June 2020 Universal "1" Month Energy Forecast

Updated: May 31, 2020

Decks used: Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen and The Animal Spirit Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Universal 1 Month | June 2020: June is a 1 Universal Month. During this month, or in recent months, you may have experienced areas within your life where things have come to completion. These endings were part of the process of making room and preparing you for the potential for new beginnings this month. The 1 energy is all about new starts, fresh ideas, new inspirations, and exciting epiphanies.You may find this month that you receive several "Aha" moments that are the missing pieces to the puzzle you have been working on for awhile. These pieces may feel outside of your comfort zone or outside of the comfort zone of others, but if a vision or idea comes in for you this month you are being asked to explore it further. There may be instances where you are being asked to be the visionary within your own life or within circumstances with others and if those inspirations come in for you then you ARE READY to take the lead! Try not to second guess yourself when it comes to pursuing the things that ignite your inner spirit and feel aligned for YOU. The 1 energy can sometimes feel a little isolating at times, but understand that if this comes in for you there is a reason. Perhaps your schedule is being cleared or you are being nudged into some "alone" time so that you can shift your focus onto the things that you would not be able to complete if there was too much outside noise competing for your time and energy. Embrace the gift of independence at this time as you begin to work through and integrate these new beginnings that are trying to come in for you. If you can embrace stepping outside of your comfort zone enough to explore these new ideas then your efforts could pay off very nicely in the long run.

Badger Spirit has come to say "Be fearless and bold!" This is such a perfect energy for a 1 universal month because often times when we are stepping into new beginnings, especially when they are outside of our comfort zone in some way, we really need to embrace the energy of being fearless and bold. It isn't easy to step into or to embrace this energy but it isn't easy to live in fear and keep ourselves small either and the latter does not serve us. Sometimes we have to stand out from the crowd even when we are the only ones standing. That can be intimidating and self-doubt can easily come creeping in. Often times if we allow our thoughts to control our actions rather than allowing our internal compass to guide us, then we retreat back into the energy of trying to fit in and be like everyone else. In turn, keeping ourselves from shining our own unique light. Standing out takes courage and often that is exactly what our souls are asking us to do. When an idea or vision comes in for us, it is unique to us and there is a reason it is coming in at this exact time, directly to us. We are meant to explore it and if it ignites our spirit, then we are meant to take further action on it. Sometimes that means choosing the way that no path has been created for. Sometimes we have to create our own path. This within itself can be challenging, especially when those you love choose a different path. If this energy comes in for you then this is a great opportunity to follow your own intuition rather than allow yourself to be swayed by the judgments or advice of others. Where is your soul trying to lead you? Can you say yes to that calling and be fearless and bold? I think you can! Remember that our soul always knows where it is going and it knows the direction that is most aligned with the highest expression of ourselves. When we follow that compass and that calling then any path we are on is most certainly the "right" path. Even if we are creating the path as we go. June is a month to stand up, stand out, and be fearless and bold!

The beginning of June we have the Three of Pentacles energy. This is directly in line with the energy of the 1 Universal month. You may find that you have more people finding you and seeking out your services or you may have an opportunity to receive a promotion at work. You may find that you have the opportunity to lead alongside of others but now you are the expert when it comes to the work being done. This is a great opportunity to utilize your ingenuity and work together with others in order to achieve whatever vision you are striving for. Ultimately you may find that people are coming to YOU for your expertise and wisdom this week and this is the time to believe in yourself and your capabilities. These people are coming to you for a reason. If self-doubt creeps in, try to take a moment to see within yourself that which others see in you. This work feels very aligned holistically (body, mind, spirit). So, the only thing left is for you to say yes to whatever this opportunity is and to believe in your own wisdom! Be sure to allow your own individuality to shine through as well. You may need to adhere to some rules, but make sure that you are able to bring your own level of creativity to the project or position. This is important when it comes to standing out and standing within your own power. Remember, this isn't a time to make yourself small. Shine, shine, shine!!!

Next we have The Hierophant. During this period you may feel somewhat isolated or the need to go within to reconnect to your own spirituality or Higher Self for guidance. Trust the information that you receive if it feels right to you. This isn't necessarily a time to seek advice from others, but rather to come back to your own inner knowing and truth. Remember when I mentioned about creating your own path? This may be the time where you see this come in. If you have felt disconnected to your higher consciousness, or your own faith, this is a time to reconnect to that level of spirituality. In doing so you will open yourself up to the Divine guidance of your spirit guides and your Higher Self. It is when we are disconnected from ourselves and our own divinity that we begin to seek the answers externally and we lose trust in ourselves. At this time you may find that you are being called to find a way to reconnect to Source, The Divine, and your own higher consciousness as you decide the next steps to take in order to integrate these new beginnings into your life. Whatever works for you to get reconnected to Source is recommended at this time. Open the channels so that a higher level of guidance can come in for you. Your soul is trying to give you the key to open the next door on your journey; you just need to be open to receiving it.

The fast moving energy of the Eight of Wands comes streaming in now. You may find that you are being bombarded with fresh ideas and major "aha" moments during this time. There could be a lot of inspiration coming in for you now and it is up to you what you choose to do with that inspiration. This entire month you could feel the urge to step beyond your comfort zone to experience new things and create something new and exciting! If you try to fight this energy you could feel as if you are moving up stream and struggling. It is when you can align with the flow of the momentum of this energy and be open to whatever comes in for you that you will be able to move forward in leaps and bounds! It isn't always easy to go with the flow, so be kind and gentle with yourself. Understand that sometimes that flow is taking you to places that others may not understand. This is a time to trust your own inner guidance and trust that you are being led exactly where your soul wants to take you. This energy is so fast moving that there may not be time to stop and over analyze. You may have to make quick decisions and this is a perfect opportunity to allow your inner compass to guide you. Our minds are too slow compared to the energy of our souls (intuition) and if we choose to stay within our mind and over-analyze then we may miss the opportunity. Your intuition will show you quickly which way to go, you just have to listen to it and trust it. As things come in quickly for you at this time, the biggest thing to remember is to try and move with the energy the best that you can and trust that you are being led to your next greatest experience.

The end of the month we have The Queen of Cups energy. This isn't surprising given we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st. Cancer is that truly nurturing, mothering, self-care energy of going within and truly feeling your deepest emotions in order to nurture yourself back into more energetic alignment. You may feel hyper-sensitive at this time or you may find things are bubbling up to the surface to be worked through. The key is to allow yourself to FEEL everything that comes up for you so that you can truly honor those emotions. Our feelings are often indicators of where we need to take a closer look at something to see where there is a deficiency or even a surplus of energy occurring. If we feel sadness or hurt or anger, perhaps these are areas where some extra love and care are needed. If we feel the need to be positive all of the time, that could indicate that we are trying to avoid deeper pain by suppressing or deflecting those emotions. The Queen of Cups is emotionally mature energy. She (Divine Feminine energy, gender is not relevant) is able to honor and feel every human emotion that comes up for her without the need to deflect those emotions nor suppress them. She is able to nurture herself and work through each experience and transmute that energy to create space for more aligned energies and growth to come in. She does not feel the need to take her emotions out on others but rather, when these feelings come up she understands they are indicators of something deeper within asking for her attention. You may find during this time that things you thought you had worked through and moved on from, resurface for one final purge. You may find that you are hyper-sensitive to others actions at this time, and again, that hyper-sensitivity is shining a light on where you may have some deeper work to do within. Stepping into the Queen of Cups energy is never easy, but once you do then you will find that you are able to move through similar experiences now that in the past would have derailed you in a more catastrophic way. The Queen of Cups had to do the inner work in order to be able to sit at the throne of her emotional stability and maturity, no one was able to do that for her. You may find at this time you too are being asked to do a bit more of this inner work. Which of course, will continue to move you towards your own throne. :) xo

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