Leo 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Leo 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | Judgement

January has an energy around it for you, Leo, of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Whatever you struggled with in 2019 you are now seeing yourself and the world in a different light and it is allowing you to shine in the most magnificent way! It wasn't an easy road to get here but sit down, take a breather, and acknowledge how far you have come. You will be happy that you put in so much effort last year so that this year can really ring true to who you are and your vision moving forward. This is really a beautiful energy, embrace it! For some of you, you are being asked to sit with forgiveness and offer that to someone who may have wronged you significantly in the past. Even if that person does not become a part of your life again (some relationships are meant to fall away once they have served their purpose) you are still being asked to release any anger or bitterness you hold towards that person for whatever happened. That isn't to say you wake up one day and just say, OK! I forgive you! Forgiveness has to be felt. When you can think of that person without being triggered in a negative way and no longer wish them any ill will, then you have truly forgiven them. Not only does this help to clear any karmic debts, it also helps YOU live a life more harmonious and in tune with your own inner light. If this is resonating with you and you have someone you can relate this to, then January asks you to start the process of true forgiveness. You will know when you have reached this point because you will feel so much lighter. Release and be free. :)

February | Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is very fast moving energy and brings with it sudden, unexpected change or information coming in that was not expected. Answers you have been seeking may come in quickly this month and that information will allow you to move forward in a very rapid way, unlike 2019 where things felt a little slow moving at times for you. This month you will be given information quickly and you will need to act fast! You can still follow your intuition with whatever choices or decisions you need to make at this time. Try not to overthink things this month, whatever you immediately FEEL when being presented with something is often a good indicator of which way your soul wants to move. With the Knight of Swords, this also represents YOUR energy, Leo. You are being asked to take action this month. No more stalling! If you have been procrastinating over something recently, this month you are being asked to get up and GO! You may feel very busy this month and things may feel like a whirlwind to you. Don't forget about your own self-care so that you can keep up with the pace. Overall this energy feels very positive and the changes or action you take this month will benefit you greatly in the long term. For some of you these changes may feel a little difficult or uncomfortable at first, but once you lean into it and find your groove you will start to see why these quick changes or actions needed to happen.

March | Three of Wands

For some of you whatever action or changes you initiated in February find you starting to really plan out your course of action for the coming months (and years). You feel ready to expand in a big way on things that you have been working on for some time now. This could be expanding a business and having national or global reach. This could be about exploring and expanding your mind and experiences, or perhaps you feel as though something has run its course in your life and you are ready to start fresh now on a new venture. Whatever comes up for you is definitely guided and you are being encouraged by the Universe to follow your dreams, no matter where they take you. If you are feeling like you need to break free or you feel a little caged in, this is your soul tapping you on the shoulder asking for a new adventure and growth. What areas of your life feel stagnant or what areas have you felt the push to start to grow? For instance if your business is booming in your town and now you are thinking of adding more locations, this is the nudge you have needed to start that process. For relationships, this could be about taking them to the next level. Whatever this is for you, it is an energy about how to expand not only your consciousness but also your physical reality.

April | Ten of Pentacles

April finds you swimming in financial success! If the actual money isn't flowing in right at this moment you can at least see the potential for the coming months for this to be a reality. There is a lot of success for you this month, Leo! And it is so well deserved. You have been putting in so much effort and energy to make your dreams a reality. There is the opportunity for social gatherings this month and more than likely they revolve around celebrating YOU! You are definitely being seen in a big way now. Enjoy the spotlight. For some of you this could be about an inheritance coming in for you, but for the majority of you this feels like abundance in return for your efforts. If you have the opportunity this month to travel to see family or friends who you haven't seen in a long time, this is definitely encouraged. Take a little break this month if you can and try to rejuvenate yourself.

May | The World

The first thing that came to me when I saw this card was that whatever you were expanding on in March has started to be very successful for you (or you can at least see the path to that success very clearly now.) There is the opportunity to feel very supported in May and you may be in a position of leadership this month. There may be many people looking to you for guidance on how to do their work better and you will need to find your own balance here. If you have expanded your business worldwide, then this month really offers you the opportunity to work with individuals from other cultures and collaborate in a very positive and meaningful way. Working as a cohesive team will serve you well this month. For some of you world travel may come up for you this month. If you are being asked to travel for work, or even for pleasure, the energy is there for this to be a beautiful month for that. There is another opportunity for you to pause and review where you are at currently and decide how you would like to move forward. Again, be sure to feel into your decision so that whatever choice you make is one that is in line with your purpose and your Higher Self.

June |The High Priestess

You may find in June that you are receiving many downloads or guidance from Source. You may have more dreams at this time or you may find that there are more synchronizations happening than normal in your day to day life. If you are feeling disconnected to Source, then this is a call to get back into whatever practice works for you that you might be neglecting. Pay attention to these subtle messages as they are helping to guide you forward. Be sure to also ground yourself this month especially. The connection to the cosmos and Source will be strong and you will need to work extra hard at staying grounded and present all while keeping the lines of communication open to your Higher Self and your guides. There may be an opportunity for you to help guide others this month by showing them extra support and kindness. There is the possibility of a new opportunity presenting itself to you that makes your soul sing and feels completely in line with your purpose. It may not be clear on the steps you need to take just yet, but you will have a knowing that this is something that needs further exploration. This is a beautiful opportunity to turn dreams into reality and into something physical. Pay extra attention to what comes in for you this month, Leo. There are treasures waiting to be planted so that they can grow into something magnificent for you and others. You may be asked to really tap into your compassion this month. Shine so brightly that even on the darkest of days others can see the light. :)

July | Seven of Wands

You may feel this month that you are isolated in your opinions or your values. You may feel like it is you against the world. This of course is an illusion and not entirely accurate, however, there are times when we are asked to stand up for what we believe in. Your vision won't be everyone's cup of tea and that's OK. Simply because others can't see what you see doesn't mean that you are on the wrong path or that you should give up. Protect what you have created this month, even if people who don't understand judge you or try to make you feel small. Often times people fear what they don't understand, so help them to understand. If they simply refuse to get on board, then move on. The message from the Universe this month is whatever you do, don't give up. If it feels in line with you and your purpose, then keep moving forward. The only person that needs to buy in right now, is you. True strength comes from standing up for what we believe in when we are the only one in the room standing. Try not to be swayed into giving up simply to please others or conform to the crowd. You may be tested this month to see if this is what you really want. If it is, then protect it. This could have to do with relationships, projects, identity, spirituality, career, you name it. However this comes in for you, you will know and it will be significant. Protect what you have created this month.

August | Knight of Wands

In August, support arrives. Whether this is your soul tribe or the right employees or that one person who just "gets it". They come to stand beside you this month and again you feel supported. Be open to the people you meet even if at first glance they appear to not have anything in common with you. If they are coming into your awareness then they hold some kind of experience for you that is important, so be open. You may receive new inspiration this month. Perhaps the piece you have been missing. It may come in the form of an idea presented to you by someone else, so again, stay aware of others and what they say. If you work for yourself or from home then perhaps there is a Meetup group that you can join that would allow you to network with others. Last month may have felt a little isolating so this month the energy is flowing and encouraging you to mingle with others and share ideas. Keep the lines of communication open this month!

September | Three of Cups

Time to celebrate this month, Leo! As we welcome in Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, it calls for a little bit of a slower pace and showing extra gratitude for the beautiful things within your life. Something may come in for you this month that will make you want to throw a party and truly celebrate! This could be a marriage proposal, buying a new house, a promotion, having a baby, and so on. You could also be welcoming someone new into your circle of friends. Whatever this is brings with it a light hearten energy that makes you happy. There may be many opportunities for social gatherings this month and if you are invited, then GO! Not only will it be great for networking but you can get in some joy and laughter and take a nice break from the hustle and bustle. If you have the opportunity to reconnect with people you truly enjoy spending time with, this month is a great month to make that happen.

October | Page of Pentacles

For some of you this is a new offer in the physical. So perhaps an opportunity to invest in something, a business proposal, a promotion, a new job offer, or maybe you finally find the perfect apartment and everything falls into place for you to start leasing right away! I am specifically thinking of living in a high rent area but finding the perfect apartment AND it is affordable. That's the kind of energy coming in this month for some of you. This could be YOU making an offer to another. So perhaps you are looking for a roommate and find the perfect match or maybe you are a hiring manager and you find the perfect candidate this month. Whatever this is feels like it just falls into your lap and you just need to sign on the dotted line. How wonderful is that?! Be open to what comes in for you this month as there are lots of opportunities to find a needle within a haystack. :)

November | Six of Wands

Recognition! All eyes are on you this month, Leo, and in a good way! Whatever you have been working on so hard and whatever vision you found yourself protecting back in July, now brings you some welcomed recognition and validation that you are on the right path. If you work for someone, you be on the VPs radar and they acknowledge the great work you have been doing. It is always a nice feeling to receive recognition for things we have put our heart and soul into and this month it appears that is coming in strongly for you. Enjoy the praise and allow it to put some wind in your sails to continue to push you forward. This is your reward for not giving up when things seemed a little gray and you were asked to trust the Universe and your intuition. Well done, Leo!

December | Seven of Pentacles

This year has been all about showing up and taking action. Holding your vision and pushing forward when others couldn't quite see the destination. Here in December you are being asked to have patience. It is almost time for a bountiful harvest to reap the major rewards of all of of your perseverance and dedication. The timing is not quite right just yet, but it is coming. Once again, you are getting the call from the Universe to not give up. You are so close so just keep moving forward and believing in yourself and your vision. Whatever this is, you are now being asked to turn it over to the Universe so that Source can do its part as your Co-creator to yield results. There are other things you can focus on now and move forward on, whatever this is, you have done your part. Now it is up to the Universe. Trust that what shows up is exactly what needs to. When you release this to the Universe, you have to fully release control. Releasing control is NOT giving up. It is part of the process of co-creation. When you continue to control the outcome, you are showing the Universe that you do not trust it to do its work for you and what you end up getting is something a little off. Release. Allow. The Universe has your back and is going to send you exactly what you need at exactly the right time. So in the meantime, turn your focus and energy onto something else so that you are not tempted to try and control the outcome. You can still continue to check in, of course. But don't try to take over. Delegate this part over to the Universe and then trust it to be an exceptional partner. :) Patience is key here. Take this time to enjoy family and friends as we close out the calendar year and prepare for 2021! What an amazing year it has been for you Leo!