Gemini 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Gemini 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January |Five of Pentacles

The start of 2020 for you, sweet Gemini, is asking you to find your light within. Rather than seeking external sources to fill you up or to bring you what you feel you are lacking, look within. This is about finding the main sources of your security, stability, joy and love internally so that whatever is happening "without" won't throw you off course. You are so supported by the Universe and your guides that if this month feels a little challenging for you and you feel alone, please remember them. They are ready and waiting to shower you in unconditional love and cheer you on as you push forward. January doesn't necessarily feel like a difficult month, it just feels like one where you will feel called to really go within to find what you are looking for and it does hold the possibility of feeling a little isolated. That isn't to say you can't ask for help if you feel like you need it. This is more about, KNOWING that there is a reserve within your depths and a beautiful light within that you can always pull from when you feel less supported in the world. You can free yourself from feeling as though someone or something has to show up before you can feel all of those things you are searching for. Really focusing on this inner light this month will help to set the tone and the vibration for the year ahead. Once you have tapped into that inner brilliance and you know how to access it then you can utilize it throughout the year as needed. Being able to find that inner magic rather than relying on others to bring it to you is truly one of the greatest tools you will ever use! This month feels like there is a strong focus on pulling from your own inner light to illuminate the path forward and to find comfort in anything challenging that comes up. All of the riches this month lie within. :)

February | The Star

Beautiful wishes coming true for you this month Gems! All being guided by your higher self, so you know that whatever comes in is part of your purpose and can be trusted. You may feel a very deep connection with source and your guides this month, more so than usual. Embrace that energy. It will feel like very gentle guidance and it will feel GOOD so you will instinctively know which direction to take or choice to make if a big question comes up for you this month that you have been struggling with or that you just haven't been sure what to do about. There is the opportunity to not only feel very connected to Source this month but also very nurtured and loved on the Earth plane. It is as if everyone you love on Earth and in the heavens are joining together to give you a giant hug and to lift you up in the most beautiful way. Where last month was all about going within and finding that support, this month people will be rushing to you to want to work with you, collaborate with you, or just be near you. You are magnetic this month Gemini! Even more so than usual, so shine bright like the star you are! You may find yourself more in the public eye this month as well. Perhaps you have shared your gifts and creative side in a way that now is gaining a lot of popularity. Enjoy the spotlight! I feel like this is something you have really put your heart and soul into and so seeing it gain popularity will warm your heart. You may also be feeling so nurtured and supported this month that you will really want to share that with others and go out of your way to do the same for those you love. By doing this you are circulating this high vibe energy and raising the vibration of everyone you meet. How magnificent!!!

March | Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a very swift, fast moving energy bringing with it a major change or a change in direction. It is Knight energy so there is a sense that whatever this is it will be a pretty significant change for you. It may feel a little challenging in the moment and as you work through it, but please know that whatever this is must take place in order to redirect you and to be able to bring in whatever goodness is waiting in line to meet you next. This feels like something you have known is coming but have been hoping to avoid having to deal with. March it arrives and it is best to meet whatever this change is with grace rather than any bitterness. Trust that wherever you are being pushed towards (or away from) is most definitely for your highest good. You will look back and be grateful that whatever change this is, took place. This does feel like it is relationship related, so, work partners, romantic partners, friendships, family ties, however it shows up for you. For some of you it does absolutely feel like a pretty significant change in direction and releasing or cutting ties with someone or something in your life. For others of you this could be more of a conversation taking place that needed to happen. It won't be an easy conversation as all involved will be pushed to speak their absolute truth (and sometimes that isn't easy to offer OR be on the receiving end of) so however this shows up for you Gemini, please be not only kind in your delivery but be kind to yourself. This could also be something internal that needs to change. For instance, if you are neglecting yourself or your body the Universe may force you to take a closer look at what you are doing. Sometimes, that can come in the way of an injury or getting sick to force you to slow down. If you feel as though you are running yourself ragged this month without taking any time out for self-care, try to re-evaluate and see where you can find the time to slow down a bit so that the Universe doesn't have to step in. :) Balance is most definitely key this month. Again, be kind to yourself and others now, Gemini. Speak your truth while graciously being open and understanding to others truths as well.

April | The Devil

During the month of April, there is a feeling of holding yourself back and being unsure about your worthiness or perhaps you are lacking in confidence this month. It is as if the Universe wants to guide you forward in a big way, but you are too caught up in your head and filled with thoughts that are trying to keep you small. This could also have to do with habits or addictions that you know aren't good for you but that give you a sense of security, so you continue to use them. April is a time to really face your inner demons (negative self-talk, bad habits, addictions) and gently work with yourself to find the most comfortable way for you to be able to release those demons over time. You are not expected to clear all of those little devils out all at once, of course. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you work to dedicate yourself towards releasing those lower vibe energies and replace them with those of the highest frequency. This could be a good time for some of you to start working with a therapist, coach, or healer to support you as you work towards finding what works best for you at this time. The work you do this month, Gemini, will serve you tenfold in the months and years to come. Whatever is holding you back right now feels very internal and self driven. It is as if you feel controlled or at the mercy of the Universe when it comes to certain aspects of your life. This is a misconception because not only are we a part of Source, we are CO-Creators of our lives. Yes, there are somethings we do not have any control over, BUT, there are plenty of things that we do. Take back your power this month in whatever areas you have been giving it away too easily. This could also have to do with trying to please others or conform to what others think you should be doing and doing that out of fear of judgment. It is time to break those chains of fear. You are WAY too powerful of a soul to fall prey to that. April is the month that you release yourself and begin to really feel FREE. Take a closer look at what you feel is holding you back or controlling you and YOU decide where you are going to take back your power. Working with others, being with others, every interaction with another should feel equal. If you are in a situation where you feel someone or something has control OVER you, that is where you start.

May | Two of Cups

I love that the Two of Cups came out in the reading this year because it IS the card of the twins! This is your energy beautiful Gemini! This is an opportunity to come together with someone where things might have been rocky in the past. There is a chance for healing here but it will take both parties to come to the union with an open heart and a desire to forgive. You can't control what the other person does in this situation, but this definitely feels like all involved want some kind of peaceful resolution. This could be work related, home life, or friend related. If there is a relationship that needs some extra attention and healing, this is your nod from the Universe to reach out (once you have found that forgiveness within your heart) and see what can be healed, together. For some of you, this could be a new relationship coming in for you and if so, this is a relationship that is divinely guided (Soulmate, Twin Flame, etc..). You will feel a very deep connection with this individual and can expect a relationship to ignite, in a beautiful way. For others of you, this feels like taking a relationship to another level, so, moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, having a baby, and so on. If this is a brand new relationship, keep an eye out for any red flags. Venus is retrograde within May and so things may not always be as they seem on the love front. I mention that only for you to have an awareness, not to persuade you towards one direction or another but to simply be aware of who is coming in for you and how you FEEL with this individual. The Strength card is on deck for next month when Venus turns direct, so for some of you this may be a situation where a relationship comes in rather swiftly and then leaves just as swiftly. So again, just pay attention to everything that comes up for you during this time and take things slow for a bit. :) Regardless, all interactions and relationships hold meaning for us and the opportunity for soul growth and expansion. I would hate for you to turn away someone because of fear of a retrograded planet. The key is to be aware but to not let it dictate or rule your life. Be open to whoever and whatever shows up for you this month and decide what you would like to get out of the relationship at that time.

June | Strength

Happy Birthday, Gemini!!! Often times when the strength card comes up I receive the message of needing to pull from inner strength to be able to manage something or get through something that may be difficult. That may be the case for some of you, however, what is coming in very strongly here is the energy of having already done this. So now you find yourself at peace and able to tap into that inner light we talked about earlier in January and you seemingly have tamed that devil within from April. There isn't a feeling of needing to find your inner strength here, but more a sense of you having already found it and having become very comfortable with it. A feeling of really standing within your own power and glory. Which tells me that so many of you have done a lot of work this year to get here. Where the beginning of the year felt more like trying to find that inner strength, stand in your power and realize your worth, now starts the second half of the year where you have this down. Now you have opened up the flood gates for so much greatness and abundance to flow to you and the difference is, you are now fully willing and capable of actually receiving it. Before, if you were blocking yourself from realizing your magnificence now you are completely embracing it all. Well done, Gemini! And what a great month for you to have reached this point, upon your very own solar return! This is an opportunity now for you to be your most creative self. You should find that you aren't as concerned about what others will think or how you will be judged. You are done handing over your worth and power to those that are unable to see your vision and you now stand ready to be in the driver's seat of your own life. There is not space here to under value yourself anymore. This is a very powerful energy full of self-empowerment and self-love! If you are reading this prior to June, you may not feel it yet. I think come June many of you will feel this expansive energy throughout your entire body, in a very good way. :) Enjoy this energy and harness it to take with you on your continued journey!

July | The Emperor

Not surprising at all that the Emperor has shown up immediately following that powerful energy from June! Here you are Gemini, having made the summit and taking your throne as rightful leader of your life and empire. The way the cards came out, you see the Emperor looking back over the year at how far he has come. He still has on his armor from the many battles he has been through and at first glance can appear hardened or stern. That isn't the case. The energy that is coming through is one of having mastered something very significant within your life. So much so that you are now fully prepared to become the teacher/leader here. There is a lot of passion for whatever this is for you and feels very purpose driven. If you were hesitant before to teach others or lead others in a particular way, here is your green light that you are READY! You are also given a new perspective this month, if you are open to it. Something will come in that might challenge how you used to think about something and once the shift happens it could be quite life changing for you in a very expansive, beautiful way. There is also an opportunity for a great deal of abundance to come to you now, which is understandable given all of the work you have done to get here! This energy feels like big rewards coming in for you in the form of recognition, monetary rewards, being in a place to be able to work with very influential people who can help launch or skyrocket your ideas. Don't be afraid to network a lot this month. Also, be open to working with people who initially might not seem like they fully grasp your concept because it won't take long for them to catch up and they will have things to offer you that will enrich your life and work moving forward. Lots and lots of success coming through here for you! Which is very well deserved.

August | Two of Wands

For some of you August could bring in some traveling and you could be exploring places where you have to travel long distances to get to (on the other side of the world kind of distances :)).There is a feeling of wanting to explore other cultures. There is also a feeling of expanding your work to have a global reach. For many of you, you reached a significant goal this year within your career and now you are looking to expand and add on some additional layers to what you were already working on. You may be bringing on more employees or creating other branches to your business. Perhaps you apply for and receive a promotion at work that allows for you to travel and explore all while doing what you love and getting paid for it. There is a sense here of wanting to expand and grow and feeling the push from within to do just that. The inspiration and ideas will flow to you this month and you will know which steps to take to get you to where you have set your sights on. For some of you, you may actually move overseas. Regardless, this is definitely an energy of wanting to see what else is out there and to grow in big ways. The feeling I am getting is one of having outgrown something and itching to explore! Spread your wings this month and be open to the inspirations that come in, even if they feel a little "pie in the sky". This month, pay extra attention to your daydreams and where your mind wanders to. There is a message there for you. :)

September | Six of Cups

The Six of Cups energy feels like one of slowing down a little and taking a break from working so hard. This has been a busy year for you and as we lead into Autumn there is a call to take things down a little and slow the pace for a bit. Use this time to reconnect with family and friends and to do the things you have been wanting to do but just haven't had the time. Feed your inner child's soul this month and find things that make you feel like a kid again. There is also a sense of the Universe asking you to approach things this month with a sense of wonder and from the innocence of a child. Often times in life we instinctively see things from the lens of our "experienced" adult eyes and sometimes that can leave us missing out on some really beautiful moments. Try not to take things quite so seriously this month. This also goes for opportunities that come up for you. Rather than making your decision from one of control and rigidity, are you able to be more spontaneous and fly by the seat of your pants this time? What would the six year old you have done in this situation? Do that. :)

October | The High Priestess

What an intensely powerful month October will be! You will be very connected to Source and your Higher Self this month, receiving downloads and guidance on your next steps. You will FEEL divinely guided this month in a very big way. Pay very close attention to your intuition this month (and always, but especially this month) as you are being asked to truly be a conduit for Source within how you show up in the world. Opportunities will show up for you that feel as though they dropped from the heavens directly into your lap. Now what are you going to do with them? You have the chance this month to really see things grow at a rapid pace and to really find ways to give back through a charity of your choice. People will be drawn into your magnetism and your light and those you choose to work with will form a partnership of the highest frequency. Make sure to allow plenty of time for whatever rituals you have for connecting to your guides and Source. You will be busy this month, but it is imperative that you keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your guides as they have plenty to send you! You will then take that information and create something from it that is not only beneficial to you but to those that have access to whatever this is. Very important divinely guided work this month! If things start to feel haywire or you feel like you are stuck in mud and not getting anywhere, it is more than likely because those lines of communication have been closed off in some way. That is your cue to stop and get reconnected. Make sure to also work on staying grounded this month. With so much work going on with Source and your guides you could find yourself with your head in the clouds and your feet dangling. Find practices that work for you to stay grounded and connected to the Earth so that you can use all of that beautiful creative energy and turn it into something tangible. For some of you, you may find that you unlock or discover some new mystical gifts this month. So perhaps you notice that you now are clairvoyant or clairsentient. Perhaps you really unlock your gift of working in the more mystical realm through Tarot or Astrology or some other form of healing. The veil is thin during this month between the higher realms and the Earth plane, so if you are open, you might be surprised at what gifts arrive to be opened. :)

November | Ten of Pentacles

Here you go Gems! The Ten of Pentacles. Major rewards for the effort you have put in. You should see a very nice return of investment this month for all of your hard work. Money does not determine success, but it is an energy and this month this beautiful energy of financial abundance finds its way to you in a big way! You might be surprised at how much financial abundance is coming in now for you. Embrace it! This new found wealth will also be a great opportunity to share that positive energy with others and keep it flowing, perhaps through a charity or helping out a friend in need without the requirement of a payback. When we can appreciate money without getting overly attached to it, we remain free and the energy of money remains free to continue to flow to us. If you have had a particularly tumultuous relationship with money in the past, this month is a great opportunity for some of you to learn to receive this form of abundance without becoming fearful of losing it nor becoming overly attached to it. Shifting that energy from one of negativity to positivity is what opens the doors for it to come flooding in. The abundance this month is not just centered around money. There are also plenty of opportunities for you to be surrounded by loved ones and friends. There are also many opportunities for social gatherings this month and if you get an invite, go! You will have a wonderful time and meet new people and it will be a joyful time for you. If you don't receive an invite then why not throw your own gathering and create a fun atmosphere to celebrate all that you have to be grateful for this month? There is a very strong feeling of being very supported this month, in many ways. You deserve every last bit of it.

December | The Magician

What a way to end the year but with the magical Magician! This is a great month for manifesting what you want out of your life right now. If you look back to January of this year the energy between the two cards feel so different. There is nothing wrong with the Five of Pentacles, but there was this feeling of you needing to be nudged to go within to find your voice and your light. Now, here in December, you are BEAMING! The Magician has every element and tool you could possibly ask for to create and manifest whatever his heart desires. This is of course a LOT of power, so it comes with a disclosure which is to be very aware of your thoughts and what you are looking to manifest. If you are coming from a place of need or low vibration, then what you will manifest will be more of the same. You will always find what you are looking for, so if you are expecting something negative then you will of course find that. If you are looking for something positive, guess what? You will absolutely find that. So be very aware of your thoughts and actions this month especially, Gemini. You hold so much power right now and you want to make sure that when you put it to use, it is being used to best serve you and others. Again, if you look over the cards from the beginning of the year to now, to the Magician, you can very easily see the massive transformation you have gone through this year! Ultimately, with the Magician, this energy is saying that YOU are the creator of your own life. When you are standing in your power and not giving it away to others, then you are standing in a frequency that invites in experiences and people and things similar to that frequency. I definitely feel when December gets here you will feel so much more like YOU. You will have shed many of the layers that weren't really a part of yourself and were weighing you down and now look how you SHINE! You really could not ask for a better energy to end the year with and to prepare for 2021. Anything you set your sights on now, Gemini, are well within your reach.