July 2020 Universal "2" Month Energy Forecast

Decks used: Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen and The Animal Spirit Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

July 2020 | Universal 2 Month: Not only is July a 2 Universal month, but it also holds the energy of the Master Number 11 as well. You may find plenty of opportunities to take INSPIRED action this month. Inspiration is key when it comes to working with the energy of the Master Number 11. If you have an opportunity (or if you are able to create one) where you can start to take the steps towards doing something or creating something that not only inspires you, but may inspire others as well, then this is a great month to take a leap of faith! Your inspirations may come to life up front within the spotlight, or quietly behind the scenes. Either are just as important and needed. It isn't always about the most likes or the most notoriety. You don't have to be in the spotlight to make a tremendous difference within your own life and the lives of others. Simply do what inspires YOU and the rest will follow exactly as it is meant to, in Divine time. There may also be opportunities this month to step up as the peacekeeper in situations around you. The energy of the 2 is about finding balance and seeing eye to eye as much as possible. You may be called to heal relationships with others at this time, or if the relationship has served its purpose then you may be asked to find forgiveness around the situation so that you can move forward as lightly as possible. Inspiration can be difficult to find when it is clouded by healing within that needs to take place first. July is asking for us to have an open mind and an open heart and to surrender to the changes that we can not control. To find grace within the shifts and understanding when it comes to others who hold different perspectives and experiences from us. Finding peace may mean removing yourself from the toxicity entirely, and that is OK. Whatever feels right and good for you, is what you should explore. What I am feeling strongly is to mention the reminder that there is always more to the story than meets the eye, so as often as possible this month, pay close attention to what you FEEL before taking action.

Snake Spirit has come out to say, "This is a time to heal". This is very in line with the energy of the 2 because healing must take place before forward movement (in a healthy way) can take place. If we continue to carry the baggage and burdens of past experiences with us then eventually we will become so bogged down that we may find it difficult to move in any direction at all. Again, inspiration is light and high vibe. If it is stifled by lower vibe energies such as anger, hatred, and self-doubt then we find ourselves feeling stagnant or that our lives don't hold purpose or true meaning. We must first move through the hurt and the emotions that we are feeling that are not serving us and find a way to heal that energy. When we can sit with and feel those emotions and express them in a way that allows us to transmute that negativity then we allow ourselves to expand and grow exponentially. Often times, we suppress those feelings that don't feel "good" to us because who wants to experience pain? However, suppression only delays the resurfacing. And yes, it will resurface. Experiences may find you this month that trigger some kind of emotional surge within you that is shining a light exactly to where there is some healing left to be done. You always have the choice in how you will work with this energy, but perhaps this month you can choose to acknowledge and move through those feelings so that you can begin to experience what is on the other side of them. When these feelings come up for you and you want to suppress them so that you don't have to FEEL them, remember the energy of the 2. You can not find balance within an extreme. It is the extremes within your life that may surface for some healing this month.

The first card out for the month is the Queen of Wands! I love this energy and it really pairs well with the 11/2 energy for July. The Queen of Wands is that Divine Feminine (NOT gender specific) energy of CREATION. This is master level energy. Everything this energy touches grows and flourishes because it is driven by INSPIRED action. Through the stillness comes the inspiration and the Queen of Wands uses her strength and inner magic to follow her inner guidance as she creates within the physical what she wishes to see. This energy is reiterating the energy of the master number 11 this month, giving you permission to follow the inspiration and inner guidance that comes in for you to explore even if those around you can't see your vision, just yet. It takes strength and courage to be a visionary and to move from a place of inspiration over obligation. Where might you have been showing up out of obligation where there is zero spark or joy or excitement for what you are doing? You may feel the pull this month to start taking steps, even baby steps, to move towards something more in line with your soul. Pay close attention to the ideas and inspirations that come in for you at the beginning of the month! They are coming in for a reason and they are begging to be explored.

Next we have the Page of Swords which is bringing the energy of positive changes. These changes feel aligned with the truth within. You may find that at the beginning of the month inspiration finds you and you choose to follow the calling of your soul and take that inspired action! Where the Queen of Wands receives and interprets the downloads and the vision to be able to give guidance on the direction, the Page of Swords is all about action! The beginning of the month may be more for contemplation and reflection around whatever comes in for you, however, then we are straight into action with the Page of Swords. Notice how he is looking back to the Queen of Wands for direction and guidance? I love this symbolism because it speaks to the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within. For this action to be most aligned with our purpose, it must be INSPIRED action. If you feel lost or not sure of which direction to move into then that is the call to stop and go within. What is your inner guidance telling you? Have you moved from inspiration back to obligation? Where are you feeling the greatest pull from within? You may have the opportunity at this time to take action in a way that best serves you and your purpose. What will you CHOOSE to do?

Then we have the Eight of Pentacles and if you have taken that inspiration at the beginning of the month and chosen to take action stemming from that inspiration, then you may find yourself at this time working on something that truly speaks to you and that you feel excited to be contributing towards. The Eight of Pentacles is also master level energy. Where are you being called to be the expert at something that really ignites your passion? Where are you choosing to spend your precious energy? Do you spend it doing something you love and that makes you happy? Do you invest it into the people and experiences that offer you the most aligned exchange of energy? Or, do you spend it doing what you have been told you are "supposed" to do and are you showing up out of obligation for another? Do you find yourself constantly having to lower your own vibration or make yourself small in order to meet another? You get to choose how you will spend your energy. Will you choose to become the expert at something that fills your heart or something that depletes you? This doesn't only have to be around career or vocation, this can also have to do with relationships. You are being called to revisit (and perhaps heal) where you are actively showing up and spending your precious energy on things that either serve your highest good and the highest good of others, or the opposite. Once again, you may be asked to find balance. Where can you incorporate more things into your day that actually bring you joy and fulfillment? Where can you choose to release the people within your life that are only bringing negativity into your experience? This release can be done with Unconditional Love and can be done in a healthy manner. We do not have to accept the negativity of others. Perhaps you may find the call to honor yourself and your precious energy at this time and set those healthy boundaries. This is important. YOU are important.

Lastly, we have The Fool. Perhaps at the end of the month you have an opportunity to take a new journey or adventure. Maybe you decide that you are going to chase after your dreams even after you have invested so much time into somebody else's vision. If you can sit with the feelings that come up for you this month and the potential for healing, then by the end of the month you may feel much lighter and armed with fresh new perspectives that allow you to move forward in a way that encourages you to express yourself and show up for yourself much more aligned with YOUR purpose. Remember when I said that this month would be an opportunity for some deep healing so that you can release that baggage that might be holding you back from following your greatest dreams? Well, notice the Unicorn and what he is carrying with him? The only "luggage" he has is something so light that he can carry it with his mouth! This month you may be asked to release the heaviness and the overwhelming burdens that feel like a ton of bricks on your soul so that your continued journey can be light and free. This kind of healing takes time, so you may need to continue the work much beyond July. However, this is a perfect time to start. Where within your life do you feel stagnant? Where within your life do you lack inspiration or excitement? Joy? Peace? These are all things that nobody else can give TO you. They are all things that come from YOU. Perhaps as you move into August you will find yourself on an exciting new adventure to find them within yourself. :) We have often been conditioned to undervalue and underestimate our potential and worth. Understand that your Soul knows your infinite potential and worth and will continue to lead you into it. When we stop fighting it and surrender to the wisdom of our own higher consciousness, then we release the shackles that keep us small and stuck. Even if it scares you a little, if you have the opportunity to try something new and exciting this month and it feels good to you, say YES!

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