January 2020 Empowerment Reading

Decks used: Universal Waite Tarot Deck; The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid

January 2020 Empowerment Tarot Reading

We begin the new decade having achieved a sense of independence or a yearning to re-claim our own independence in some way. There is often a misconception that you can't be independent and experience an exchange of love at the same time. On the contrary, it is when we realize our own independence and our own magnificence that we are able to fully see our worth and value. It opens the gateway for not only self-love, but also the ability to love others in the most authentic way possible. It is when we attach or cling to others to show us who we are that we lose our independence and we lose sight of who we are as well as the potential of who we came here to be. There is no shame around independence and being whole. Independence does not mean that you are meant to refuse the help or support of others. It simply means that you are able to stand within your own power, authentically. You do not need another human or thing to define for you, who you are or what you bring to the world. Once you fully realize that all of the abundance, all of the prosperity, and all of the LOVE begins within YOU then you are able to stop waiting for the external world to bring you the joy and security you already have in surplus, within. January is the start of a new calendar year and the start of an awakening for the collective; a new energy. One where we no longer see the world as owing us something but rather we look within and find a way to create what we want to see within our own physical reality. We are all independent entities of light and we each have everything we need to live a prosperous and abundant life here on Earth, full of love. If you have spent your life waiting for someone or something to bring you love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, then allow 2020 to be the year that you work towards remembering your own divinity and your own power. Others can bring you support, but you are the life-force and leader within your own life. Allow January to be the month that you work towards seeing that truth within. You are ABUNDANT. You are LOVE. You are JOY. You are DIVINE. Remembering this truth will open the gateway into Heaven on Earth. If there is a part of your life where you feel as though you are waiting for someone else to give you something (love, money, joy, etc..) stop and ask yourself why? Is this something you can create for yourself? It might look a little differently than what you had in mind, but if the gift is the same and it brings you what you are looking for then it doesn't matter if it came from someone else or from within. The point being, you may be surprised at how much you are capable of when it comes to finding your own happiness and fulfillment from within and allowing the external world to simply compliment your journey rather than define or control it.

As you seek this independence within, you may find that others would like to see you stay the way you were before. You may be faced with some resistance or even people falling away who find it difficult to understand why you can't "stay the same" forever. If you are faced with this, remember that your soul came here, in this physical form, for growth. Our souls did not incarnate to be stationary or stagnant. We came here for adventure, for love, for pain, for laughter, for tears, we came here to experience it all. We came for the human experience. You may find that your growth takes you in a new direction and on this new path you are forced to release those that are out of alignment with your new growth. That is OK. There doesn't have to be anger or hurt in the releasing process. You can hold a sense of gratitude towards that person for all that they brought to your life while they were in it. They served their purpose in the way they were meant to and now it may be time for them to bow out. See if you can refrain from taking it personal and instead, feel the love for them within your heart and the gratitude for all that they showed you and brought to your life while they were a part of it. We can't fault others for moving in a different direction if that is where they are being led. There is no ownership, only companionship and support. So let's be grateful for the growth we were given because of this person or thing. Release the need for blame or anger, just allow. Allow the energy of their soul and your soul to move effortlessly in the directions you both feel pulled towards. Also, look around! What beauty and abundance still surrounds you? Don't become so consumed by loss that you overlook all of the things still standing to be grateful for.

There is always such a beautiful balance within the Universe. When something happens, such as loss of some kind, it is often balanced out by something beautiful and joyful coming in to take it's place. Mid-month you may find you are feeling very supported in a myriad of ways. For some, this could be something or someone coming in who makes you very happy or this could be more about unlocking and tapping into that inner joy and love that is always at your disposal. What makes your heart skip a beat? What makes you feel so much joy that you can't stop smiling? Can you do whatever that is or spend time with whoever that is at this time? Find your joy. Whether that is simply tapping into the constant flow of Universal JOY and LOVE within or if that means creating space for that joy to come in within the physical. Perhaps you will plan a get together with friends or family whom you really enjoy spending time with. Or maybe you will attend a new Meet Up that will allow you to get in a few good belly laughs. There is a beautiful energy mid-month to do the things that make your heart sing and put a smile on your beautiful face. :) Go and find your happy! Even if it comes from within. If you haven't smiled or laughed today, then there is your most important mission to accomplish. :)

The end of January brings a feeling of new inspiration or motivation coming in. A new idea may come in out of the blue for you and you may feel the urge to brainstorm around this idea. Whatever insight or message comes in, write it down. You may not do much with it initially, but whatever this is feels like the building blocks for something much bigger to come. This information could come from someone in the form of an offer or simply something they say could ignite your imagination. This inspiration or idea could come in from spirit in the form of a sign or even a dream that you have at night, or a day dream. Pay attention! It is important and it doesn't want to be pushed aside while you do the things you feel obligated to do. Whatever this is will be a key to something your soul wants to build on this year. If it keeps coming up for you then take the time to explore your options around whatever this is. Again, if it doesn't make a lot of sense in the moment, don't worry. Write it down and come back to it when the mood strikes again. It will eventually make more sense. If you receive an offer around this time then you are being asked to make the decision based off of how you FEEL rather than over thinking it. This opportunity is coming in for a reason and it is divinely guided. You are meant to explore it further.

The Animal Spirit message for the month of January is Eagle Spirit | Spirit has your back. It can be scary at times when you are trying to find your way and reclaim your independence. You can feel alone or question whether what you are doing is really what you should, or shouldn't be doing. Eagle is here to say that no matter where you go in life or what you do, you are ALWAYS supported by Spirit. Your Higher Self, the Universe, your guides, they all have your back. Source is never going to give you anything that you can't handle. It may feel overwhelming or difficult at times, but you can ALWAYS overcome whatever comes up for you. Look back over your life, through all of the trials and tribulations, how did you manage? How did you overcome the obstacles thrown at you? You may initially give credit to some external person or thing, but ultimately, it was all YOU. You overcame the hurdles and experienced growth because of it. Even in the moments that might have felt the darkest and where you may have felt as if you couldn't turn to anyone, Source was always there for you even though you could not "see" it. If you have moments this month that test your resiliency or feel too difficult, remember that your guides and your Higher Consciousness always have your back and though you have to do the work yourself, they will never let you fall. Remember that Spirit can show up through others as well. Be open to receiving the gifts that others try to share with you this month (and always). Perhaps you will find a lucky penny or a fallen feather in the most random of places. This is spirit sending you a sign that they are always with you. Cheering you on and looking out for you. Perhaps try to take note of all of the synchronizations that happen for you this month or the little acts of kindness or "trinkets" you find randomly placed. Take note of these little occurrences and write them down. When you feel alone or as if no one could possibly understand, re-read what you wrote and remember that you have an army of LOVE behind you at all times. Ready and waiting to assist however they can. :) Spirit ALWAYS has your back. Always.

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