October 2020 Universal "5" Month Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Deck used: Universal Waite Tarot

October 2020 | Universal 5 Month: October 2020 is a 5 Universal month energy. The energy of the five embodies change. This change can be frequent, unexpected, and it can feel chaotic and turbulent at times. You may find yourself in a redirect and have no idea where you are going to land. Five energy does not like structure, but rather it likes spontaneity and freedom. If you try to control or manipulate 5 energy, you will be fighting a battle that will require much more energy than you may have anticipated and there are no guarantees you are going to win this fight. The recommendation with five energy is to go with the flow and surrender as much as possible. Trust that where this energy is taking you is for your highest good and it is taking you there at a much more accelerated speed than you would have chosen to move, but this is a good thing. When it comes to five energy, if something can change it usually will!

You may find this month that you have a heightened sense of curiosity or desire for adventure! A deep yearning for exploration, travel, or to switch things up dramatically may come in quite suddenly this month. I would say, if the energy is pushing you to explore, then even if you can't physically get out and explore, find ways to expand the mind through reading a good book, taking an online course, join an online "meetup" group, or something virtual that allows you to satiate this desire. Move beyond your restrictions in whatever way you can. Get creative if you need to, but find a way to give your inner-child the open field it desires to play and find adventure!

It may sound contradictory, but balance and moderation are key. When it comes to making major, life altering decisions this month, I would say that if the energy isn't pushing you forward and clearly showing you the changes that need to be made, simply take note of the options and come back to this decision in November to make your final changes. Five energy can move us to want to make drastic, life altering decisions without taking into consideration the aftermath of those decisions. We can feel a rush of excitement for getting rid of everything within our life to start over when all we really needed to do was make some adjustments with one or two things in order to feel more aligned. Five energy tends to push us into excess or deprivation in an extreme way and neither will give us the solution or outcome we are searching for. Feel into the energy and see what it holds for you. Our goal is to always find the balance within and without. So, if your choices aren't moving you back into balance in some way then perhaps hold off on changing and uprooting everything within your life this month! Balance and moderation are key! We will feel most comfortable when we can move with and work with the energy, while still following our own intuition and wisdom to make sure we don't get too caught up in something that may be fleeting. Also, with this energy you may feel one way at the beginning of the month and then a week or two later, you may feel completely different. This is why it is important to pay attention to what comes in for you but perhaps hold off on acting on those impulses right away. See how you feel in a day or two or in a month. If this is something that can wait, then have patience as the missing pieces come in for you.

Impulsivity is a possibility with this energy. Making decisions without having much information can feel exciting until the dust settles and you see what you are left with. This is why it is so important, especially this month, to work with BOTH your masculine (action/knowledge) and feminine (stillness/wisdom) energies and make sure they are both in balance before you commit fully to something. I absolutely advocate for following your intuition and how you feel, but balance is always key. We have our ego/mind for a reason. It is meant to be used alongside of our soul/intuition.

With 5 energy, we often find ourselves at some kind of crossroads and we may feel like a decision needs to be made immediately. Ultimately though, the power of the five energy is that it allows us to experience what we need to experience through versatility and a variety of opportunities so that we will have all of the information we need to help us to make the decision that is right for us. So, though some changes this month may call for immediate action, you may actually find that it is the experiences of October that actually show you what you need to know in order to best make the decisions that are best for you in November and ongoing. It is OK to take a risk or to take a chance on something you wouldn't normally take a risk on. This month may show you that very clearly. Once again, as long as you don't find yourself in some kind of extreme environment or experience, then you will find this energy VERY liberating! You may see that things become much more clear for you as we move through October.

The energy of the 5 is going to push you beyond your own self-created boundaries. You will feel the urge to explore depths and have experiences you never would have entertained before. Five energy enjoys a good adventure and it is through that adventure that things often become much more clear and we gain clarity we never would have uncovered had we not danced beyond the containment of our own comfort zone. This month, if you have the opportunity for spontaneity or to take a wild adventure (body, mind, and/or soul) you have permission to say YES! Let your hair down and your spirit SOAR! Physical limitation or restriction is not a valid reason to say no to this calling of your soul. You always have your own imagination and creative life force within you to take you to where you need to go to experience the freedom that the five energy invokes. I would say buckle up, but honestly even that is too restrictive for a 5! So jump right in and ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!

The Nine of Wands: We are fresh off from a Universal 4 energy month (structure, stability, legacy, patience, order, endurance, practicality) and we are moving into an energy that is the complete polar opposite! I feel like the nine of wands energy is an expression of how many of us feel coming into October. We have worked so hard this month to find our footing in the face of chaos, to find our own security within when we most definitely could NOT find it without. We have felt the need to give up but also the fire within to keep going. We are bandaged and bruised and we don't know if we can lift that last wand into place. Do we have the strength to keep going? Is what we are moving towards what we actually still want? The energy of the 4 last month would have definitely been the energy to apply much needed pressure to see if we could withstand what it takes to transition from coal into a diamond. Four energy can be strict and brutal but it is that way out of love. If something is not meant for us then when enough pressure is applied, we will fold. We will give in. However, if what we are chasing is absolutely part of our souls purpose in this lifetime, then honestly, no amount of pressure or "failures" or feelings of inadequacy, or "insert appropriate pressure point here" could ever deter us for very long. With this nine of wands energy, the Universe is saying to you, if you are still here and you are still swimming, then keep going because my friend there is land ahead! You are no longer the same person you were at the start of the year. Chances are things haven't been easy but they have been monumental in realizing who you are and what you want. Now that you know, October is going to offer you the opportunities to experience some versatility around your goals and desires to fill in the gaps that need to be filled in so that you can place that final wand into its resting place. Bravo to you for your persistence and your resiliency! You passed the tests of the 4 energy with flying colors! These tests weren't punitive, but rather to show you what you are made of and what you are capable of. That's kind of a big deal. :)

The Ace of Swords: As we move into the second week of October we see MAJOR change coming in! Hello 5 energy! I really feel this is, again, opportunities to experience some versatility that in turn allows you to gain greater clarity when it comes to how you choose to move forward. For some, this could be actual physical change of some sort sweeping through to help you into the next experience you are meant to have. Again, the more you can surrender and go with the flow (without entirely diving into the deep end - remember, moderation and balance, don't uproot everything at this time! This isn't a Tower moment.) then the more comfortable this process will feel for you. This change, or changes, do not feel heavy at all. They may come in swiftly for you but they will most likely feel aligned for you in some way. If it isn't actual change coming in for you then it will most likely come in as a form of clarity. You can now see what was hidden before and this new insight or information feels pivotal when it comes to making any decisions. It is that feeling of getting ready to make a step in one direction and then suddenly a wave of new insight comes in that completely changes our desire, mind, goals, and so on. Yes, it feels that big! Pay attention to what comes in for you, but honestly, I don't think you can avoid whatever this is. This information feels very important and needed so it will find you. Understand that whatever this is, is Divinely guided and can be trusted. Use this new found wisdom to help propel you forward. This may call for some risk taking on your part, or some dancing beyond your "zone", but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun in the process! If you are being pushed outside of your comfort zone at this time, you might as well stay open to what new things you discover and have fun with it.

The Sun: Then we move into the joyful, cheerful, childlike energy of The Sun. This week you may find that you want to simply drop your responsibilities and you want to PLAY. Give in to this calling as much as you can. I would say, don't disregard ALL of your responsibilities, but if your soul is urging you to make the time and space to go on an adventure or pick up a new (or old) hobby, then stop saying no when your soul wants to say yes! This is a great week to explore and allow yourself to be creative in a joyful way. Spend more time with animals or children if that helps for you to reconnect to that joyful spirit. If you have forgotten how to be a kid at heart, then this is a great week to get reacquainted with that energy. Your inner-child gets bored easily and if you have been neglecting him/her chances are you are going to feel this energy VERY strongly. Your inner-child needs just as much love and attention as every other aspect of your being and honestly, this side of ourselves is the most fun to please! We just have to give ourselves permission to do so. The more we can do this the more we see our lives unfold in a much less restrictive and tense fashion. When you nurture your inner-child, your inner-child nurtures you. Allow the energy of the 5 to show you where you have been neglecting yourself. It will often be highlighted by what we yearn most to do. So, when it comes up for you, try to say yes. So often our greatest ideas and insights come through when we are living in the moment and when we have found our joy. Joy doesn't have to be something that someone else gives to you, it can absolutely be tapped into through our own actions and what we allow ourselves to do. Find your joy and you will find your creative life force.

The Three of Wands: The end of October finds us looking into the future, armed with our new insights and passions, ready to expand and explore. You may find some additional opportunities roll in for you this last week that allow you to see more clearly the next steps before you make your decisions. Remember, October is about exploration, adventure, expansion, playtime, joy, change, and versatility. We are being offered a variety of experiences so that we can choose what feels most aligned for us moving forward. Perhaps take this time at the end of the month and revisit what you learned throughout the month. Now, what do you want to do with it? How can you use this new wisdom and knowledge to help you as you move forward? October may feel like a roller coaster, but it is one that is meant to shake up the status quo and leave you feeling renewed, refreshed, and excited for what is to come. You can either kick and scream the entire time or you can throw your hands up and try to enjoy the ride. Be mindful of what you say yes to this month and what you say no to. Ask yourself why you are choosing to limit or confine yourself in anyway. For the wild child spirits out there, this is your month! For those who are more conservative, you may just find that at some point in the month you found yourself enjoying what it feels like to take a few risks here and there. We are all being prepared in some way this year and come November we will have even more clarity into what that means for each of us individually and collectively. Use this time to gather your thoughts, and your feelings, so that the steps you take in the months that follow allow for you to embrace your new playing field.

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