October 2019 General Energy Tarot Reading

Decks used: Universal Waite Tarot Deck; The Spirit Animal Oracle deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The beginning of the month our guides are asking us to be mindful of our need to be right, over being kind. Sometimes choosing to allow the other person to be right in an argument or disagreement, can do wonders for soothing whatever has come up. Our Ego mind is always on and we are always so quick to defend, or become defensive of the the things we feel strongly about. This week the Universe is asking you to weigh your options. Would you really stand to lose anything if you simply agreed to disagree, or allowed the other persons opinion to be right this time? That doesn't mean you have to necessarily buy into whatever it is they are selling, but perhaps the debate isn't worth the heated interaction. Of course, there are many times that we need to voice our opinion and stand our ground, especially if it is something we believe in very strongly or if an injustice has occurred. However, there are often many opportunities where we can choose to not engage in the debate and simply allow kindness to take over the discussion. Think about situations where a discussion turned into a heated argument and nothing was really gained through the experience. Could this have been a time where you could have simply swallowed your words and allowed the other person to be right? Even if you disagreed with their standpoint? Would arguing about it have made a difference in the end? I think at times the Ego likes to win at all costs, and that just isn't the way of spirit. Words can have very detrimental, lasting effects. Keep that in mind the next time the opportunity arises to express your opinion and fight for that opinion. Is it worth fighting for? If not, then don't. At least not this time. Simply choose kindness and peace over the need to be right. : ) You will actually be surprised at how good this can make you feel!

The second week of October looks like a cause for celebration! Whatever comes up for some of us this week will be joyful and fulfilling in many ways. If the opportunity comes up to be social and engage with friends, go for it! Go have some FUN! Fall is one of my favorite times of year! The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling off (hello, pumpkin spice everything and sweater weather!) Go outside and play. I feel like there will be plenty of opportunities to be festive and enjoy the company of others this week. The Universe is saying, you don't need an excuse to find joy. Go find yours! If no one is having a get together, here is your invitation to throw one. Maybe join a meetup and meet new friends. So many opportunities around you to just have some plain old fun. Woo hoo!

For some of us, the third week of October has us deep in our heads about something. There is something weighing heavily on our minds that is potentially keeping us up at night, worrying or overthinking. Whatever that is, try not to forget that the Universe (or your Higher Power) has you surrounded with love and support. If this is something that has been on your mind for quite sometime and you just can't seem to find the answer that you have been searching for, ask your guides to show you in truth and love what step to take next. Be open to how you receive the message, and trust that it will come. There is a lot of merit to the saying "Let go and let God". Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed by things we have no control over and it consumes our thoughts and lowers our vibration. There may very well be something that you need to do in this situation, but if you aren't sure what, then ask for guidance and KNOW that it will come in for you. Until it comes in, try to change your thoughts when they start going dark. It is easy to get caught up in that negative spiral and self-defeating self-talk. However, if those thoughts and those worries aren't actually serving you in anyway, then find a way to release them. That isn't to say you won't have to do some work around whatever this is, but the fear and the worry are self-defeating. Rather than moving you forward, they keep you stuck. Find a way to find a solution rather than sitting in the murky waters waiting for a life boat to come. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to reach out to someone for help. Whatever this is for you, just remember that you are supported! Also, so often the stories we tell ourselves in our heads are much more scary than the reality of the situation. Check in with yourself during this time to see if maybe you are making it more complicated than it needs to be.

The Empress has been coming up a lot in the energy readings lately! I just love this card. She (could actually be male or female, so if this resonates take it!) sits on her throne in nature, connected to the Divine and the Earth. She has all of the resources that she needs around her and she knows how to use them. If there is something that she needs, she asks for it and she receives graciously. She owns her own power and knows that whatever she wishes to create, she has the power to do so! She just has to take the first step. We are the Empress this week (and always)!! Use that magic and power wisely. Perhaps there will be some strong inspiration coming in for you this week and you will become so excited to get started! What are you waiting for? Ready, set, GO!!! The Empress is always in balance. Her emotions, her physical surroundings, and her connection to Source. If there is an area of your life that feels out of balance this week, pay special attention to how you feel and that will be your compass. You can make the appropriate adjustments based off of what feels out of line with your body and soul. When you start to doubt the path you are on, or the direction you have taken, remember that you are the Empress! You can change direction any time you choose to and find a path that works best for you and what you wish to accomplish. Own your power, you magnificent human being! :)

I pulled an Animal Spirit card for this month to see what our animal friends had to say, and we got the bunny! Rabbit Spirit is saying that "Now is a lucky time." There may be times this month where that doesn't feel like the case, but remember that we always have the power within us to change directions. If something isn't working we will be resilient, and find a way to make it work! Even if it looks entirely different than what we had envisioned within our mind. Sometimes miracles and magic come wrapped in wrapping paper we never would have picked out, but the gift is just as special. Pay attention to the details of your day and what little messages from source come in for you. This could be finding a feather, a crystal, re-occurring numbers, meeting someone out of the blue that will have impact within your life (in a good way). There are so many wonderful little gifts that find us daily, but if we are too caught up in the big picture or rushing too quickly, we could miss them. A perfect way to be mindful of the beauty that has found you each day and to show gratitude, is to keep a Gratitude Journal. Each day you can take a few minutes of "me" time, and recount the lovely blessings that came your way that day. What you will find is that even on those days where it is hard to find them, they are there. They might feel small at first, but they are still love notes from the Divine, guiding you along and celebrating all that you have done and will continue to do on your journey here on Earth. NOW is most definitely a lucky time! xoxo

I Pulled a crystal to see which Chakra the collective may need to balance or pay close attention to this month and I received the Quartz Crystal. This represents the Third Eye chakra which is located in the area of the forehead, between the eyebrows. The Third Eye is the center of intuition and foresight, driven by openness and imagination. It governs sleep and awake time and mystical states of consciousness. Intuition, psychic abilities, wisdom/insight, and creativity all flow through the Third Eye chakra. When this chakra is out of balance you can feel "stuck" in daily life without being able to set a clear vision for your future. This can also manifest as extreme rejection of everything spiritual or beyond the usual. You may have lack of clarity when it comes to the more mystical and creative sides of your life or you may feel like you aren't fully utilizing your creative side. Maybe you feel too grounded in the physical and too rooted. In order to facilitate healing and balancing of this chakra, try experimenting with activities/topics outside of your comfort zone to gain perspective of a picture greater than what you alone can imagine. Try meditating, exercising, journal, or anything to help quiet the mind. When our mind isn't running a million times a minute, the messages can come in and we are more connected to Source. This helps to open and balance the Third Eye. Star and moon gazing is also wonderful ways to connect more to the cosmos. Gazing into the vast ocean of stars is a nice reminder that what we see with our physical eyes, isn't everything that is out there. So go out and get starry eyed and invite your beautiful guides in to walk with you for a bit. I know they are more than excited to spend some quality time with you. : )

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Kim :)