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Intentionally Intuitive: A Guidebook for Intuitive Living (available in Paperback and for Kindle) is meant to help guide you back to self-empowerment by assisting you in reclaiming your own inner power and wisdom. Through these pages you will embark on a journey of remembering how to listen to, trust, and follow your inner compass; your intuition! In this book I explore the many ways in which our intuition ties in with so many aspects of our daily lives as it helps to guide us towards our highest expression, in purpose. All of this with accompanying exercises to help you with your ongoing practice for reclaiming your own inner power and taking the lead back within your story. Are you ready to take the first steps towards powerful self-discovery and self-empowerment? Let's do this!

You may purchase your copy (paperback or kindle version, or both) HERE on Available worldwide! If you reside outside of the USA, check the listing for your specific country if you can't find it here. 

You can also find the paperback version at Barnes & Noble HERE as well as other fine online retailers where books are sold.

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