Capricorn 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Capricorn 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | Eight of Cups

For many Capricorns there will be an energy around making a firm decision to walk away from something or move away from something that no longer serves you. This really feels like something internal such as a habit or addiction that has been weighing you down. This could have to do with a relationship, but it feels more like your relationship to something such as your relationship with money, self-worth, health, and so on. So perhaps you are gaining a new perspective when it comes to how you view money or your value as an individual out in the world. It is as if your perspective has changed drastically and you realize that the self-defeating inner dialogue that you may have been used to having with yourself no longer holds any significance for you and you are ready to break free from those chains that have held you back for so long. For some of you, you may be walking away from a physical environment or person who may have served its purpose within your life. This would be something that you have been emotionally invested in for awhile but that you have known needs to end, so the actual act of leaving might be difficult for you but you will know it is the right thing to do. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you take it all step by step. Whatever this is that you are no longer putting your focus and energy on will fall away and open the door for something much more in line with your new way of thinking and higher vibration. Honor the feelings that come up for you this month around whatever this is. Trust that the Universe only removes things to make way for your next exciting experience. This is why if we view everything as borrowed versus attaching to people and things, then we appreciate them while they are in our lives and release them when it is time to set them free. The energies in January may ask you to set something free but your path forward is fully illuminated and guided, you just need to have faith in the Universe and watch for the signs.

February | Page of Swords

Once you decide to move on from whatever this was in January, a new opportunity comes sweeping in for you in February! This will be a sudden change in direction for you but one that is exciting and brings a sense of enthusiasm to forge ahead. You feel lighter this month and excited for what the future holds while enjoying each moment within the present. This new, exciting change may ask you to step outside of your comfort zone a bit and it might feel a little scary at first, but that is OK! Capricorns like structure and planning, but February will ask you to be more spontaneous and it is within your best interest to do so. :) Look at this opportunity through the eyes of your inner child. What would they do? They certainly wouldn't overthink it so neither should you! If it excites you and feels right, then dive right in. Be aware of what opportunities arise and who you meet this month. They may hold important messages for you as you move forward on this new endeavor!

March | Ten of Cups

I love seeing the Ten of Cups for Capricorn! You all have been through the ringer for YEARS so I know you will take any respite you can get. Maybe you are just really excited to see Saturn leave your sign and enter Aquarius for a bit this month :). I'm kidding, but this month will definitely bring a sense of overwhelming joy for many of you. There will be a sense of accomplishment and support from others coming in for you in a big way this month. There have been many transformations within the last few years that have felt very isolating for many of you, with a call to do a tremendous amount of inner growth and healing. This month is an opportunity to catch up on your hugs and that feeling of community and support. Perhaps you meet new members of your Soul Tribe this month or those of you hoping for a child find out you are pregnant this month. There is a strong sense around happy gatherings and family and friends supporting you in ways you haven't seen in awhile. Enjoy this beautiful energy, Caps! Enjoy the energy coming in for you this month but also try to find ways to spread joy and compassion each day. That could be as simple as saying hello to someone with a smile. Be grateful for the abundance coming in for you and also find ways to circulate it so that it will continue to find its way back to you. :) Whatever offer comes in for you this month whether it be around relationships or purpose should put a lovely smile on your face and make you feel quite good.

April | The Chariot

Fast moving forward movement coming in April with the Chariot! Something that you have been working towards suddenly picks up in pace and you might feel as though you are flying! This could do with a rush of new clients coming through the door or perhaps you accepted a new job and now you are hitting the ground running, but in a good way. You will have the opportunity to share your gifts and knowledge in a big way. For some of you, you may meet someone and the relationship moves forward very quickly. However this energy comes in for you trust that it is Divinely guided and in your best interest. You will notice that the Sphinx are seated on the card. They are simply waiting for you to give the call to GO! Whatever has been making you hesitant in the past has fallen away now and you feel much more confident in where you stand. This confidence and new perspective will help you to give the order to the Sphinx to take off running and then hold on! :) This month the Universe is ready for you to move forward in a BIG way, but because we are Co-creators with the Universe, we have to do our part too. If you don't take the action to get the Chariot moving then you might find yourself sitting there raring to go, but not actually moving. The gifts and rewards will be plentiful but you have to take the action to get there. What are you waiting for?

May | Seven of Wands

This month you may find yourself having to defend what you have created. Sometimes, others have a hard time seeing our vision or buying into it and that is OK. As long as you can see where you are headed and it FEELS good, then you are the only one that needs to buy into it right now. Others may try to persuade you to give up or go back to what you were doing before because it feels safer (for them) and you might feel tested by the Universe to make sure that this IS what you actually want. If you feel it within your bones and you know it to be right for YOU, then keep moving forward. Regardless of who tries to stand in your way. You don't need to persuade others or strong arm them into seeing what you see or believing what you believe, this actually has nothing to do with them. This is all about you making a decision that works best for you on your continued journey and not allowing others to deter you from following your vision. People will either choose to come along for the ride or they will choose not to, and that is completely out of your control. If you force someone into following your dreams with you then they are joining you out of obligation, not out of true desire to be on this path with you. There is a difference. So this month, when you feel called to speak your truth be sure that is all you are doing and not trying to force others to follow you. Those that are meant to join you, will. Those that are not will eventually fall away to make room for the individuals who believe in you and wish to see you succeed in what your soul is asking from you. This month is all about character and protecting what you have created and YOUR vision, but doing so with kindness and compassion. Even if that same generosity is not reciprocated.

June | Nine of Wands

June and July some things may come in for you that feel a little heavy and where you find yourself second guessing what you are doing and maybe wanting to give up. The Universe is asking you to NOT give up! You are so close to seeing the fruits of your labors and to reaching the summit. The next few months may try your patience a little bit, Capricorn, but no sign is better at "slow and steady wins the race" more than Caps! This month you may just feel like the Journey has been so long and arduous and that the lessons and the challenges and the growth keep coming. You may feel a little emotionally battered and worn, but with the Nine of Wands, this is confirmation that you are SO CLOSE to reaching the finish line. Your years of hard inner and outer work will be rewarded brilliantly, you just have to keep going. Keep climbing that mountain my sweet goat friends. This is a great opportunity to take a look back over the years to see just how far you have come and the transformations that have taken place to allow you to be your most authentic self. The road to authenticity is never easy, but once you are there, you are THERE and it is GLORIOUS. The message this month is DO NOT GIVE UP! Sit down and rest a bit, keep up with your self-care, but don't give up. Capricorns are known for their dedication and perseverance for seeing a job to completion so I'm not too worried here for you guys. It might be tempting to throw in the towel, but you have come so far! Keep moving forward.

July | Five of Swords

Be mindful of your words this month. It is always important to get your message across and to speak your truth but it is also important to take care with how we present our truths to others. There could be the opportunity for coming across this month as a "know it all" or unwilling to see another point of view. While we ultimately do need to do what feels most in line with our souls calling, it is also important not to alienate yourself from others because you aren't willing to play fair on the team. You will have an opportunity this month (and perhaps several) to choose kindness over the need to be right. It may hurt your pride a little, but that's OK, it will recover. However, if you approach whatever this is with the absolute need to be right at all costs then you could end up hurting some important relationships within your life. How can you all get to a common ground while hearing and finding value within each persons view point? That is where the wisdom lies. You may be called upon to be the bigger person in relationships this month and though your Ego may be screaming to show them "who's boss", calm it down a bit by just allowing. See what the other person has to offer and see if you can find ways to incorporate their ideas into whatever this is. You will be happy that you did, even if it feels like it is going against your own grain a bit. You may also find that you didn't have all of the answers to begin with and you just might learn something new and valuable. :)

August | Strength

The last few months might have been a bit tricky for you and felt emotionally trying. You definitely have the resources within to find your inner calm, love, and joy but it is clear that you may feel as though your reserves are running low. This month you may need to dig in deep to find that inner balance in the face of what comes up for you. You may have opportunities this month to pull from your inner strength and once again show your inner strength and character in the face of things that in the past you might have lashed out over or tried to control. This is a month of truly turning the things that feel bigger than you, over to the Universe to handle for you. Once you turn them over, fully release them. If you try to meddle in the timing or the outcome then you haven't given up control. This takes immense inner strength! You are being asked to fully trust and that can definitely be difficult at times. The good news is, you are not alone on this journey. You have a team of angels and guides who are working around the Earthly clock to make sure that things work out in your favor. Trust them, they know what they are doing. You may also find that there are situations similar to July where you need to show up as the bigger person within a relationship. By doing this, you ensure that you can move through the experience more comfortably than you would if you came with fires blazing! When you can get to a point where you can allow the other person to win without resentment or bitterness, then ultimately YOU have won. This will be a month that may test that for you. Whatever you do, just keep moving forward.

September | Knight of Wands

Some new inspiration or information comes in for you this month that is valuable to you in building on something you have been working on for quite some time. This is fast moving energy and very powerful! Whatever this is for you is VERY welcome and you may once again feel a jolt of forward moving energy in your sails. Perhaps whatever you turned over to the Universe last month has come back to you full of inspiration and passion! You are ready to now move forward with this new found inspiration towards completion. Whatever missing pieces there were now suddenly show up for you and you are able to take the action needed to reach your goal. Pay very close attention to the people you meet this month. I feel like this will come from someone that you know or work with. Someone or something from your past may come in for you. They might say something or give you something that creates a light bulb moment for you and then it is full steam ahead! You may have felt like you had hit a few walls recently or like you couldn't quite put your finger on what the next step would be for you. This month it comes in abruptly and quickly and you will be thrilled for its arrival! For some of you, this could be a relationship from your past coming in unexpectedly. Be open to hearing what they have to say. You never know how things will work out but they are re-entering your energy field for a reason. Take the time to find out why. :)

October | The World

Completion! Back in June when the Universe was urging you to not give up and to keep pushing forward it was so that you could get to this point in time. This month you may find you are the center of attention and that people want to be a part of your world unlike anything you have experienced before. If you own your own business you may see a surge in popularity this month which could have a domino effect when it comes to client growth and business growth. You have worked so hard to get here and now you are able to feel a well deserved feeling of accomplishment. There is a lot of success associated with this month and it all stems from the seemingly never ending hard work you have put in. You may find that your peers look to you for guidance this month and truly applaud your contribution. For many of you, you may be asked to be placed within an actual leadership role such as Director or Vice President. For those of you that own your own business, you may now have national or global reach and others are looking to you for help to reach the heights you have now reached. There is a level of respect coming through and you have proven yourself to be worthy of this respect. Well done Capricorn! For some, you may actually be traveling the world to a destination in a far off land. :)

November | The Emperor

Seeing this card come out for you, Capricorns, almost brought tears to my eyes. I KNOW how hard you all have been working and how many test and trials you have had to overcome throughout the past few years. It may have felt as if while you were climbing to the summit every storm that could possibly come through during your climb, did. Now here you are. This is DEFINITELY your energy coming through and if you look at the card you can see that he is sitting on top of the summit! You have fully taken the reigns within your own life and continued your climb in the face of so much adversity, and now here you sit. A leader. A Master of your own life and craft. You have learned how to lead with kindness and compassion and the wisdom you now hold will carry you forward in a way you have never experienced before. The Emperor is the mightiest of leaders (male or female, it is an energy) and though the path has been difficult once you take this throne you will do so in confidence. You have been through the experiences and hardships that have now catapulted you into a position of being able to teach others how to maneuver similar circumstances. You are no longer the apprentice here. Though you will continue to learn and grow ( that's why our souls came here after all), the struggle is over. The lessons and experiences will feel much lighter and more gentle for you now. If you take time to look at how far you have come and the person you are now as opposed to say, ten years ago, you may have to catch your breath. Look how magnificent you are! And what is truly beautiful is that the Universe has always seen this magnificence within you and that is why it continued to train and teach you, even when you asked for a break. There is little the world can throw at you now that you won't be able to handle in peace and love from within. That is heaven on earth. When no matter what chaos is happening without, you can go within and find your inner light and calm and balance. Do not underestimate this achievement of self; it is one that can take lifetimes to harness.

December | Three of Cups

Your Angels and Guides are celebrating with you this month! Many of you will find you are surrounded by supportive people who love and cherish you and who recognize you for the incredible soul you are. There will be plenty of opportunities to mingle and be social this month as you enter into your Solar Return! You may look back over the year and think "what a ride" but that ride has brought you to your most complete and whole self and there is an incomparable feeling of joy that comes from that. Everywhere you turn this month, Capricorn, there is a beautiful offer of joy and happiness waiting for you. You may feel like a kid in a candy store! Play, laugh, experience this joy and celebration with your entire being and if you start to have thoughts that diminish that joy, ask your mind to take a month long break and allow you to feel into the beauty that surrounds you this month. You may meet people who will be a part of your life for years to come, so if the opportunity arises to be social then absolutely say YES! Above all, celebrate yourself this month. What a way to end 2020 and prepare for all of the abundance to come in 2021!