August 2020 Universal "3" Month Energy Forecast

Deck used: Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen

August 2020 | Universal 3 Month: Creativity and passion are the themes for this 3 energetic month! This is a great time to take a closer look at where you are allowing your creative energies to flow and where you are stifling them or cutting them off at the source. When we allow our creative energies to flow what we find is that we feel much lighter, we have an excitement for life and we feel as though we are showing up to our purpose daily. We feel exuberance and fulfillment. There doesn't have to be an exchange of energy (money or praise from others) in order to feel fulfilled in your purpose through your creativity. The key is to simply show up. If you feel the spark of excitement from playing the violin, then perhaps this is the month you begin to learn how to play. If you are a seasoned violin player, then find the time to play, play, play! It is through this creative self-expression that you will feel most alive! We each came to this planet with our own unique gifts and our own unique creativity. It is up to each of us to find outlets for that expression.

The only gauge of success, when it comes to our creativity, is whether or not we are actually expressing it. If we are, in anyway, then that is success! If we are not, then we are self-sabotaging ourselves in a way that deprives our soul from true expression. In the 3D, physical plane (Earth), we often equate success with monetary rewards or how many people "like" us for the work that we do. The need to be seen overrides the actual desire to express oneself creatively AND authentically. The Ego needs to be seen; our soul doesn't care about how many people see us or praise us. Our soul simply wants us to express ourselves in a way that continues to expand the consciousness. In order to do this, we simply have to DO what sets our soul on fire. Creation. Often times we put too much pressure on ourselves to do things a certain way and if we are unable to control every aspect of the experience, then we feel as though we have failed. We tend to make things much more difficult than they need to be! Our soul is simply asking us to do what we ENJOY. Regardless of the response from others, regardless of the exchange of energy, regardless of any excuse you can possibly come up with. When you are expressing yourself creatively, in some way, you are showing up in purpose.

Remember, creation takes on many forms. We immediately think of art or music as creative self-expression. However, it is much more vast than that. If you get excited to work with numbers and you find a way to do that, you are expressing yourself creatively. If you feel immense joy from working with or helping others and find ways to do that, that is creative self-expression. We often like to put things neatly in a little box, perfectly labeled, so that we can feel some sense of security in knowing what everything is and that we have some level of control. This is false security and we actually end up confining ourselves in this process. The key is, and the only thing the Universe and your Soul are asking from you, is to CREATE. Even if absolutely no one else on the planet sees it or praises it, simply create. Show up in a way each day that is authentic to YOU; that allows you to express yourself in the way that feels best for YOU. The rest will follow and if it doesn't, that is OK too! When we fail to express ourselves creatively or we are doing it out of obligation or for some kind of validation, we stifle that energy and we can begin to feel lethargic, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, burdened, depressed, and so on. When that creative energy that is our essence is blocked from moving through us as it was meant to, we begin to see physical symptoms arise. The call this month is to CREATE! Whatever that looks like for you! Once you find what you love creating, do more of that! Do it for yourself. Give yourself permission to move with this incredible energy in a way that makes you FEEL GOOD. Ultimately, that is all that matters. It all begins there. :)

Six of Pentacles: At the beginning of the month we are being asked to find balance between giving and receiving. If you are overextending yourself by constantly showing up for others and you are feeling as though there isn't a healthy balance in the exchange of energy, it is absolutely OK to set some healthy boundaries. If this is the case, understand that it isn't the other persons fault for over-receiving. Sometimes we need to take responsibility for over giving of our own energy. You have full control over how often you willingly show up to an experience and in what ways you choose to show up. Often times we can feel resentment towards others for accepting our good will while not reciprocating that good will to the same extent. As with most things, it always comes back to us to go within to see what is really going on. When we stop showing up in ways that are not healthy for us then our actions create a healthy balance. There is no reason to expect another to change to better suit our needs when we can do the work and change ourselves to better serve ourselves and what we need on our journey. Once we learn of an imbalance, it is up to us to find a way back to balance. Often times we are stuck waiting for the other person to change while we become increasingly more frustrated, when in reality, the lesson is for us to change in some way. To grow and evolve in a way that serves the expansion of our own soul. The easiest way to find balance is to create it. Perhaps those people are not your people, and that is OK. When you begin to set healthy boundaries for yourself and you show others how you expect to be treated and what you will accept, then those who are capable of showing up in that way, will. At this time, rather than looking to the external to judge how others should be "behaving", take the time to look within to see where you, yourself, are out of balance. Where can you make some adjustments to find better balance within. Once you do this, the balance externally will come.

Knight of Pentacles: This is a fast moving energy coming in and it feels like an arrival! Meaning, that something you may have been working on and investing a lot of time and energy into is finally coming to fruition! YAY! :) This isn't necessarily a completion kind of energy, but rather one to re-motivate you and a nod from the Universe to say, "Yes! You are on the right path! Keep going!". Whatever this is offers some level of financial freedom or physical reward. This could be that you are looking to buy or sell something, you find new clients, you are offered a raise or promotion at a job that you have been at for awhile, the idea or creation you have been working on for some time sees a nice return of investment, and so on. This of course is a general reading so it will vary and it may not resonate with everyone. However, for those of you who this does resonate with, enjoy this energy! This is a nice reward for your continued faith in yourself and your abilities and it is well deserved!

The Magician: Mid-month we see the energies of this "3" month come in very strongly! YOU are the magician. The focus here is on Self and for you to look within to figure out what it is that you love to do and to do more of that! Again, doing it regardless of the exchange of energy from others, regardless of how much you get paid for it or how many likes you get on social media. The call is to create for YOU. Express yourself creatively for yourself. Those that can benefit from that expression, will! The Magician is saying, "You have every tool you need right now to begin." Once you begin, you can continue to explore and expand. When you don't hold yourself back, but rather explore your own creativity to the depths of your Being, you will find that you begin to love life. You find joy just in BEING and creating! That is POWERFUL! That is power. No more looking to the external to validate who you are. You begin to fully understand who you are and how much FUN creating can be! For a perfect example of this, simply watch a child as they play. Even as adults that childlike energy is still coursing through us waiting to be expressed! As you begin to play and explore more and more, your vibration automatically begins to raise. You begin to feel better and you begin to see the world in a whole new light. All of this simply from exploring what YOU love to do, creatively. Not what you have been told to do to make ends meet or to be "successful", but rather what you LOVE to do for you, as an expression of your own Self and Divinity. You transition from pleasing the Ego into a space of pleasing your own Soul. That is LOVE. That is Divine.

The Hanged Unicorn: This month is all about finding a new perspective THROUGH new experiences. Creation, creativity and finding your own way to creatively express yourself are highlighted now. We are able to change our perception when our perspective changes. Often times it takes an experience in order to fully change our perspective and then our perception. This can come from someone saying something to us or doing something to us (including our guides!), or this can come directly from our own experience that we create. Either way, we have to experience something different in some way before our perspective can fully shift. This is why it is so important to explore, play, imagine, CREATE, and be open to other perspectives. It is through that playing and that exploration that we are able to experience new things. It is through listening to others perspectives and experiences that we begin to understand something we may never have experienced ourselves. We are able to experience this new idea through another persons perspective and their wisdom. In doing so, we begin to see things a little differently than we once did and this opens the doors to many more experiences and insights! It is when we firmly believe that our way is the only way, or that our beliefs are the absolute truth, that we begin to miss out on the millions of variations to that one truth. We miss out on the depth and the full enrichment of the endless possibilities. At the end of the month, especially, try to stay as open minded as possible. Someone may say something to you that resonates deeply within and creates an experience for you that changes your perspective completely and you may find yourself racing down a new path that was never expected! Perhaps you begin to play with different instruments and you stumble across one that ignites that spark from within and suddenly you want more of that. It is through the experiences that we grow and expand, but it is also through the experiences that we gain the most valuable perspectives. You are meant to participate in life. Try to keep an open mind to the options available to you when it comes to HOW you will choose to participate. :)

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