March 2020 Empowerment Reading

Decks used: Traditional Tarot and The Animal Spirit Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

The Universal 7 Month of March 2020

This month holds the opportunity to be a bridge between the cosmic energy and the natural plane. You may find that you have opportunities to really feel into your intuition and to TRUST what you feel over the stories the mind has created. You may have opportunities this month to drop the need to please others and choose to stand within your own power and go after what makes YOUR heart sing as opposed to suppressing your own needs for the needs and desires of others. Let March be the month where you take those incredible inspirations and work towards creating something tangible in the physical reality. Something that feels authentically YOU even if it is so far outside of the box of societal conditioning that others are quick to try and dissuade you is what you are meant to explore further this month! Sometimes standing within your own truth can mean you are standing alone for a bit, but that is OK and it won't be that way forever. The only "buy in" that you need is your own; to follow YOUR dreams and vision. Find ways to really partner with Source in March and trust that the insight and inspiration you are receiving is coming in for a reason. You have all of the tools you need to be the bridge between Source and the Earth plane, so what are you waiting for? Work towards being less skeptical of what you KNOW within to be true and begin the journey of bringing your inner knowing into the light and into the world. With this being a 7 Universal Month, many will find their intuition coming up strongly asking to be acknowledged and trusted. You have all of the answers to what you are searching for and your soul is trying to give them to you through your intuition. Let this be the month you pay attention in a big way!

Brown Bear is coming out of hibernation for a moment to share the over arching energy of the month. Bear is asking us to "take time out" to get reacquainted with ourselves and to lean into our inner knowing and to learn to trust it more. A big energy of the 7 has to do with spending time alone and with Self to really learn to trust oneself and speak your truth. To really nurture that sixth sense we all have. We spend so much time focused on the other five senses that often times we over look one of the most important tools we have been gifted with, our BEING and inner-knowing. The intuition. It is always good to find a healthy balance between socializing, meeting new people, doing new things, and catching up with old friends and family. However, there is also the call to take the time for inner-reflection and becoming one with the present moment. It is can be really difficult to be present and hear our inner voice if the voice in our head is too loud or our human-self is too busy. When you feel yourself pulled into a million different directions this month or feel like you are answering to too many people, hit the pause button. Allow your self-care this month to be about really nurturing self and finding your own inner balance. Those that have your best interest at heart will understand without the need for justification or explanation. It is when we quiet the mind that some of the greatest insight and messages come in for us.

The Star card showing up first thing for the month really reiterates that calling for us to step up and be the bridge between our higher-self and our lower-selves. You can make all of your greatest wishes come true but in order to do that, you have to show up. You have to do something with the ideas and the inspirations that come in for you. There may be opportunities this first week of the month to really dive in deep to figure out what you actually want and then allow the inspirations to come in for you on the steps to get there. Remember that the Universe always has your back, so even if the ideas seem way out of your comfort zone, you are always being set up for success. Explore each idea and inspiration to see what fits and what doesn't and then continue to build towards your biggest dreams and vision. Keep your feet grounded but reach for the stars this week! None of your big ideas and wishes for the future can happen without some effort from you. Remember, you are the conduit between Source and the physical. Without you, none of your dreams can come true. You may feel really guided and in sync at the beginning of the month. Really run with that energy and you will be surprised at what beautiful things you can bring into your reality.

Next, we have the Two of Pentacles. You may find yourself to be really busy this second week of the month and you may feel pulled in a lot of directions. This is your cue to look within and re-evaluate your commitments and your "obligations". Yes, we need to be aware and respectful of our responsibilities, but we also need to be aware and respectful of what we need in order to be able to show up in a healthy way to those responsibilities. Not only for ourselves, but for others. Try to find balance this week between your social life and your self-care. If you are constantly giving and doing for others but failing to take time for yourself to regenerate and listen to your inner voice, then you will feel out of balance. No one is saying that you should become a hermit, that is an unnecessary extreme as well. The key this week is to find that much needed balance between being busy, and being still. Between doing for others and doing for Self. Between compromise and standing in your power for what you need. You may find opportunities come in this week that challenge you to remember that your number one responsibility and obligation is to make sure that you are whole before you try to help lift others on their journey.

Very much in line with the energy of the 7 is the call for rest, solitude, contemplation, and inner-reflection. Be sure to find time this week, as often as possible, to spend some time alone in silence and presence. So many of the answers to the questions you are seeking can be found within. The quickest way to find them is through silencing the frantic dialog of the mind and quieting the stories your Ego keeps telling you. Dig in deep this week into your inner knowing and see how many thing are different from what you have been telling yourself (Ego) and what you KNOW to be true (Being) through your intuition and inner self. The Ego/mind will take us down many rabbit holes, often times for years at a time, if we allow it to. It only takes a second to FEEL the truth of something within. Yet, for some reason, we have been conditioned to follow the mind and its aimless wanderings rather than trust in the deep, inner knowing of our being which ironically ALWAYS shows us the truth of the matter. This week try to make an effort to quiet the mind, and spend some time with your own heart center. Where do the differences lie between what you have told yourself you want and what you actually FEEL that you want? Now then, which will you allow to lead you forward?

Often times when we follow our own guidance and truth, we will meet resistance from others. These individuals are not out to get us necessarily but they happen to be some of our greatest teachers. Rather than taking their opposition or judgment as personal, try to see it for what it is which is an opportunity to go within as a checkpoint to make sure that you are on the path that is right for YOU. It would be nice if people would stay in their own lane when it comes to our dreams and desires, but again, if we never faced resistance or challenges when it came to pursuing our vision then we would be missing the checks and balances that it takes to stay in alignment. If you go within this month and become very clear on the next steps of your journey and you are met with resistance, rather than take it personal or become offended or aggressive over the resistance, show gratitude. Gratitude for the teaching of the other. Not in their words necessarily, but in the action of reminding you to go within once more and trust the truth of YOUR inner-knowing. If you drop your vision because others disagree with you or judge you, then there lies some deeper work to do before you are ready to follow your true vision to begin with. You will continue to be challenged on this until you finally go within, trust your inner-knowing, and move forward in confidence regardless of whether you have no one behind you or a million people behind you. Use the lessons and the resistance you may face this week as a reminder of this. Onward and upwards my friends!! xo

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Kim :)