August 2019 general tarot reading

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

This is a general reading for August 2019 for the collective. Please take what resonates and leave the rest. If you would like a personalized reading, please book some time with me and let’s see what messages the cards hold for you specifically. :)

Welcome to August my dear friends! We are officially in Leo season and it’s time to let the world hear that magnificent ROAR of yours! My feeling is that this will be a powerful month for many of us as we take the reigns towards CREATING what it is that we want out of this year and the years to come. The first part of the year was spent really going within and working toward a solid foundation within ourselves and now it’s time to unleash all of that yummy energy into the world as you continue forward on your path to creating what it is you want to see in this world. As I was shuffling, I had a vision of a drum set and someone beating the drum. It is time to walk to the beat of your OWN drum now and if you want it, if it feels good, then you go for it! Regardless of what anyone says or how much others try to hold you back. Be the lion and take full ownership over what your soul is pushing you towards. Make 2019 the year you become a force to be reckoned with, in the most beautiful way! OK, on to the cards!

I do not normally read reversals unless I feel the call to and for the 5 of Pentacles, it came out in the reverse for a reason. I feel as though August is pushing us out of those internal feelings of lack or fear of not having what we need to accomplish what it is our soul wants us to accomplish. It’s about taking stock of what you currently have in your life that you can work with in order to propel yourself forward, rather than siting in the energy of not having enough or fear that what you are striving for will fail. You definitely will not know unless you try and we all have resources at our disposal in this moment that we can use to help us move forward. USE them! Those resources may not look exactly how we think they should, but they are there for a reason. Show gratitude for them and utilize them in any way possible to build yourself the stairs you need to move on wards and upwards! Once you can do this, your Chariot awaits!

Where the earlier months of 2019 might have been about research and gaining clarity on how you want to move forward, now we are in the time to actually begin that movement. If you review the insights and the inspiration that has come to you thus far, you will see you now have the building blocks you need. Don’t delay! What you build now will last for years to come. The Chariot is fast moving energy and the Universe is guiding you to MOVE FORWARD however that looks for you. With the Queen of Wands, you sit at the throne now of all of that creative energy and inspiration. You should have a good idea now of what you want to create and you should have at least some of the tools to begin that process. The Queen of Wands is all about creative energy actualized. Putting your gifts out into the world in a big way. She looks to the future and she is not easily thrown off course. No coincidence that Lions sit guard at her thrown (to each side and above her head) and a small black cat sits before her. She is surrounded by strength and magic. She is not worried about whether she will be “successful” because she KNOWS that if she is following the call of her souls’ purpose, she will be guided and rewarded. YOU are the Queen of Wands (male or female, the energy is the same here) so fix that crown and wear it with pride knowing that YOU are in control now of what you create for yourself in the coming months.

With the Six of Cups energy, I feel there will be moments of nostalgia and revisiting the past this month. However, I feel this is a progressive energy in that it is asking you to use those lessons of the past and what you have learned along the way to incorporate into what you are now building for the future. Sometimes we are made to believe the past is the past and everything should be left there. I disagree! Our past holds the lessons learned. We are being asked this month to carry that wisdom with us so that what we build incorporates the entire being we have grown into. Those lessons and experiences happened for a reason, use that wisdom! The key is to not get stuck in the past. Those lessons have been learned and that knowledge acquired. Go back there just long enough to grab that wisdom and then get moving!

Temperance has made an appearance to remind us that balance is key. If we are too deep within our emotions, we can fall off track and get into a spiral. If we are too grounded and stable, then we can miss the guided messages coming in asking us to take risks and explore new territory. There will be a lot of energies swirling about this month so be sure to use whatever self-care methods you have found that work for you in order to maintain a healthy amount of balance within.

August is also asking us to also play and find joy and emotional fulfillment with those around us. Try not to make it all about work and no play. We can sometimes get so focused on our goals and our commitments that we forget to just breathe. To relax and take in the beauty that surrounds us daily and is begging for you to enjoy it. Take time each day to walk in nature, or read a book, or paint, or whatever makes your soul smile. What do you like to do for fun? Do more of that this month and remember how it feels to do what you enjoy without worrying about the outcome. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, just something that makes the child within you laugh again and sing.

I always love seeing the Magician. He is a great reminder that we make the magic within our own lives. We CREATE our happiness. August is a strong mystical month and the magician is asking you, “What have you wanted to start to work on that you keep putting aside because of fear, or worry, or doubt?” August is the month to pick whatever that is up again and explore that side of you again. Maybe you are always focused on what will make you the most money for stability as opposed to what you can work on that makes you feel ALIVE. Again, you have all of the tools now, or at least enough to get started. So, start! Sometimes taking risks and taking those magnificent leaps are exactly what we need to reignite the spark within. Not to sound cliché, but we did not come here to simply pay bills and then die. The Magician is giving you the permission to rediscover the creative side of yourself.

For some of us there will be an opportunity for some recognition and celebration this month. Whether that be work related or in the realm of relationships. This would be something that you have worked very hard towards and you are now seeing the fruits of those labors come in strongly. Perhaps this will be in the form of a promotion at work, a successful business launch that is well received, or anything that you have been invested in for quite sometime finally getting the recognition it deserves. Some of you may even be getting engaged or taking a relationship to the next level. Whatever it is will be cause for celebration! So, enjoy the moment and be proud of how far you have come!

For many of you the celebration or the recognition will be around an achievement that has to do with financial gain. Again, a promotion or moving into the position of being at the top of your game, creatively or in business. This was not an easy road but you have tamed the bull so to speak and you are now reaping the benefits of all of the hard work put in. The wisdom that you have acquired can now be used to help others along their own journey towards success. You may become a mentor of some sort or perhaps you will be called to share in your good fortunes and invest in someone else’s business as they begin their journey. You have now become the teacher in your field, so to speak. Share that knowledge!

With the Page of Swords showing up, I do think some of you will have an opportunity to speak your truth. To stand in your power and deliver a message that might not be the easiest to deliver but that needs to be spoken. This could be having to sever some kind of relationship that no longer serves either party. You may have to set some boundaries with people in your life. It feels like it is a conversation that you know has been coming and that you know wont’ be easy to have, but that in order for you to fully move forward, must take place. August is calling you to have the courage of the lion and do what you know needs to be done. You have the strength; you just have to take the action. The time is now. When a relationship or situation is unhealthy for one person, it is just as unhealthy for the others involved. You are being asked to be the one to take charge. Once you do this, space will open up for the relationships that are more beneficial to you to flow in. Be brave! You are supported here.

I pulled a crystal for the collective to see which Chakra is in need of attention this month for re-balancing and once again, I pulled Carnelian which is for the Sacral Chakra. I’m not entirely surprised because the last couple of months have really been about reigniting our creative sides and diving in deep to unleash the magic within us and to step outside of our comfort zones in order to express this side of ourselves that many of us have kept hidden for far too long. The Sacral Chakra is located below the navel and it represents our emotional center, sensuality, creativity and personal expression on many levels. When it is out of balance, we can feel a sense of co-dependency or an addiction to the things in life that do not serve us. You may feel overly ruled by your emotions (fear, anger, sadness, and so on) or you may feel “stuck” in a particular feeling or mood. Maybe you feel numb or out of touch with your SELF. To re-balance this energy, try Yoga, crystal work, journal, or a simple release of built up emotions can help. Cry, laugh, scream, do what you need to do to force a release of those emotions. Explore the root of your addictions and come up with a reasonable action plan to start to ween yourself off of those things that are holding you back. Take the time to explore your creativity and give that side of yourself a voice again.

I hope it is a great month for you all!

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In kindness,

Kim :)