Libra 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Libra 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | The Fool

January is the beginning of the calendar year and it brings with it a surge of new energy for you Libra! You may have the urge to get out and explore. Maybe you will book a trip to a far off land or take an impromptu vacation to get away and experience something new. You may decide to have a "stay-cation" and maybe take an online course or work with a healer to expand your mind and your soul. :) However this comes in for you this energy is all about trying something new and having an open mind to new experiences. Step out of that box and play in the dirt a bit. This new adventure holds the potential for a lot of joy and much needed time to get re-acquainted with yourself. For some of you, you may be starting completely fresh this year. Perhaps a lot fell away in 2019 and the beginning of 2020 finds you building a new foundation and empire. :) Take your time and enjoy the process, no need to rush. You enter this year with a lighter load to carry and feeling ready to take on the world! Well, what are you waiting for? GO! :)

February | King of Pentacles

News about your finances could come in this month. You may need to make sure you are balanced when it comes to what you have coming in and what you have going out. If you have been spending excessively, you may want to see where you can curb that for a little bit so that you can get back to feeling more balanced. For some of you this month is all about abundance and offers coming in that were not expected but that will make you very happy! This could be an offer to partner with someone in a new business or to collaborate and share ideas that will eventually grow into something quite profitable. You may need to ask for a loan this month to buy a car or a home and the energy around getting a good offer is great! There is this feeling of you investing in something that will continue to grow in profit for you, which is a fantastic way to kick off the year. For others of you, this is all about getting that promotion you have been seeking or asking for and being granted a nice raise or perhaps your business that you started last year is finally starting to see some revenue. Good news for finances this month, Libra!

March | Strength

There may be something that comes up for you in March that is asking you to pull from your inner strength. You may need to set your differences aside with someone and meet in the middle. You will be called upon to be the bigger person in this relationship. That usually comes somewhat easy for Libra, so do what you do best this month. Try to avoid conflict with others this month and allow the relationship to flow without the need to be right when possible. Unless there is absolutely something worth fighting for, choose peace over harshness. There may be some difficult news that comes in for some of you that you will need to make some choices about. Whatever you decide is the right answer, is most definitely the right answer for you in this moment. You can always pivot later if you need to. So feel into whatever this is and make your decision from your heart space rather than one based out of fear. There is nothing to fear here, just a change in direction that will help guide you to your next best thing. This doesn't feel like a heavy energy, just one that will ask you to look within and do what is right over what is convenient and leaving you feeling unfulfilled. You will know what to do when the time is right.

April | Two of Pentacles

This month finds you busy, busy, busy. You may feel like you are juggling a million things at once and you may feel pulled in a million different directions. Try to take some of the pressure off of yourself this month. If one of the balls drop, don't worry, you will be able to pick it up and quickly get back into the flow. Where are you putting too much pressure on yourself this month? Is there somewhere that you can let the air out a bit? Months like these it is extra important to schedule time DAILY for self-care. Even if it is just for a few minutes at a time. Do not forget about yourself this month as you juggle life and the expectations of others and yourself. Where can you find some balance this month? Try not to burn out or all of the balls will drop and that will be frustrating for you. The key is to find balance this month and to try to get to a place where amidst the chaos around you, you are able to find that inner calm. Also, don't be afraid to delegate if you can! Let go of some of the control and trust those around you to be able to carry some of the load for you. Do your really need to be doing everything yourself or are you forcing yourself to? Maybe re-evaluate and allow yourself some breathing room this month.

May | The Hermit

Take some time this month to spend with yourself. Go within for the answers that you have been seeking. This month is all about reconnecting to your Higher Self and to Source for clarification and guidance. You have all of the answers within, you just have to take the time to go within to find them. This is a month where you may want to lay low and focus on what you really want moving forward. This month is a check point of sorts. Are you happy in your current relationship, job, location, and so on? Where might adjustments need to be made? When we settle we can become stagnant and then our soul grows restless and we can start to feel frustration or anxiety. If there is something in your life that needs a major overhaul, this month might bring that to light for you. Life is about change and growth so if there is a place where that isn't happening within your life then it's time to look at how you can help to facilitate that within that area of your life. You know what to do, you just need to ask yourself the questions and then look within for the answers. Once you have the answers then you can start to take the first steps.

June | Three of Swords

Come June, for some of you, some rather challenging news may come in. This could be the end of a relationship or the end of a job or career that you recently held. Whatever this is, there is an ending here that you will need to work through. Endings are rarely easy but they are something we all have to go through to help us build our inner strength and character. Whatever this is for you, Libra, you will overcome it and come out the other end even more incredible. It may take time, but that is OK. Make the time to honor whatever comes up for you and to work through those feelings. Perhaps you will find a way to find the good in whatever challenging event comes in for you. If you can tap into your optimism through this time then it will allow you to move through this more comfortably. Not to worry, sweet Libra, come July the clouds part and you are once again in the spotlight and being praised. :)

July | Six of Wands

Happiness and Joy! Whatever you have been working on so hard has gained you a tremendous amount of recognition and praise! You are in the spotlight this month and people are really taking notice of your contributions. Congratulations! This wasn't necessarily an easy road getting here but it is well deserved and hopefully it will give you the added encouragement to keep moving forward. This is a beautiful energy for you Libra. Your peers are applauding you and your efforts so enjoy the praise. You are absolutely worthy and earned every bit of it! You can absolutely let it go to your head, for a little bit, and then it's back down to Earth for you. There is plenty left to do! :)

August | Three of Pentacles

Whatever praise came in for you last month definitely got the attention of some important people. This month you may find that new contracts are coming in, new clients, or a promotion. You may find you are offered a new opportunity to work with people in a way that is fulfilling and satisfying for you. Go for it! This is also a nice reminder to make sure that you are in balance body, mind, and spirit. Is this work that feeds your soul and makes you feel good? Are you speaking your truth and asking for what you need to be successful in this work? Don't over compromise here Libra. Ask for what you need in order for you to feel successful. Asking for what you need, authentically, encourages a level of respect from others. Don't sell yourself short by being too humble. There will be an opportunity to work in a team environment or as part of a community this month and that will feel good for you. A beautiful energy of abundance and working together towards a common goal this month.

September | King of Wands

You may find yourself seeking inspiration from the past this month. Perhaps something you were working on recently or earlier within the year has resurfaced for your review. You may find that upon further reflection a new spark of passion or inspiration comes through. If so, run with this energy! This may be something that didn't feel like the right timing before but now has resurfaced with all of the information needed to begin working on it. This could be purpose related or may have to do with a relationship. Perhaps there is a friendship that has now blossomed into something more. Whatever this is for you, it is something that is showing up to be revisited. Take the time to explore whatever this is and see if you can work it into your life in the present. If it feels good, then that is a YES! The Universe is all about Divine Timing. So you may be surprised that this is showing up now. Try to be open to whatever this is and enjoy the process of seeing how things unfold.

October | Ten of Cups

Happiness, joy, abundance, and celebration are the themes for this month, Libra! Everything feels as though it is falling into place and where you may have felt like you were struggling a bit in the past, this month is all about gratitude for the wonderful things that have found their way to you. There is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, to play and enjoy your inner child. Put any stress aside and bask in the happiness that wants to surround you this month. If you are having a difficult month this month then that is an indication that you might be on the wrong track and that you need to go within to find what needs some adjustment. We always have access to our own inner reserves of peace, love and joy but this month it seems to be coming at you from all angles! Sit back and enjoy every bit of it. If your calendar is filling up quickly and you can't imagine how you could possible make time for joy this month, re-evaluate and find a way. There is always time for joy, you just have to find a way to allow it in. :)

November | Page of Pentacles

A new offer comes in for you this month and it could be the missing link you have been looking for. This could be an offer coming in for you, or you could be making an offer to someone else. This feels business/purpose related, however, it could have to do with a relationship as well. You may be getting ready to launch a new business idea this month or to partner with someone on something that will benefit you both. You may also be looking to purchase a new car or a piece of property as well. If you can wait until mid-November when Mercury is well beyond it's retrograde that would be advised when it comes to purchasing a big item like that. However, go with whatever comes in for you. You may just be in the planning stages now as far as what you want to purchase and how you wish to build upon it. Take your time. Whatever this is will be with you for some time. For some of you this could be an offer for a new job or a change in your current job that would result in a pay increase. If it feels in line with your mind, body, and soul then go for it!

December | Judgement

This month could have a "rise of the Phoenix" feel to it. You could feel more like yourself than you have ever felt in your entire life. What a great way to feel as we end the calendar year and prepare for 2021! For some of you, you are being asked to revisit a relationship or a situation that perhaps you did not handle with the most kindness possible. Is there an opportunity for you to say you are sorry and start to rebuild on something that at one time was very special to you? If this is about a relationship, what are you hoping to get out of the relationship? What is the other person hoping to get? Are the two of you aligned? If so, then it could be worth opening up the lines of communication there and seeing how things unfold. You are being asked to drop any false personas or masks you may have been wearing up to this point. Are you presenting your most authentic self to the world? To yourself? Stand in your authenticity and be YOU. Even if others don't understand why or how or what. They don't have to buy into you, but you do. :) This is a call to fully stand in all of your TRUE glory and embody every bit of yourself that you came here to be. No more trying to please others or conforming to how others think you should be. This life is about YOU. The only way it can be about you is if you live your most authentic life by being yourself. It sounds cliche, but if you have been feeling caged in or silenced, it is time to break free and shine! What a great time to start and a magnificent way to make a grand entrance into 2021!! :)