July 2019 General Intuitive Reading for The Collective

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Top deck used: Universal Waite Tarot Deck, bottom deck used: After Tarot

With the eclipses in July (solar eclipse in Cancer 7/2, lunar eclipse in Capricorn 7/16) much will be illuminated for your review. You may have some in-congruence between what your soul is pulling you towards and where your ego would like to keep you. There are no wrong choices because all paths lead to your destination, however, leave the fear and the worry behind you and ALLOW for this full moon on the 16th to illuminate your next steps. You will have a deep knowing of what is right for YOU regardless of what others may say or how they might react. I feel like this month is more about going within so there really isn’t much of a need to ask for others opinions at this time because only you know what feels right for you. Others will offer new perspectives and guidance, but right now feels like a time where that guidance should come from within. Listen to both sides of your own story, from your higher self and from your ego and see what FEELS like the best path for you as a whole at this time.

With the Ace of Wands and the Two of Pentacles reversed (I don’t normally read reversals unless I feel called to and this message was pretty clear so I kept the reversals) the message is, yes you will have a choice to make and yes you will need to balance some things within your life. There will also be guided inspiration coming to you from the divine in the form of a new idea or something that feeds your passions. However, don’t rush into action and don’t make choices out of haste, especially with Mercury retrograded this month. You won’t have all of the answers just yet. You are very close, with the 9 of cups appearing because you have been sitting with your emotions for sometime and pondering what to do, but again, you may not have all of the answers just yet. I feel like the missing puzzle pieces will be revealed to you as we enter into August 2019. So, for now, take note of what comes in and sit with it for a bit. Become comfortable with the information and start to think about how you will use that information for your highest good. You will be ready to take action sometime next month.

With the Justice card, information will be forthcoming this month that will unveil a resolution to a past concern involving money. If you were waiting on a decision on a legal situation for something you have been dealing with for some time, I feel like a resolution will be coming in for many of you in July. This really feels like closure to something that has been dragging on from the past and not a new situation. So, this message will only be for some of you.

For many of you, with the Ace of Swords, the message has been delivered and the falcon has returned. This feels like a message that you sent to someone and it could have been a difficult conversation/message or some necessary truth that you needed to share in order to set up some boundaries. It may have ruffled some feathers (no pun intended) but the message has been delivered and received. Know that whatever becomes of that relationship, is meant to be. The important piece is that you stood within your own power and refused to be controlled by another’s actions. This is a good thing; it shows that you fully recognize your own worth and the desire to be heard and respected. Well done!

The Fool card shows some of you taking the leap of faith but also becoming distracted and maybe not being quite ready to fully let go of something or leave something or someone behind yet. You know you need to continue on your journey, but something is holding you back from letting go completely. July is a great month with many opportunities to fully re-evaluate your journey and look deeper to see what is really holding you back. What loose ends need to be tied up and completed for you to be able to finally let go and move forward? What are you holding on to that you don’t feel ready to let go of yet? Maybe this is part of the balancing act or the choices you have to eventually make. Don’t feel shame over this, perhaps the timing just isn’t right yet. You will know when it is. Just be sure that what is holding you back isn’t fear. If it is, then take the time this month to face those shadows and release them. Fear will hold us in place when there is nothing left for us to learn or gain from the situation. We then get to a point where we are simply stalling. Take the time to face the fear, or whatever else gives you a charge this month (especially around the lunar eclipse) and get to the root of that fear so that you can finally release it and continue on with your magnificent journey!

The Salamander appearing with the Ace of Wands represents a test you will be asked to complete. New inspiration will come in and you will feel the pull to follow that inspiration but there will also be some emotional challenges that you will need to face and conquer. The test feels more like a lesson in faith within yourself and your higher power. You will also be asked to face those emotions that are holding you back from fully pursuing what you feel called to pursue. It doesn’t have to be a difficult lesson or anything to be afraid of. Often times we will be faced with challenges along the path of our passions to determine if what we are pursuing is what we truly want and what is best for us at this time.

Overall, July feels like a month to re-evaluate our path while gathering all of the information we need in order to make the best decision to move forward come August. There could be a lot of inner work and working through any shadows or past hurts or fears that come up for you this month. What within you is holding you back from your best life? Once you know the answer to that you can begin to work through those obstacles. Don’t forget to find your own sunshine and flowers this month. Yes, there is a lot of work to do but there is also plenty of time to play and laugh and ENJOY the journey. Try not to get too caught up in the emotions or the work that you lose sight of the beauty that is all around you. Perhaps take a page out of The Fool’s book and stop to smell those flowers along the way. I hope it is a great month for all of you!

I pulled a crystal to see which chakra needs some attention this month, collectively, and I pulled Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra. This is all about creation and sexuality. Where are you blocking your creative energy or where do you feel shame associated with sex? Or is this chakra over active for you at this time? If it is blocked you may be feeling detached from your emotions or from those around you. If it is overactive, you may be feeling emotions very strongly or feel a neediness towards others that can translate into co-dependency. The Sacral Chakra is our life force energy, so the goal is to keep it clear and flowing. Located in our lower abdomen it is our emotional center. There are many ways to balance this chakra and really it is about finding what works for you. Some ideas are meditation, yoga, crystal work, dancing (yes, that’s right! Dance, dance, dance!), envisioning a warm orange healing light radiating through this chakra and balancing it , and of course, acknowledging and releasing pent up emotions or tension. If you feel like you could use some balancing within this area there are many guided meditations on YouTube as well as endless amounts of information via a Google search and it is worth the research! Happy balancing. :)

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Kim :)