APRIL 2020 Universal "8" Month Energy Forecast

Decks used: Traditional Tarot and The Animal Spirit Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Universal 8 Month | April 2020:

With April being an 8 universal month and as we are in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic, it would not be surprising if many people have money on the mind. The number eight energy encompasses leadership in business, helping others be more successful within their business, and maintaining a healthy relationship with money. In the face of this global crisis there may be many business owners who find themselves struggling or whose foundations are crumbling under the weight of this new, overwhelming obstacle. With the energy of the 8 we are being asked to take a closer look at how we do things, how we conduct business and how we can strengthen our foundations so that if faced with something similar in the future the new foundations will be able to withstand the pressures of a similar crisis. This could also have to do with money rather than business for you. You may feel forced to re-evaluate your spending and saving habits. You may also feel the urge to take back control of your relationship with money and abundance and immerse yourself in self-help strategies that are geared towards helping to change your mindset when it comes to lack mentality. When armed with an abundance mindset and an effective budgeting system, you can start working towards changing the story when it comes to your finances now and for the future. Sometimes it takes a crisis to truly highlight where we need to take back the reins and become the leader within our own lives rather than waiting for someone or something to show up from the external to "fix" our circumstances for us. If we take the time to look a bit more closely, there are always options and choices available to us to co-create the reality we wish to be a part of. There are certainly things we have no control over, but we always have choices.

This month you may have an opportunity to re-evaluate many things within your life including what needs to change in order to re-build or build something that is better equipped to face future resistance without getting derailed. The standard way in which we have always conducted business and our relationships with money and material goods are on the podium to be re-assessed and addressed. Once this crisis is over, will we fall back into the old way of doing things or will we find inspiration in the fresh start granted to us and create something as a collective that not only better serves the economy and the people, but also the environment and the planet. When we fall back into old habits that aren't serving us then the Universe will continue to send challenges to shed light on where adjustments need to be made. Right now there is a major spotlight falling on the areas that need a closer look. The eight energy is not an energy that enjoys being stagnant. This energy is all about forward movement, innovation, leadership, change, and creating fresh new things that will benefit humanity on a larger scale. Think of the 8 energy as a change agent who is looking closely at each finer detail to see how each adjustment will make a significant difference to the bigger picture. With this being the energy for the entire collective for April, we will all feel this in one way or another. How will you choose to tap into this energy this month and use it to best serve you? Try to remember that no matter what you are facing, the Universe is supporting you in some way. Pause, come back to the present and the next step will come into your awareness. It is up to you what you do with it. Sometimes big messages come in small packages. Rabbit Spirit is here to say that "Now is a lucky time". As we all sit amidst a global crisis in the face of this Covid-19 pandemic, you might be asking how on Earth this could possibly be considered a lucky time. Rabbit is not negating the very valid reasons we may have for experiencing bouts of fear, anxiety, anger, or other suffering. These are all valid emotions and should not be suppressed but rather felt, explored and worked through. However, the key is to not allow those lower vibe emotions to take control of you. It is important to find ways that work best for you to honor those feelings but then find a way to exhale them and inhale a new perspective and find your peace and calm throughout the storm. It is through turmoil, pressure, and sometimes tragedy that we make our most intense spiritual breakthroughs and awaken to new gifts, strengths, and opportunities that we were never aware of prior to embracing our inner strength when faced with challenging situations. Not only is this a time to become aware of hidden talents and desires, but this is an opportunity to rise from the ashes and emerge as someone who is much more aligned with who you are at a soul level and what you want out of this journey. These are the times when we are forced to go within to find the strength and guidance to overcome challenging situations. We are being called to find our own stillness (think of the quiet rabbit) and explore our inner depths in order to determine if we will choose to allow the external to control the internal or if we will CHOOSE to give our inner being the power to control the choices we make that will in turn create the reality we wish to see. At this time in history, the entire planet has been given the opportunity to re-evaluate not only how we show up each day, what we strive for, and what our priorities are, but also how are we showing up as a collective. What a lucky time this is. What a gift to be able to pause and slow down, while the Earth cleanses herself without the pressures of humanity. What a gift to humanity to be able to pause and take this time to determine what we can do differently for the future. We have little control over the external and what is happening at the moment, but we have complete control over how we view this time. Will we see it as a gifted opportunity to make a difference moving forward or will we fall into victim mode and believe that everything about this situation is awful and pointless and that we are helpless? Hint, we are never helpless. We always have a choice. The guidance is to use April to figure out what you can learn from this experience and how you can incorporate that new wisdom into your efforts as you move forward. Can you find the hidden gems waiting to be uncovered each day or will you choose to view each day as if all hope is lost? There is no right or wrong answer. Whichever you choose will simply define what you experience, so choose accordingly. Not surprisingly, for the first week of April we are seeing The Hermit surface. During this time when most of us are facing some kind of social isolation, we are being asked to go within to find our inner peace and calm as we ride the waves of the storm. Often times when the Hermit shows up it is during a time when we are asked to be our own light and to find our light from within and let it shine. Not only for ourselves but for others to see. If we choose to give in to fear and anxiety and allow it to control us, then our actions will come from a space of fear and anxiety and ultimately create more of the same. We become fuel to the fire. However, if we can find the opportunity to go within and find our own inner light and calm, then it becomes much more clear what steps we need to take in order to move towards and create more light. If we continue to do this, step by step, then suddenly we find ourselves standing within the light and having moved out of the darkness that felt all encompassing. There are often times throughout life where the light is not going to come from that which is external from you. You will be called to create your own light and in turn will be the light that encourages others to find their own light within. When we can pause and go within long enough to hear our own inner guidance, then our perspective shifts and we are able to see things much more clearly. You are never meant to stay within the dark, you can see that each day and night within nature. Even on the darkest of nights there are still stars to be seen. If it is too cloudy to see the stars then you still know they are there even at the times you can not see them. Darkness is often an illusion and though fear and anxiety may wish to keep us there, our wisdom allows us to KNOW better. This week has the energy of going within and working with your own inner knowing and magic to light the torch to help you move forward in the most profound way, regardless of what life throws at you. The second week of April has many of us looking for ways to expand and grow, even if our circumstances seem to be telling us otherwise. There will be new insights and inspirations coming in for many around the globe that will seek to enhance our knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. This is where the 8 energy seems to really be coming in for a lot of people. Looking to the horizon and allowing new, fresh ideas to percolate. You will notice the wand that is firmly planted BEHIND the man standing holding the globe? In this reading that wand represents the old way of doing things that simply no longer make sense and no longer work. In other words, the old ways of conducting business or working with money and material goods that can no longer withstand the changing of the times must be replaced. It is time for a fresh perspective, new ideas and a global reset. If during this time great insights or inspiration come in for you and you feel the push to explore these ideas further, surrender to the knowing that the Universe has chosen you for a reason! You have the tools and the resources to make great strides in this movement! Do not ignore this incredible power to be a change agent in this lifetime. The grounds are fertile for these new ideas and the Universe is supporting you in your efforts. For those of you that do not experience the more global inspirations or motivations, you are not exempt. I feel as though most of us will be called to explore new ideas to show up in purpose within our own lives and to do things in a way that not only better support our own growth and movement forward but also for those that we come into contact with. Our choices affect not only ourselves but our families, friends, co-workers, and of course the planet itself. Pay attention to the insights that come in for you during this time and evaluate how it pertains to your own personal contribution in this new movement we will find ourselves in moving towards the Age of Aquarius, if not sooner! We are being given a golden opportunity to start thinking about all of this NOW.

As we move into the heart of April, we find a culmination of the energy that has been building around the world for months now, with The Tower. That which has been built on a faulty foundation or from a place of greed or negativity will find difficulty in withstanding the rise in consciousness that is occurring throughout the globe. That which is out of balance, will tumble to a place where it can be re-balanced. This is a time when we may see foundations crumble, businesses crumble or financial empires diminished. Think of it as the Universe removing that which stands in our way of true balance and harmony. This is an opportunity for any extreme to fall back into balance. If there are areas within your personal life where you continued to build upon what you knew was faulty and did not serve you or that brought you harm or harm to others, you may see it collapse at this time. The Tower energy can feel catastrophic, but it is a re-balancing by the Universe that only aims to topple that which was working against us or that was holding us back from showing up in purpose. If you find yourself losing your job at this time, for instance, though it may feel catastrophic while you are in that energy, once you come out the other side you will most likely see that this was the push of the Universe to help you move into something that is much more aligned with your souls calling and your purpose. Even if that feels uncomfortable for a bit. I am really feeling that we will see something on a global scale that embodies this tower moment when it comes to governments and how things are handled at that level. Being a 4 Universal Year and an 8 Universal month, the energy is ripe for MAJOR overhauls within the global economies and global institutions within the world. We have been on this trajectory for months and now this feels like a culmination of sorts. Let me be clear, the Tower energy is not one to be feared. You will absolutely overcome whatever you are faced with and you will find that where you land will be leading you towards your next great thing that is much more in alignment with the vibration of your soul. During these Tower moments it is best to find a way to go with the flow and see where this energy takes you, rather than fight it. Understand that it is the Universe at work and the Universe is not punitive, but rather is always working towards aiding us in our journey towards awakening and soul growth. Be kind to yourself during this time and do whatever is needed to provide yourself with self-care and understanding. The last week of April brings the energy of the Knight of Swords. This is a very fast moving energy that will bring with it swift change. I am drawn to the fact that the Knight is moving towards the Tower and so this energy feels related to that energy. Whatever we see crumbling down within our lives or on the global stage during the tower energy that was not serving our highest good, will lead to a swift and abrupt change. It may feel overwhelming within the moment and we may feel as though our heads are spinning, but this change will be filled with passion and will lead to something quite beautiful and calm. It is during the change itself that things can feel most turbulent, but once things settle down and we can see clearly around us, we will notice that whatever this change is was most definitely for our highest good. The message is again, to try and go with the flow as much as possible during this energy. Remember that you always have the choice in how you will respond to whatever comes up for you; do not give that power away. Understand that once things settle (and they will) you will see clearly why this immediate change needed to occur. I don't always check the bottom of the deck during a monthly forecast, however The Empress card immediately caught my eye and that energy feels very relevant here. I often see this energy as the overall energy of the reading, however I am feeling that this energy is more about what is waiting for us after the dust settles from the storm of the Tower and the Knight of Swords. The Empress is all about fertility and birthing something NEW into the world. The energy is that of the trinity; the Creator. Body, mind, and spirit. We are conduits between the heavens and the Earth. Our ideas and visions come in to be created into something tangible on the Earth plane. It is not a coincidence that The Empress has appeared to reassure us that we will build from the ashes of The Tower energy and what we build will be bountiful and expansive. It will not only nurture our own soul but the souls of many, including our beloved planet. Where there are dust and ashes, new growth and bountiful harvests will soon reside if we choose to follow the insights and the guidance of our inner wisdom. The Universe is always in balance or working towards regaining balance, so understand that when challenges occur they are simply preparing the soil for the new harvest to grow. If you can, find peace in the knowing that any change occurring now is leading toward the calming, bountiful, beautiful energy of The Empress.

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