May 2020 Universal "9" Month Energy Forecast

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Decks used: Traditional Tarot and The Animal Spirit Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Universal 9 Month | May 2020: With May being a 9 energetically charged month we will have an opportunity to face some of the challenges, as well as some of the triumphs, this energy brings. Nine energy is love in action; it encourages forgiveness, balance, and humanitarianism. When out of balance you will find pessimism, selfishness, aggression and judgment at the forefront. In May, we may all have an opportunity to face these shadow sides of ourselves and through introspection as well as facing some of the fears and challenges that arise head on, we may have an opportunity to move into alignment with the positive charge of this energy as well. You may find that you have instances surface where in the past you may have quickly jumped to judgement of self or another, however now you may feel the pull to explore WHY you feel this way. This exploration may lead you into choosing a perspective that is less judgmental into one of being more open minded and accepting, which serves everyone more harmoniously. You may find that you have an opportunity to show up selflessly to others in a more humanitarian way whether that is giving of resources or giving of your time and compassion. This month is a great month to take a step back and begin to recognize the interconnection of ALL.

Nine energy can also bring about completion. Something coming to an end to make way for something better and more aligned with the light and loving energies of the nine. So, those things that are no longer serving your highest good may fall away at this time. This may be through Divine intervention or through your own awakening and awareness of the need to make some final changes so that you can begin to show up within your life the way that feels much more aligned. We always have the choice in how we will show up to an energy and how we will allow it to serve us. You can choose to continue to show up in a pessimistic, judgmental, unforgiving way, however, with that choice also comes the experiences associated with that choice. When we understand this then we move out of victim-hood into the understanding that we always have choices. We can also choose to shift from those lower vibe energies into more higher frequency ones. There are also challenges associated with this shift and when we choose to make this shift, we must understand that we invite in the challenges that will help us to accomplish the adjustment we are attempting to make. What is best for us is not always what is easiest. As this month unfolds, try to be aware of these energies of the 9 as they arise. Because this is a Universal energy, the entire collective will be feeling it in one way or another. We may see this energy play out on the global stage in a very distinct way. Again, the challenges that come up are simply surfacing to shed light on where we are not showing up in our highest frequency and the Universe is helping us to make that shift through those experiences and challenges. Try to be mindful of how you CHOOSE to show up to the experiences that show up for you this month. Rabbit Spirit has arrived to say "Now is a lucky time". What immediately came in with this energy is the feeling of gratitude and feeling lucky and blessed to have the people, things, and experiences that we have right now, in this moment, within our lives. Even if those people, things, experiences are challenging or difficult. It becomes more about being able to find gratitude in ALL experiences, not only the ones that match our desires. To find understanding in that the Universe will always send us exactly what and who we need to be able to overcome whatever we are facing but also to help us to find our JOY. Can you find gratitude within your life at this moment or are you persistent in only allowing yourself to find it when what you want actually shows up? Happiness and joy are available to you right now, in this moment. You don't have to wait for it to come to you. YOU can create it and allow it to embrace you. No matter what is happening around you try to pause for a moment and seek out the golden nuggets that are shining all around you waiting to be seen. Take a pause from the bigger picture long enough to notice the smaller details and the gifts that lie within those details. There is always something beautiful to take away from each moment of our lives, even the ones where we have to try our hardest to find them. No matter what is happening at this moment, NOW is ALWAYS a lucky time! Looking over the energies of the month it appears that an opportunity may present itself early on for us to choose kindness over the need to be right. The need to be right or win at all costs is one of the lower energies of the 9 which enhances that competitive spirit to an extreme degree. When we choose to go down this road and winning becomes the ultimate trophy, no matter what we have to do to achieve it, we often end up losing or severely altering the relationships we have with those we were so strongly competing against. This may be a time where we will be asked whether we will will choose kindness and compassion or if we will choose selfishness and Ego. When the energy of the 9 is well balanced you will find that your choices and actions are driven from the heart center and the Ego then serves to aid in the logistics to help bring those decisions to life. There becomes a healthy balance. However when we fall into the lower frequencies of the 9 energy, there is a lot more Ego dominance and interactions become much more focused on the "I" and what serves you and you alone. Remember, the highest frequency of the 9 energy is that of humanitarianism which is focused on the ALL. You may find at this time you have opportunities to choose to respond to a situation in either a high or low frequency and yes, you always get to choose. Next we have the Six of Wands appearing which is really a much lighter energy and one that signifies showing up in love and being received in love. You may find that some form of loving recognition is coming in for you at this time, or you may have an opportunity to shower another in genuine love and support. There is a sense of coming together and supporting ourselves as well as those around us. You may have the opportunity to lead others in an uplifting cause that in turn helps many. Whatever this is will not be something that is meant to be done alone but rather something where you will need to lead alongside of others and find value in their contributions to the cause. Without them, your vision or goal will not bring the same level of satisfaction that it could if you choose to work with others in a way where there is a coming together in order to move towards a shared goal. There is a sense of coming together and working together at this time. As we begin to move towards the end of the month we see completion energy coming in. This may be a time for some where we are being asked to release the people, places, and/or things that simply no longer serve us on our journey. This could be a relationship you have with others or it could be a relationship you have with yourself. Whatever it is, you may find that the suffering around this experience has become enough that you are now willing to release its grip on you and move into a direction that feels more nourishing and positive for you. This is an opportunity to remember Rabbit Spirit and not forget to turn around so that you don't lose sight of the beautiful gems that are still within your life and helping you move forward. Remember, even when it feels bad it isn't ALL bad. Where will you choose to place your focus at this time? Honor the feelings that come up for you around this release and try to find respite in those sweet little lucky moments that are just waiting to be recognized. At this time, try to work towards acceptance and surrender when it comes to releasing whatever this is that is holding you back from reaching your highest vibration. You are clearing the way for something much more satisfying to come in. The energy of the King of Cups brings this month to a closure and this energy is really asking us to take back control over our emotions. This doesn't mean that we suppress what we are feeling or invalidate the feelings of others, it simply means that we no longer allow our emotions to control us. When we feel the urge to respond in a way that brings more turmoil than tenderness ,or we choose to judge rather than find acceptance, or we react rather than respond to our emotions and the emotions of others, then we are allowing our emotions to control us. The King of Cups is the epitome of compassion and empathy, however he is quite capable of tempering his emotions in a way that best serves him and others. Being on the receiving end of someone who is controlled by their emotions can be quite jolting and often does more harm than good. With the energy of the humanitarian 9 energy circling about, we are being called at this time to embody that energy and truly treat others the way in which we would like to be treated. That can often mean we need to pause before we react/ respond and truly feel into what best serves ourselves and those we are interacting with. We can still feel our emotions to their fullest without spitting them out onto anyone within range. During this time, we may be asked to find more compassion, more kindness, more understanding and acceptance when interacting with others. Honestly though, isn't that what we ourselves wish to receive from another? Here is our opportunity to lead by example.

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