Aries 2020 Year Ahead Forecast

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Aries 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading

***For additional guidance, please read the forecasts for your Moon and Rising signs as well. This is a general energy forecast looking at the energies of each month for the 2020 calendar year. If you would like to have a reading to look at your specific, personal energies for the 2020 year ahead so that you can know what to expect, please connect with me HERE and let me know you are interested in a 2020 Year Ahead Forecast Reading and I will get you started! (These specialized 2020 month by month forecast readings will only be offered through January 15, 2020 and availability is limited.)

January | The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune brings about some major new beginnings for you this month. If there is something you have been working on that feels in line with your purpose but you have felt as though you have been hitting up against a wall at times, that is all about to change for the better. You will start to feel a lot of forward movement this month. This is a fast moving energy where before you may have felt you were pulling yourself along, this new energy will be pushing you forward! It will be as though the gates have flown open and if you aren't ready for this energy it could take you by surprise, but in a good way. This energy FEELS like Aries energy: very excited and ready to GO! People will be coming to you this month. Things you need will flow TO you. There won't be that feeling of needing to go out and hustle for what you need. Suddenly, as if by magic, the people you need to be interacting with will come to you and they will offer you the key to the door you have been knocking on for some time now. Be open to who you meet this month. Listen to what they have to say and what they have to offer. You can choose what works best for you, but be sure you are listening to what others are saying and what they are offering. They may have the golden egg you have been looking for! Very positive energy in January for you Aries! The wheel is about to turn and it is turning in your favor. Enjoy it, you have earned this!

February | The Five of Swords

This feels like your energy rather than an energy coming towards you, Aries. Be mindful of your words this month. Words are energy and how we use them does matter. There is a feeling here of "winning at all costs" or having the upper hand and using it even if it cuts another down. You may not even realize you are doing it because you could be so caught up in the fast moving energy from January that you are on such a roll that you plow through whoever is standing in your way. It isn't a vindictive energy, but one of carelessness when it comes to others emotions and needs. Be mindful of moments where you could be more present, not only with yourself but with others. You are in a position to lift others OR to "put them in their place" this month so use this power wisely. However this shows up for you. This is an opportunity for you to take the high road in an argument or disagreement and to calm that fire within long enough to see the situation clearly and become the teacher AND the student within the moment. Rather than reacting impulsively, stop and think through how you want to handle the situation. Whatever this situation is, it feels like it is rather significant because it is the overlying energy for the month of February. That doesn't mean that you have to succumb to this energy, the card is only showing us that the potential is there. How you CHOOSE to handle whatever comes up will ultimately determine how you experience this month. Will you CHOOSE inner calm and love or will you choose the battle and to win no matter who gets hurt so that you can claim victory? This could also be another persons energy, coming at you with a win at all cost attitude. If that is the case, you still have the choice in how you will respond. Again, how you CHOOSE to respond will highlight how you ultimately experience the situation. If you play fair this month, even if it hurts your pride a little, you can easily bypass this cutting energy. This month has several tones of practicing self-control.

March | The Three of Wands

With the Three of Wands there is a sense of setting your sights on new horizons. Something you have been working on, that you are very passionate about has started to move in a beautiful direction. The foundation is well laid and now you are looking at how you can continue to grow this passion (job, relationship, experience, etc..) in a bigger way. You won't be leaving whatever this is behind, but rather you will be looking to expand and grow it exponentially. Whatever this is feels very solid and successful, so it makes sense that you would want to move to the next level with it. Again, however this comes in for you whether it be around a relationship, a career, or an experience such as traveling, you are ready to further invest into this. For some of you, Aries, this could be a call to expand spiritually. That feeling of wanting more out of life or feeling as though there must be more for you may start to pull at you. If that feeling is coming in for you, don't dismiss it. That is your soul speaking to you, inviting you to go within and explore YOU more deeply. This could be a time of intense spiritual awakening for many of you. If so, there will be this intense feeling of truly needing to "find yourself." This is very powerful energy and very moving! Whatever direction your soul is pushing you towards, the Universe has given you the green light to GO! It is time to push forward in a big, expansive way and you are fully supported by source as you begin this new adventure!

April | Strength

With the Strength card coming up for your birthday month this really feels like you are going to be so busy this month that you will need to remember your self- care and to STOP and rejuvenate more often than normal. If you run yourself ragged then you run the risk of snapping at people you wouldn't normally snap at or neglecting your own needs to the point of which your body will force you to stop (such as with an illness or an accident). So keep your strength up this month by doing your self-care rituals. Make that a priority for yourself this month! This really will be a busy month for you and it will be easy for you to have to allow some things to fall by the wayside so you can get everything done. Don't let what you neglect be YOU. You may have to schedule in time to connect with source this month and to do that self-care work because the focus will be so much within the 3D (Physical/Earth realm). Whatever you need to do to stop long enough to reconnect, be sure to do that. You will be glad that you did! Find a way to find the calm, love, and joy within regardless of the chaos that is happening around you. This is very crucial, my friends. The energy for this month feels positive, but hectic with the potential to be very chaotic. Once again, you must make the choice to find your inner calm and reconnect which will make the experience much more enjoyable AND productive! :)

May | The Tower

Now, even though when I pulled this card I immediately said "oh shit", when I felt into the energy, the energy actually felt very nurturing (yes, nurturing). Sometimes the Tower card can represent a complete dismantling so that rebuilding can take place. Where things are completely leveled, quickly and catastrophically so that we are forced to re-evaluate and re-build a better life for ourselves. Now, that may be what comes up for some of you. This is a general reading so for some of you, be aware that some major, life-altering change may occur for you in May. If that is the case for you, try not to have too much anxiety over this change because whatever is happening truly is happening to force you to get to a place that is so much better for you than where you are currently at. Now, if you have already gone though a major transformation like this fairly recently, then I really don't think that is what is coming through with the Tower for you. I don't believe that you are going to be asked to go through another one now if what you have been re-building FEELS in line and good with your soul. The FEELING I am getting from this card is an energy of the major change having already occurred and the rebuilding already happening. However, there could be some challenging information coming in that is simply asking you to make a few adjustments/ change of direction. So in other words, the things that feel out of alignment with your current path will need to fall away. Not a complete overhaul, just some spot cleaning. So where there are holes within your wholeness, the Universe is working towards mending those holes. So more of a nudge here than an all out shove. : ) There may be some things you brought with you to help you rebuild this new experience that honestly just aren't working for you any longer and those things need to be released. This does NOT feel like a complete redirection for you, Aries. This feels like cutting the cords to some of the things in your life that still feel chaotic. That doesn't have to be someone or something, it could just as easily be some self-doubt or self-defeating behaviors/habits that you brought with you on this new journey that need attention and healing. Perhaps your diet needs some adjustment or you have an addiction that you know is holding you back. This is the month the Universe will shine a light on whatever that is for you. Find your resources so that you can release that energy. Once this energy is released then it opens the door for major expansiveness and growth, in a beautiful and positive way! So don't fear the Tower. The main message it brings is that there is still something holding you back from shining that magnificent light of yours at full wattage. Chances are you already know what this is and you have been meaning to find a way to release it for some time, but kept putting it off. Well, here is your nudge from the Universe to go ahead and make that a priority. :)

June | The Emperor

Whatever it is that you clear away in May is helping to get you to your throne as Emperor in June. This definitely feels like your energy, Aries! A strong, magnificent, fair, LEADER. Notice the rams on his throne? Yup, complete Aries energy. The Emperor has made the summit and there are few as wise as he. He has a fire and passion within that pushes him forward in his evolution and expansion, but he has the strength and wisdom to lead with compassion and grace. There is no need to make another feel small so that he can feel mighty, he knows his worth and does not feel the need to question it. He has been a knight before and fought many battles (emotionally and in the physical) and he has learned to teach and lead with his heart and through compassion. He most definitely is not weak as showing compassion IS strength. He could easily be tempted to let all of that power go to his head, but he chooses to lead in love. This is YOU, Aries. Those self-defeating feelings of not feeling worthy that you left behind in that burning tower in May allows you to see yourself in ALL of your glory. You ARE worthy! On every level. In June, you are being asked to step into that leadership role in some way. You are ready! Take your thrown, Aries! And be the leader you were born to be. :) It feels as though June will bring you an opportunity to be a leader in some capacity and this is the Universe saying to you that you are ready. You have earned this seat and you will use your power wisely. This is a card of inner success. Where the pentacles can signify external/material success, the energy I am really getting from the Emperor is a feeling of complete inner success. Success of SELF. A feeling of wholeness within and worthiness that is crucial for the external success to manifest in the ways in which it wants to manifest for you, Aries. So congratulations! For those of you that this resonates with come June, kudos for doing the inner work to get here. This was not an easy summit, but here you are. Well done!!!!

July | Death

With the new responsibilities that came to you in June, it isn't surprising that the Death card would show up in July. With death comes rebirth and with rebirth comes shiny new experiences to fill our plate. If our plate is too full then the new, exciting, expansive experiences can't enter. Our souls came here for experiences, not to become stagnant. For many of you the Death card has surfaced to let you know that there will be things that will need to fall away in July to make comfortable space for the new things that are waiting to enter. This could be the ending of a relationship, the ending of a habit or experience. It will depend on your own circumstances. For some, this could be an actual passing of a loved one. I say that because August is the Ten of Pentacles (which I will cover shortly) but it can sometimes tie in with the Death card when it shows up after because the Ten of Pentacles can have to do with a legacy of sorts or an inheritance. For the majority of you though, the energy of this card feels more in line with now that you have taken the thrown as Emperor within your life, you will find that things that "fit" before, no longer work. Life is all about change and ebbing and flowing. Things are constantly coming into our life and leaving our life so that we can continue to expand and grow while we are here. This journey is all about soul growth and once something has served it's purpose, often times it will need to fall away so that the next experience/person/thing can enter. The key is to not cling to whatever is asking to be released. Allow it to be free so that it no longer tries to keep you where you have always been. The Death card has shown up to once again push you beyond your comfort zone, which is actually where your soul prefers to be. It is our ego that chooses to stay comfortable and with what is known. :) Embrace whatever changes come up for you this month beautiful Aries. They are guided changes and will lead you to your next best experience.

August | The Ten of Pentacles

August is bursting with success, family, love, joy , social events, being seen, meeting new people, and maybe even traveling to new places! There is a lot going on this month and it all feels AMAZING. Bask in this beautiful energy, Aries! You are being noticed in many ways and it feels like a big win for you. VIPs could take notice or maybe you are now feeling like the VIP that you are! However this energy comes in for you, embrace it fully. You DESERVE IT! For some of you, the Ten of Pentacles can signify some kind of inheritance or legacy money coming in for you, perhaps from a recent passing of a loved one. If this is the case for you, please do not feel guilty for accepting this money. They wanted you to be supported and benefit from this abundance, receive this gift with an open heart. Money is energy, so allow it to be a positive energy for you. Overall, August feels VERY successful for many Aires. You may meet some very influential people in August who will help propel you along your own path. See how you feel when you meet them and use that as your compass when deciding how to best work with them. If you receive an invitation this month, take it! Enjoy the social atmosphere and the abundance streaming into you this month.

September | The Five of Cups

There is a feeling of losing out on something that you were very emotionally invested in. This could have to do with a relationship (romantic/work/family/friends) where someone has walked away or done something that has caused you some emotional distress. Honor whatever feelings come up for you here, but try not to lose sight of the support network and friends and family that you do have. When a relationship is toxic to one person, it is also toxic to the other. Whatever this is has served it's purpose and does not appear to have much of a future in your life. This could also have to do with a business. You may need to let go of something that you have been very emotionally invested in for quite sometime, but the Universe is only asking you to redirect here. Not all is lost. Don't lose sight of what you do have left to work with and the support that you do have, ready and waiting for you to say the word. Try not to become so overwhelmed with whatever this loss is that you fail to see who is left standing, or what aspects of your business are working and calling to be expanded upon. There are no failures! Only opportunities for adjustment and growth. This could also have to do with a promotion at work. For those of you this is relevant for, if you don't receive the promotion please know that there is a reason. Let the dust settle, grieve the loss, but try not to stay there or become bitter. The real prize is just around the corner waiting for you and when it arrives (or you catch up to it), you will be so glad you didn't receive that promotion! This is a month where things are not always as they appear. If you focus too much on what is missing or what you are lacking, you will miss out on what is in your life that can bring you copious amounts of joy and love and laughter. So, look around this month. Don't have tunnel vision or focus too much on what you don't have. Rather, try to pivot and focus on what you DO have and what you have to give. Also, don't be afraid to ask for support. Others couldn't possibly know how to help you if you don't first allow them in and secondly, communicate to them how you are feeling and what you need to feel supported. I think you will be surprised at how quickly they jump to help however they can.

October | The Hanged Man

October brings a feeling of needing to have patience. Whatever you are waiting for is definitely divinely guided but that means that it will only show up in divine time. When the Universe sees that you are ready to receive whatever this is, don't worry, it will arrive. The message here is to not give up because of frustration or feeling overwhelmed because you haven't seen the tangibles show up yet. They are coming, but not on your timeline. It sounds cliche, but we can't control the future for a reason. If we could then we would shower ourselves with everything we THINK we need and honestly, we would never get anywhere. This is why Source is ultimately in control of the timing. Yes, we have divine will (free will, but divinely guided) and we can choose to do whatever we want. But we can never control the timing. So, relax. Take a break. Move on to something else for now and just KNOW that whatever this is that you are waiting for or waiting for direction on or the answer for, it will show up. When it does, you will know and you will know exactly what to do at that time. Right now there is nothing left for you to do on this. You have done your part, now it is up to the Universe to do its part. So allow it to do it's work and TRUST that it knows how to deliver. :) Release whatever control you are trying to have over this situation and fully release it to the Universe to take care of. It will do its part because it always does. :)

November | The King of Wands

The way the cards came out, the King of Wands is looking back towards the Hanged Man. The first feeling I received was that whatever inspiration, information, answer, etc... you were waiting for will be coming to you in November. Or at least the next steps will be coming through so pay attention to what comes in for you. There is a strong energy of high level inspiration or passion coming in for you this month. This could be a relationship moving into another level for some of you or it could be that you caught up to what was waiting for you after you didn't receive that promotion back in September. :) Whatever this is for you feels very purposeful and in line with your souls purpose. If you recall, back in March you had the Three of Wands. Whatever direction you took back then towards expansion and growth (of self, business, relationship, experience, etc..) has now reached the highest level. Whatever this is for you has been a theme for you throughout the year and you have worked very hard towards growing this from an idea into something of great power and success. Looking back over the year, there have been many gains as well as many opportunities to release what no longer served you. And now here you are, sitting once more at the thrown of your creation. For some of you this could be not just about traveling, but actually moving to a new country for an extended period of time. This move will allow for massive growth and expansion and is absolutely supported. If you feel guided to make that kind of a move, know that you have the green light and it will be successful. I also see the King of Wands looking back over the year and taking note of how far he ( this can of course be male or female, it's just energy :)) has come. He went from having a big dream to making that dream a reality. This is you, beautiful Aries. Whether this is internal growth and expansion, external growth and expansion, or both! Here you are, on YOUR thrown, deserving every bit of success you have created for yourself. Don't forget to acknowledge those that helped you to get here too. :) This is a beautiful energy, enjoy it! And give yourself a pat on the back for doing the work to get here.

December | The Ten of Swords

There is a feeling here of betrayal. What I would ask for you to do with this energy, Aries, is to look within. Why is this event triggering you and bringing up the emotions that it is bringing up? Does it stem from something deeper? Is there an opportunity here for a change in perception over the situation? Is this something that you can choose to learn from rather than become defensive over or hold a grudge? For Aries, 2020 has offered several opportunities for you to go within to find the calm and the love rather than go to battle over the need to be right or seek revenge. Where in the past a lot of Aries would allow that inner fire to start a raging forest fire, the King of Wands Aries and the Emperor Aries are able to keep that fire stoked, but contained. Whatever this is that comes up for you in December with the Ten of Swords energy, this is another opportunity to flex that strength within and realize that if you were in fact betrayed, then that person or situation no longer serves you at the highest vibration possible, so it needed to fall away anyway. You can either release it graciously or with bitterness. And why be bitter over someone or something that would betray you in the first place, am I right? :) There have been plenty of opportunities for Aires to release things that no longer serve them this year so that you can shine brilliantly rather then a dull glimmer. I know come December when whatever this is, you will handle it with grace. It does feel like an ending, but an ending of something that needed to go. Perhaps, this is the end to that part of your own SELF that no longer serves you. An end to the part of YOU that in the past would betray yourself to fit in or to feel loved. It is as if by December you have become so whole with self love and in line with who you came here to be that the parts of YOU that were masks or shadows, are being put to rest. They aren't needed any longer. Now the true you can shine fully without any smoke and mirrors. Yes, Aires, I believe this is all about you laying to rest the false you and fully stepping into the authentic YOU. Just in time for the new year! :)