Animal Spirit Messages - Working With Your Personal Power Animals and Personal Animal Guides


This offering is meant to be a starting point for you to find your own deeper connection with the animals and to be more open to the insights our non-human friends can offer. Ultimately, only YOU will know the message that resonates for you. I will only offer a perspective to consider through my own observations and intuitive nature. You are encouraged to spend your own time in meditation, observance, and contemplation to see what comes through for you directly with the animal. The service is centered around helping to decipher the message(s) the energy of the animal may hold for you at this time. Just like ourselves, animals are energy and they are very easy to connect with energetically. When an animal comes into our AWARENESS, there is typically something to learn from the experience through observation, as well as through the energetic connection. Animals are very easy to read because their behaviors are innate and naturally authentic; they are not working through an ego. Just by their presence we can learn so much from them if we are willing to be present, observe, and connect to the Universal language that we are all a part of. Animals still "speak" that language, though many humans have forgotten how. The goal of this service is to help you to remember this language so that you can speak and understand it fluently once more, and reconnect with our non-human family on a deeper level. 


This service will include:

  • I will not be giving you an animal to work with here, rather, we will be looking at the animal that has come into your awareness, whether that be within the physical or in dreams or some other way. Before booking this service with me, I encourage you to conduct your own exploration of what you feel to be the messages coming through for you. If after that exploration you still feel stuck, then I can be of service at that time. 

  • You will share with me the animal that you believe holds a message for you. The more details you can share with me about your experience(s) with the animal, the deeper we can go. Every detail is important, including the surroundings, the colors, the demeanor of the animal and so on. Please share everything you recall from the interaction.  ​

  • I will share intuitive messages for what the animal may be trying to show you by appearing within your awareness. I will also share ways in which you can begin to work with the energy of the animal, especially if it is a power animal. As mentioned, when animals come into our awareness messages of healing, prophecies, warnings, reminders, encouragement, and so much more can be received. 


Please note: This service is best suited for animals/messages that are showing up currently or as recently as possible (Unless you feel it is a power animal as they will show up throughout our journey). Revisiting past animals/messages can be helpful at times, however, more often than not trying to revisit a message that has passed that may no longer be relevant could convolute your judgment. If the message is important and relevant for you at this time, the animal will continue to show up within your awareness (through dreams or within the physical) until the message is received, and at that time you would want to explore further. 



Our paths cross with more creatures than we could count on any given day. It is doubtful that every single one of them hold a message or some level of significance to us to be explored further. The way in which you will know if an animal friend has something for you energetically, is from the feeling, or connection, you will feel with the animal. Out of all of the creatures you pass in a day, this one (or several) will come into your awareness quite strongly and frequently.  The awareness is the key. If they have entered your field of awareness, they most definitely carry some kind of message for you. You will feel an energetic connection to this Being and it is then that you will know there is something to learn or take away from the experience. 



Once the service is booked I will send the written guidance to you via email, typically on the same day as your "appointment" date, however, please allow up to 1-2 business days from that date for receipt. This is NOT a face to face appointment so please book the first available time slot. Please check your spam folder.


$66.00(per animal)

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**DISCLAIMER** You must be 18 years of age or older to use these services. All readings are for informational purposes only and should not be used in lieu of professional medical advice. You are paying me for my perspective and opinion on these topics and you are solely responsible for what you choose to do with that information. I am NOT liable for your actions, the actions of others, or any consequences of those actions following our time together.  By purchasing a session with me you are stating you fully understand and accept this release of liability. ****