See what some of my beautiful clients have to say....

"Kimberly is amazing! I first came along her gifted work when one of her YouTube videos popped as a recommendation. It came along at the perfect time and whilst I felt I was at a crossroads. Everything in the video resonated for me and it was just the encouragement I needed! I listened to the following months upload and again it all resonated. I felt like Kimberly was speaking directly to me and was like a mentor or spiritual guide to me. I was so impressed; I ordered a 1 question reading from her website and was so pleasantly surprised to see how in depth and personal it was. Kimberly is honest, warm and generous. I highly recommend her!" - Talinga M. 

“The numerology report was just fantastic! It was thorough and very detailed. I definitely resonated with the report and it described me pretty well. It gave me new and helpful insights on how I should handle and approach my life path. I highly recommend Kimberly and her services." - Y.A.

“WOW! Thank you so much. My numerology report and energy reading blew my mind. You have a special gift and I am very grateful to have found you on YouTube. The confirmation I needed to move forward in my spiritual journey of wisdom, love and light is a wonderful blessing. Thanks again!” - Mario C.

"I was feeling a bit lost in my spiritual journey, not knowing which way to go, what information to focus on next, and then I stumbled across Kimberly's YouTube channel. There is truly only one word I can think of, and that is GRATEFUL! I am so very grateful that my angels & guides lead me to the beautiful gifts that Kimberly has to share with humanity! Thank you, Kimberly as you are helping to spread the love and light that is so very much needed at this time." - Jessica M.

“During a very difficult time for my family and me, Kim was able to provide guidance and exude confidence in her reading to help give us a glimpse of the future. This has been extremely helpful to guide our upcoming decisions. Kim was thorough, detailed and compassionate- she provided everything in writing to make for easy future references. We appreciate Kim and her abilities and cannot thank her enough for everything she’s done.” -Paige W.

“Undoubtedly, Kim is a true light in this world. I needed some guidance and insight at a crossroads in life. Kim’s email reading was just the insight I needed. The reading gave me reassurance with my intuitive feelings and helped me with continuing to follow my path and dreams here on Earth. I cannot reiterate enough how much you have helped me, Kim. With the utmost gratitude - thank you. ” Ashly C.

“I’ve had multiple readings with Kimberly that have blown me away. She’s done 2 annual readings for me and a few 1-question readings that provided the clarity I needed in the moment. Her annual readings are so accurate, even when I couldn’t see it at the time, everything became clear later. Kim has such a loving, kind and empowering energy that will make you feel like your very best self. I strongly recommend a reading with her, especially if you’re somewhere along your journey where you really need the support and loving truth around the energy of what’s happening in your life and what’s to come. I couldn’t recommend her services more! And if you still have doubts, check out her YouTube channel. There have been days where I’ve literally felt like she was speaking directly to me. It’s such an incredible feeling to know you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing. She is my go-to tarot guide, and I dare say, she should be yours too.” -Courtney M.

"It is so clear you're meant to do this. It was so detailed and OMG how accurate, even down to my house number. The descriptions of each numbers strengths and weaknesses I can definitely see in myself. And I'll be super interested to see how the numbers for my future years match up too. I will definitely be recommending you for anyone who is looking for more clarity into their life path or is just interested in learning more about numerology. Thank you!! " - Ashley J.


“Aloha Divine Doe and thank you so much for my numerology report.  I found it fascinating and spot on! It totally resonated with me, thank you for such spectacular insight.  I will continue to use it as a resource and I’m sure I will turn to it time and time again to reread what it says.  Thank you so much for your gift, but mostly thanks for the gift of you!" - Dawn L.

"I read my full report and I can't thank you enough!! Not only does it accurately match my personality, but it also gave me a lot of motivation! Thank you so much!" - Bradley S.

"Thank you so much for the Numerology Report! I really appreciate it! It was so interesting to read and I loved everything you wrote! It was cool to read and know that is totally me!"                  - Kayla R. 

“Kim, your reading was so right-on in ALL ways! Thank you so much. I couldn't have asked for a better interpretation. Thank you. I knew it was right for me to reach out and the one question email yelled at me. :)”

– Jinna R.

"I've known Kim through Instagram for about four years, and in that time, I've come to enjoy her honesty, along with her genuine spirit and warm, sincere demeanor in our interactions. When Kim presented a new face to her Instagram account, one that was aimed at helping others explore personal growth, I was so impressed and moved by her leap of faith. Since this move, Kim has completed one reading for me, and it was intuitive, compassionate and resonated with so many aspects of my immediate circumstances.  I will definitely seek out more insight from Kim in the future, and would not hesitate at all to recommend her work." – Matthew L.

"I found both reports (Full Numerology Report and Personal Year Ahead Forecast) so informative in their own individual and specific ways. Thank you for your time, energy, and analysis." - Chrissie L.