November 2019 Tarot Reading

Decks used: Universal Waite Tarot Deck; The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid

The first week of November brings us the energy of the Two of Cups. This really feels like people coming together, a union of sorts. So where there may have been some kind of discord or disagreement previously between you and another, this is an opportunity for forgiveness and working together to see eye to eye. There is also a feeling of trying to understand the other persons point of view and really hearing what they are saying. What do they need to feel supported? Is this something you can offer to them? If not, that is OK, but be honest in your response. If it is something that you can offer them to help them feel supported, then what is holding you back? If it is pride, then this card is asking you to put your pride aside and choose love without judgement. :) Sometimes, emotionally or physically, we just are not in a position to offer the support another needs and that is OK, we just need to be honest about that so they understand that it isn't because we don't want to. Self care is most important so that we can be in a position to support others when called to do so. So this first week of November, make sure that you are taking care of your needs. Once your cup is full, you will be in a better space to help lift others. There is a sense of alchemy with this card and healing. So again, you may be called to heal a relationship that needs some extra attention right now. If you have been waiting for the other person to come to you, perhaps this is the sign you needed to be the one to make the first step, regardless of the circumstances that led to where you are now. What is most important to you in this relationship? What is most important to them in this relationship? If you don't know, perhaps start there. Of course, if the relationship is truly toxic for either party then there comes a time when walking away IS the high road and best for all involved, but if there is not true toxicity and it is just a difference of opinion or not seeing eye to eye, then maybe healing is being called for. See what feels good to you and allow that to guide you. This covers all relationships, not just romantic. So if this resonates with you at home, at work, or at play, then this message is for you. :)

With the Star card there are wishes coming true this week for many of you! There is a nice balanced energy between your emotions and being grounded into the earth at this time. There is a feeling of being guided this week but also an energy of being able to see some tangibles from your hard work. Often times when we receive some kind of inspiration, we KNOW it is the right direction but we don't always see the tangibles right away and that can lead to feelings of doubt. This week you will actually be able to see and feel that validation! It may not be huge, but it will put a nice breeze into your sails and help to gently push you forward. This is the Universe saying to you, "You are on the right path! Keep going!" So often on our journey we are asked to trust Source. Trust that what we are doing is what is best for us and won't lead us down a path we don't desire. Often times the only validation we have is how we FEEL inside. Does it make us feel GOOD and light and full of joy? Or, does it make us feel heavy and full of dread. And sometimes, that feeling of dread is really dread over the change we need to make to get to the place we know we need to be in order to feel good! So, you see, following our feelings isn't always easy. :) So when the Universe sends us little signs of validation, they are always welcome! This week should offer that for many of us. Enjoy your special wish coming true this week, whatever that is for you!

The third week of November we have the Three of Wands. It is as if after receiving the validation last week we are now feeling a re-ignited passion to continue forward, though the direction may have changed slightly or you may have a new choice to make in what next steps to take. There is almost a choice of whether to stay or to go. If you stay, you feel you know what you can expect and this may feel safer for you. However, your soul may be pushing you to go and you may be feeling some inner tension because of this. Your soul may be pushing you to explore what else is out there that you haven't experienced before. There is almost a feeling of envy for those who are out there exploring while you go through the motions of your day. If this is how you are feeling, the Universe is sending you an invitation this week to swim out to that ship if it hasn't come in for you just yet. Take some time this week to explore your inner feelings and desires; what DO you want? Do some journaling, take a walk in nature. Reconnect with your SELF and ask yourself the questions that will allow you to find the answers to the change you are wanting. Even if it feels a little scary at first. This exploration could be just that, an exploration within. A checkpoint to see if where you are at is where you want to be at for awhile. Do you want to continue to build here? If not, what will need to change? What will you have to do to create the space that fills you with joy and inspiration each day. Again, what you leave behind could simply be a habit or a pattern that is no longer serving you. You don't necessarily need to uproot your entire life to feel GOOD. It could simply be about shedding some inner dialogue or beliefs that are holding you back. Take some time this week to explore. Whatever that means for you. Will you explore your inner depths and see what needs adjustment or will you do some actual physical movement in a new direction? Or maybe you will feel called to do a bit of both! Follow the guidance of your soul, it knows where it wants to go. :)

The fourth week of November, which also happens to be the week of Thanksgiving here in the States, is asking us to call upon our inner strength. This really feels like a message for those who will be surrounded by family who they don't normally see throughout the year and who they might not always see eye to eye with. This is an opportunity to pull from that inner strength and ask yourself, do I want to be happy in this situation or do I want to be right? If conversations of politics or religion or your life purpose come up at the dinner table and you feel the urge to become defensive, keep chewing. You won't lose anything by allowing the other person to feel right within their beliefs or opinions. Getting into a heated debate, however, could cost you a harmonious evening surrounded by people who, in their own way, love you. You don't have to subscribe to whatever it is that they are trying to sell you, but you do have the choice as to how you spend your time. Will you spend the evening at peace or not? That part is entirely up to you. :) For others of you, if the Thanksgiving dinner is not relevant, this card still holds the same energy for this week. Where within certain relationships would it benefit you to hold back a little and just allow? If an opportunity comes up for you this week to be right or be happy (at peace), remember the strength card and choose accordingly. :)

I pulled an animal spirit card and interestingly the Panther Spirit came forth asking us to "Reclaim Your Power", it is also the number 44. The number 44 symbolizes stability, support, willpower, wholeness, and inner wisdom. This card is very in line with the energies of the Strength card from the Tarot deck. Yes, the Panther is a predator and a very physically stealth and powerful animal, as is the lion in the Strength Tarot card. Remember though, true power comes from being able to stand up for what you believe in and letting others know what you need without forcing another to feel small or like prey. Confidence is power. Using your voice is power. Helping another when no one else will is power. Doing what feels right even when others will judge you as being wrong, is power. Saying NO, is power. Saying YES, is power. Being one with yourself and not allowing another to take advantage of you even when it goes against the grain, is power. Allowing another to be right even when your ego is screaming at you to go to battle, is power. Finding inner peace, joy, and love amidst the chaos of the world, is power. Being YOU even when the world is telling you that being you is wrong, is power. When we become afraid to shine our light because of fear, we are giving away our power. When we go with the crowd even when where the crowd is going FEELS out of alignment with where we WANT to be going, we are giving away our power. Power is EMPOWERMENT, so where can you become more empowered within your own life? Wherever that is, Panther is asking you to reclaim that power NOW. Be YOU. That is exactly what you came here to be after-all. :)

I pulled a crystal to see which Chakra may need some healing/ balancing this month for the collective and the Amethyst came out. The Amethyst can represent the Crown Chakra. When balanced, the Crown Chakra is our access to higher states of consciousness and universal bliss. When there is blockage, you can feel disconnected from spirit or a sense of cynicism in the world. You may be too much "in your head" or perhaps you may be closed minded to certain things. Some great ways to heal or balance this chakra is through meditation, breathwork, aromatherapy, journal activities, and spending quiet time outside in the sunlight reading or doing puzzles (something quiet and peaceful. :) )You may also try to listen to others with an open mind and without judgement to see if your perspective changes in anyway. If you are feeling disconnected from Source, you may need to do some gentle balancing of this chakra to reopen the lines of communication and reconnect to the universal bliss that is waiting for you to tap back into it. :)

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Kim :)