"Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking." ~Black Elk


This is a different kind of Dreamwork, are you ready?


***You will be asked to recall your dreams through journaling (written) and in some instances, ongoing written dialogue with me. If you do not have the time nor energy to dedicate yourself to this work then this may not be the service for you at this time. Your money is valuable, and so is OUR time.  Understand that the goal is to uncover an overall understanding of what the dream may be trying to show you and what that means to you and your journey forward. Please read ALL of the information below BEFORE deciding to move forward. Thank you! :) ***

My offering is different than traditional Dream Therapy as I use my intuitive gifts heavily throughout the process. Appointments for this service are VERY limited.


* One dream interpretation per booking. I will tune in and share with you what comes through in regards to the specific symbols and context of your dream. I will also offer any additional intuitive messages that come through for you as well, related to the dream. I will pull a dream card to also share a deeper message that wants to come through.  

* Correspondence to discuss your feelings on what came through and how you feel the messages relate to your waking hours and daily experience. Much healing and awareness can surface through our dreams and this will give you an opportunity to truly start that process, if called for. 


Often when we have a particularly profound dream or one that creates some kind of emotional charge within us, we want someone to tell us what it means. It is important to understand that our dreams are sacred and the messages they hold are between us and the messenger(s). No one can tell you what your dream means to you because you are the only one who knows. However, keep in mind that often times our dreams will try to show us exactly what we have not wanted to see about ourselves or further healing that is needed. This is why Dreamwork can be so important for offering insight and clarity into the often cryptic messages that come through our dreams that our own Ego has difficulty sifting through. Messages that were blocked in waking hours by the Ego will often come through in dreams where we are more open to receiving them. Be prepared for the messages being more about what you need to hear rather than what your Ego wants to hear.  

You may walk away from our time together with complete clarity, or we may just scratch the surface of a greater message. It will be up to you to continue the work on your own with the information you have been given to assist you on that journey.  Dreams can often act as breadcrumbs, leading us down a path towards a greater message. You may have several similar dreams before you fully uncover what you are meant to learn or receive from your dream. There is no perfection when it comes to dreamwork. You must be willing to allow your dreams to take you on a journey of self-discovery without the need for complete control over the destination. You will know when you have found what you are looking for, or what you are meant to find, and it is possible that you will not find it fully through our work together; but I believe we can get you headed in the right direction.  


*Prophetic Dreams - these dreams often foretell the future in some way. The dream is often easily recalled and there is a sense of urgency associated with the dream. You may feel compelled to warn another of something or you may feel a sense of urgency to take some kind of action yourself. You may simply have a prophetic dream and not feel an emotional tie to it, however, you will see the dream play out within the physical plane in some way, at some point after the dream. We can certainly work with these dreams if you would like and deconstruct any fears or work through any feelings that may surface for you. However, these dreams are often quite literal and you often receive confirmation of the prophecy soon following the dream, so there is often little to uncover here.

*Profound Dreams - may only occur once but the dream is often very vivid, intense, or life altering in some way. These dreams are often jarring and difficult to forget. You can often recall most of the details about the dream quite easily with a decent amount of clarity. It is not uncommon to be able to fully recall the details of these dreams years after having them. These dreams often hold important messages and are perfect for dreamwork.

*Recurring Dreams and/or dreams that leave you questioning what they mean- Dreams where similar symbols or storylines keep coming up for you could absolutely hold deeper messages that are trying to connect with you. The same can be said of those dreams that you wake from and you feel from within that there is a deeper message to uncover. Those dreams that you might not fully remember, but that you can't seem to shake, could very well hold a deeper meaning. I often find that when my guides try to come through dreams and I am unable to recall the dream enough to work with the message, or the message is completely lost, they will continue to send it in one way or another. That is the important thing to remember, our guides will not give up in their attempts to get their messages to us and to help us understand it. These kinds of dreams are excellent for dreamwork and are also where recall is very important and often takes effort on our part to do so. More on this below.

*Replay or "Brain Dump" Dreams - These dreams are simply dreams where you are replaying your day, what you recently talked about, what is weighing on your mind before falling asleep and so on. Often there are no real messages associated with these dreams and the purpose is to declutter the mind and prepare you for the next string of waking hours. These dreams have more to do with the mundane 3D physical plane and can be your mind on overdrive or simply the minds attempt to purge what no longer needs to take up space. These dreams can sometimes indicate to you where you are hyper-focused on something (or someone) and where you are allowing fear and worry or another emotion to take up more space than needed. Remembering these dreams can further allow you to make adjustments as you become aware of what needs your attention to further heal. These dreams are typically not great candidates for dreamwork unless you would like help deciphering what might need further healing based on the dream.

*Soul Travel - Many times, our souls enjoy traveling to other realms or even past (or future) lives. Dreamtime is a great time for the soul to connect and communicate with other Beings within the astral plane. You may sometimes pick up important past life information during these dreams, but for the most part, these dreams tend to be more about exploration and adventure!

*Daydreams - often recurring thoughts while "zoned out" while awake. These can incorporate any of the above scenarios and can at times be great dreams to work with in dreamwork. Plenty of messages come through daydreams!


*You recall the dream (symbols, context, colors, emotions, and so on) as quickly as possible upon waking from the dream and with as much detail as possible. If you are not able to recall much, don't let that hinder you from dreamwork. The more we have to work with the better, but we can always take a look at what you do have.  ***Please note: You will be required to send me the dream recall in WRITTEN FORM via a document I can edit. If you record your dream via an audio recording, you will be asked to transcribe the dream BEFORE sending it to me. Please be prepared to do so. 

*Prior to purchase and before working with me, you have taken time on your own to feel into what the dream might mean for you, but you still feel stuck. I am only interested in working with clients on Dreamwork who have attempted to find the meaning themselves first. Do the work yourself first. If you are still stuck and still feel there is a deeper message that you feel called to decipher, that is where I come in. :) 

*You FEEL there is a hidden message within the dream. Even if you only have bits and pieces of the dream, you are continually reminded of it or you FEEL there is a message for you within the dream. Not all dreams hold messages. I find the ones that we can't stop thinking about or that we immediately feel there is a message for us, are the ones that typically are just waiting to be decoded! Those are the dreams that would benefit most from this type of work with me, in my opinion.


*Get yourself a Dream Journal! It can be whatever calls to you, including a voice recording device or a simple pad of paper. Be sure to keep it by your bed. You will use this to record the symbols (most important), the feeling(s) associated with the dream (fear, anger, joy, sexual desires, confusion, helplessness, and so on), and as much context as you can remember. It is important to capture as much of the dream as possible immediately upon waking from the dream. Experts believe that the first ten minutes are the most critical in remembering the most about a dream. The more information you can recall and give to me, the better I will be able to assist you on this journey. This of course, can mean trying to recall a dream at very unpopular hours of the evening. Do the best that you can, but try to commit to recalling as much as possible. Also, remember that you will be asked to send the dream to me in written form. Please keep that in mind if you use an audio recording device. 

*Dedicate yourself to remembering your dreams. You can say to yourself before falling asleep "I will remember my dreams when I wake." Or, if you have a specific question that you would like your guides to answer, simply ask them the question and ask them to please give you clarity through a dream. Ask that you be assisted in remembering the dream upon waking. (Note that it is much more difficult to recall your dreams if you go to sleep under the influence of any substance.) You will be surprised at what comes through and how often they will show up for you. Those dreams that you remember, but the message is too confusing for you, is where we can work together to hopefully allow it to become much more clear.



Once the service is booked and you have an "appointment" time, I will reach out to you via email either before or on your appointment date to request detailed (written) information pertaining to the dream you would like assistance with. Once I receive the information then I will begin the Dreamwork, either on your actual appointment date or upon receival of the information, whichever is later. I will aim to have my first interpretation to you within 24 hours from that time. This will all be in written format given the nature of the work. Please continue to check your spam folder! :)


BE PREPARED TO SEND ME THE FOLLOWING ONCE BOOKED (These are the questions I will be sending you and will need answered BEFORE I can begin the Dreamwork):

1. Please tell me, have you spent time trying to decipher the dream for yourself? If so, approximately how long have you spent and what methods have you tried? What did you come up with throughout this process, meaning, at this stage what does the dream mean to you? Note - Sometimes when we try to decipher a dream ourselves, it becomes more convoluted and confusing than when we started. It is OK if you have no idea what it means. Don't force it! :)

2. Please send me a full recount (WRITTEN ONLY - audio will not be accepted) of the dream you would like assistance with. Send it exactly as you recall it, even if it seems a little choppy or jumps around a bit. Please send it in a format that I can edit such as a Word document or the equivalent. Be sure to include as much context as possible including how the dream made you feel both during the dream and upon waking and what emotions were triggered for you. 

3. In a separate paragraph from the dream, please list out for me any symbols that stood out to you because they hold real-life meaning for you. For instance, you dreamt of a blue car and your parents had a blue car growing up, or your Life Path number is 7 and you kept seeing 7's in your dream, and so on. I am only interested in you highlighting for me the actual symbols from the dream that hold significance for you without any guesswork. Don't force this, if nothing stands out to you, that is OK. Just tell me that nothing stood out for you.




        Per Dream


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***DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 years of age or older to use these services. All readings are for informational purposes only and should not be used in lieu of professional medical advice. I am NOT liable for your actions, the actions of others, or any consequences of those actions following our time together.  By purchasing a session with me you are stating you fully understand and accept this release of liability. ***