February 2020 Empowerment Reading

February is a Universal 6 month. What this means is that some of the over arching energy for the collective will be around relationships, family and domestic responsibilities. You may find that you are being asked to take your responsibilities seriously this month when it comes to home, relationships, love and domestic life. You may feel the pull to be of service to others in a big way this month, but the key is to find balance and be sure that you are taking advantage of your own self-care techniques FIRST so that you are serving from a place of a cup that is full and not depleted. If you are swooping in to try and fix and save the world then you need to pause and look within. There is no martyrdom when it comes to helping others. When we seek to support others it needs to come from a place of love and compassion, not pity or the need to feel like a savior in someones life. Be the savior in your own life first and then be open to the opportunities that come in to be of service to those you love and those in need. This could be a great month for you if you have a home-based business or are self-employed in a profession that is in service to others. If you are looking for love, this could be a great month for meeting someone special, so try to circulate and get yourself out there! :) Ultimately, this should be a nurturing month and one that asks you to think of others without forgetting about SELF. Find a balance that works for all involved and this month could feel very special for you!

The first card out for this month is the Seven of Wands. You may find early on that you are feeling defensive and you may be sensitive to criticism or others inviting themselves into your situation. This would be a really good time to set up appropriate boundaries for yourself. If you are constantly saying yes to everyone when you have wanted to say no, now is the time to stand up for yourself and set those healthy boundaries. You can still be that caring and nurturing individual without constantly being a door mat. Without healthy boundaries that feel good to us, then it could start to feel like people keep taking from us even when we have nothing left to give. Ultimately, that falls back on us. We can't hold resentment for them when, if we take a closer look, we never stood up for ourselves and made it clear what WE need in order to be able to give. You are your best advocate. Nobody knows what YOU need more than you do. Stand up for that and be clear in stating your boundaries. You can do this from a place of love and understanding to self and for others.

The second card out is the Seven of Pentacles. This is speaking to the need for some patience this month. Again, with self and for others. Where in your life could you stand to have a little more patience? Sometimes the Universe will force us to have patience and that is for the purpose of allowing us to understand that everything happens in divine timing. If there is something that you have worked really hard at but haven't seen the tangible rewards, that doesn't mean they aren't coming it only means you may not be ready for them just yet. There might be more to the story that you haven't read yet. This is the time to understand that you have done all that you can do here so turn the rest over to the Universe (Source) to take care of the rest of the details. Your big reward is coming and it is probably bigger than you could have imagined, but in this partnership with Source, we have to allow and be patient at times and mid-month you could find that you are being asked to flex that patience muscle for a little bit.

Next, we have the Tower card. This card doesn't always represent catastrophic endings. Sometimes it is simply the act of something falling away to make room for that tangible "reward" we have been waiting so patiently for (see above, The Seven of Pentacles:)) So at this time you could find a disruption in something that hasn't felt right for some time. This may be a time when one of our Soul Contracts with someone needs to come to an end. More than likely, we have felt this coming but haven't had the strength to end it for not wanting it to end prematurely. When a soul contract has been completed and there is nothing more for the soul to learn, the Universe will often times step in with a circumstance that brings closure to the contract. Rather than looking at this ending as something to be bitter or angry about, try to see the bigger picture and look at all of the transformation, beauty and love that the experience brought you. What are you taking away from the experience that you wouldn't have received had you never had the experience in the first place? This shifts our vibration form one of resentment to one of gratitude. Feel the emotions that come up for you with this abrupt change, but try not to allow those emotions to take hold and control you or weigh you down for too long. Understand that this is simply a mutual contract ending, nothing more. Can you find a way to allow it to end in love? You have new important, beautiful experiences waiting for you! Say your goodbyes, honor your feelings, and then look for ways to find gratitude in your heart for the person and the experience so that you can move forward with a light heart and spirit.

The Emperor card came out next and if you notice, he is looking back towards the tower. This card is all about wisdom and honor and doing the right thing. Not to say he hasn't been through a lot or seen a lot, but he is at a place where he can use those experiences and knowledge to serve others in a harmonious and compassionate way rather than in a way of needing to control the person or the situation. You may find at the end of the month you are being called to lead others in a similar way, or simply show up for others in a truly authentic, compassionate way. The walls that you have built fall away with the Tower energy and allow you to show up to the situation and the person in an understanding, compassionate way. Of course, have your healthy boundaries set, but remember that healthy boundaries are much different than blockades or walls. :)

I pulled two Animal Spirit cards for this month and they could not be more fitting. Groundhog Spirit has come to lovingly say that it is "time to let go" and then Bee Spirit follows to say "Sweet results await". Need I say more? With that Tower energy coming in earlier this month, there is a need to release something that you have been holding onto that either no longer serves you or the Soul Contract has ended. No one is saying that letting go is ever easy, and it is absolutely OK to feel the range of emotions that come up for you, but understand that in the release you are creating space for something sweet to take it's place. This doesn't necessarily have to be about something physical ending, this could be a thought pattern or an addiction to something that you are taking your power back with and working on releasing that which has been detrimental to your well-being for so long. We all know that process isn't always easy either. So again, be gentle with yourself as you go through this process and allow the sweetness that the Bee promises to be your motivation to release whatever this is with a kind, compassionate and grateful heart. We are only ever asked to release things that no longer serve us and that have completed their experience with us, so try to embrace the understanding that it is always for our highest good.

Happy February everyone! I hope it is magical and rewarding for you! xo

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Hugs and big wishes,

Kim :)