I believe that we instinctively know from within whether we are compatible with another person or not. I don't think we need a tool or someone to tell us that. However, even if we are compatible with someone that doesn't mean we always know how to best communicate with them or how to best show up to the relationship in a way where BOTH people feel their emotional needs are being met. This doesn't mean we are meant to change who we are to accommodate another, this simply means that we often respond differently to the different ways of showing love and affection towards each other. When we can better understand what our partner needs from an energetic standpoint and how they will best respond, based on their energetic makeup, we can show up in a way that expresses to them how we feel in a way where they will understand that expression. In other words, if you are someone who shows and feels love by constant cuddles and affection but you are with someone who is more independent and needs their space to thrive, then you may be constantly in miscommunication with each other, unknowingly.

With this reading, we will help to clear the lines of communication so that you both can show up authentically, while better understanding what the other may need in order to feel supported and loved. We will take a look at the following for each person as well as combined, to decipher the energetic love language between you:

*The Life Path

*The Expression (Destiny)

*The Hearts Desire

*The Personality

* The Personal Years for the upcoming 3 years

This reading can be done for partners, family members, friends, you name it. In order to complete an accurate reading I will need the following information:

1. Date of Birth for BOTH parties

2. FULL Name (First, Middle, Last) for BOTH parties, EXACTLY as it appears on the Birth Certificates.

3. CURRENT Legal Name (First, Last) for each person


***If you do not have the EXACT names as they appear on the Birth Certificate/Adoption papers (first six months of life only) and you only have the birth dates, I can only run a report for you for Life Path compatibility and the next three Personal Years compatibility, which is still substantial. When completing the purchase form, include the person's first name as you know it to be (for reference purposes on the report) and simply put "Unknown" in the remaining name spaces. Thank you!



Once the service is booked I will send the written report to you via email, typically on the same day as your "appointment" date, however, please allow up to 1-2 business days from that date for receipt. This is NOT a face to face appointment. Please check your spam folder.

***DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 years of age or older to use these services. All readings are for informational purposes only and should not be used in lieu of professional medical advice. I am NOT liable for your actions, the actions of others, or any consequences of those actions following our time together.  By purchasing a session with me you are stating you fully understand and accept this release of liability. ***

Love Languages Example:

Love Languages With Numerology


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