like it is serving your highest good, even if others can't see what you see, then stand firm in your conviction this month. We didn't come here to be like any other living being, we came here to be ourselves. Authentically. When we begin to mold ourselves to try and fit into another persons mold, then we begin to lose our own identity. Be YOU this month, and always. It can take a tremendous amount of strength to be ourselves, especially when the message from society is to be like everyone else. Find that inner strength this month and use it to be YOU, in ALL of your own glory. :)

June | King of Swords

This month you are being asked to show up and take action on something that might have been coming in for you for sometime. There is a feeling of procrastination around whatever this is. So, this idea or action has been coming in for you for quite sometime but you keep putting off taking action on it. This month you may be faced with a circumstance that now forces you to stop procrastinating on this and do what you know you need to do. This could be around a relationship that hasn't been working for a long time, despite any efforts to save it and you know you need to cut it loose but you haven't wanted to face that reality so you have been putting it off. This could also have to do with a job or career where again, it hasn't been fulfilling for a long time but it is comfortable and known so you choose to stay rather than start applying for other opportunities more in line with your purpose. Perhaps you are being called to start your own business but have been too nervous to take the first step. This month, however this shows up for you, there will be an opening where the Universe steps in and creates a situation where you can no longer deny the action you need to take. Whatever this is will begin to feel much too uncomfortable for you to not want to make a change. You will know what to do and you have the strength and resources to make it happen, you just have to show up and follow through. I believe that whoever this is resonating with already knew what this was before finishing this paragraph. You will KNOW and you will find the courage to do what needs to be done so that you can soar to new heights without whatever this is continuing to hold you back.

July | Four of Pentacles

There is a feeling here that for some, you are clinging to something in the physical that you believe is bringing you security.There is a deep sense of attachment here and fear of losing something that has become very important to you. There is a saying that goes "struggle to get, struggle to keep" so it is as if whatever this is you had to fight really hard and work really hard to obtain and now everyday you worry about losing it. You feel weighed down and tied to this, almost controlled by it. I feel for some, this is exactly the thing that came into awareness last month which was the start of the release. When we attach to something there is a feeling of need. With that feeling of need comes fear of loss. When we can get to a place where we understand that EVERYTHING is borrowed and nothing is owned, then as things come into our lives we appreciate them and when it comes time to release the same thing, then we do so freely and openly, because we are not bound by this "thing" or person. Nothing and no one is owned, we are all free. So when we can allow others and everything within our lives to be free, then we become free. Do you see how much lighter that energy is as opposed to the energy of clinging and attachment? What are you afraid to lose? Start there. How can you get to a place where if that person or thing fell away right now, you would release it willingly and without bitterness? Take note of the things this month, Pisces, where you hold a strong fear of loss and then work at deconstructing that fear into an energy that feels much lighter and manageable. Often times, when we fear losing something so much, the Universe will force us to release it because it was never ours to begin with and our relationship with it has become unhealthy. There is something coming up for you this month that will challenge you to change your perspective when it comes to attachment so that you can incorporate a much more healthy lifestyle around whatever this is.

August | Eight of Cups

I see a theme here for you, Pices, in June, July, and August. A gentle process to recognize and take action towards releasing something you have been clinging to for security but that you KNOW is not serving your highest good but rather is holding you back from fully living your most empowered life. So come August, I believe for many of you, this will be the month that YOU CHOOSE to leave whatever this is behind. It may be emotionally challenging for you at first, but please don't worry, you will overcome and once you are free you will feel so much lighter. Understand that whatever this is has served its purpose for you beautifully but there is nothing more to learn here and this situation is no longer fulfilling for you. Your path forward is Divinely guided and when you choose to follow that guidance forward, the Universe will find every way possible to support you.

September | The Queen of Swords

What a powerful year for you, Pisces! Both the King and Queen of Swords has shown up for you. There are usually master level actions that we need to take when these energies appear, but when we do, the rewards are great and can be felt quite quickly. The queen of swords sits facing the future. Whatever action you take this month will have lasting effect on your future and may even be felt for years to come. Take time in making important decisions and be sure that the direction you choose to move in FEELS in line with your body, mind, and spirit. Back in March you were asked to diligently check in to make sure these areas were balanced and now in September as you are faced with choices and have major decisions to make, be sure to check back in with your body, mind, and spirit to ensure that what you decide feels aligned. If it doesn't then what needs to happen so that it does? Try to make your choices based on your actual present circumstances and how you would hope they would effect your future ones. The future is always changing so we can never actually plan or control for it, however, we can always make choices in the present that we hope will beneficially impact our future selves. Ultimately though, when making decisions, make them for the present you. What can you do today that will effect your reality, today. :) Whatever this choice or decision is, feels very positive and I believe you will feel excited to have the opportunity that comes up for you.

October | Nine of Pentacles

You have regained a sense of independence this month, Pisces. You are feeling whole within yourself and pieces of SELF that you didn't even know were apart of you have been able to surface and you like what you see. You have done a great job standing up for yourself and have grown to really understand your worth and power, in a positive way. I believe many of you will see those fruits of your labor we talked about back in April surfacing now. At this time, you should feel more worthy of them than you may have felt back in April. So see? The Universe knew you weren't ready back then to handle this surplus in abundance that you are ready to receive now. We always have access to the infinite abundance and prosperity of the Universe. It is never held back from us, but we can certainly cut ourselves off from it through feelings of lack or unworthiness. It appears in October you have tapped into that energy beautifully. Enjoy the abundance you have called in and if you feel called to share that wealth, please do so.

November | Nine of Wands

You may feel a bit overwhelmed emotionally this month. If you find yourself spiraling down into deep thoughts of regret or self-defeating thoughts of SELF, try to find ways to pivot those thoughts. We certainly do not want to avoid any feelings that come up for us, but we also don't want to succumb to them either. Especially if they are low vibe. Pisces tend to be deep into their emotions and when you start to go deep you can get stuck down there. What is coming up for you this month emotionally and how can you work with those emotions rather than allowing them to take control over you? Why is this event or emotion triggering you so deeply? What is the root cause? Is the root cause something that, in the present, you can actually do something about or are you beating yourself up over something that happened in the past and is over. If it is something from the past that not even a superhero could "fix" in the present, then try to find ways to honor this feeling and release it. You are a Master Soul and part of the Divine, and there are some things that we are meant to learn from, grow from, and then release. We are not always meant to "fix" something that no longer serves us. Again, if it isn't something that you can actually DO something about in the present, then allow those feelings to come up, sit with them and have a cup of coffee with them, honor them, and then release them. Even if you have to do this several times. The key is to not let them take you over and then pull you under. That is when you have given your power away to circumstances that are no longer a part of who you are. Be mindful of what comes in for you this month and once you have honored those feelings, try to pivot your thoughts to what is working for you, what you are grateful for, and who is left standing and waiting to jump in to help support you. A gratitude journal is a great resource and could serve you well, especially this month.

December | Three of Pentacles

You may find that the end of the calendar year brings in many opportunities for new contracts to work with others. These projects feel in line with the work you want to do and how you wish to present yourself to the world. Once again you are being asked to check in and make sure that you are aligned body, mind, and spirit. If the opportunities that roll in for you FEEL aligned, then go for it! You may get news of a nice promotion at work if you work for someone, or an opportunity to do work that is more aligned with what you want to be doing and that will allow you to shine in ways you haven't before. You will find that your opinion is respected and others are looking to you to provide the expertise when it comes to this area of your work. Whatever it is that you begin to create this month will lead you confidently into 2021 with a nice sense of purpose and direction that you can feel confident and proud of. What a trans formative year for you, dear Pisces! Look how far you have come!